Pupa Luminys Blush 07 and Essence 73 Replay

sobota, april 09, 2011

Pupa Luminys velvety baked blush 07 - I found these blushes in Limoni. Honestly, I had no idea Pupa has baked blushes that look similar to Mac's MSF. There are 6 shades available, 3 are bronze-golden shades, 06 was a pink with some purple (pink with a blue undertone), 07 is a pink and 08 is a bright coral but on my skin it looked very orange. These have a very luminous finish, however I actually didn't find them more luminous than Benefit's Coralista or NARS Orgasm. 07 looks like a mix of NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat on my skin tone, pink but with some peach, a fantastic shade for someone as pale as me. The packaging looks so cheap though. It's a mix of clear and milky plastic, honestly I would expect something like that from a blush for a couple of € and not for 20. However it's sturdy, you don't have the feeling that the lid might broke off at any moment. The little brush that comes with it (it's not in any of the pictures) is surprisingly useful. It lasted all day on me, it loses a bit of brightness, but still looks ok (as far as longevity goes Coralista wins hand down). All in all a great blush, but the packaging needs some upgrading.

Comparison of Benefit Coralista (the pretties blush ever), NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat and Pupa Luminys baked blush 07:

Pupa Luminys velvet blush swatches in sunlight on NC 15:

Replay is one of the new shades of Essence's Multi Dimension XXXL Shine nail polishes. It another turquoise/teal shade that I love. This one has more green in it than Essence You belong to me. I apologize for the shoddy application, the formula of the nail polish is very thick but that's not my main problem. The problem is in the top coat from the same brand which is horrible (but base coat is fine). It just doesn't dry like forever. I really miss my faithful Essie Good 2 Go.   

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  1. pozdravljena:) iz kje si narocujes benefit in nars?

  2. Živjo! Iz hqhair.com. Tam imajo NARS in Benefit. Benefit sem naročala še iz lookfantastic.com in feelunique.com (zadnja je najcenejša in nima poštnine). Vse so britanske strani.