Max Factor Colour Elixir Cushion

sobota, avgust 18, 2018

I'll say Max Factor is really late to the party with these, but it's nice they added a range of such lip products. These are very balmy lip glosses with a sheer tint that especially those with dry lips will appreciate.

Texture: The formula is similar to Honey Lacquers in terms of how they feel on the lips, so very comfortable and like they are mixed with a lip balm, though I think Honey version are a bit better because they have a slightly thicker formula (and more pigment). Pigmentation is sheer and these only give a tint to the lips. I applied them in a thick coat on my swatches, so you can see the colour, but they soon wear off to a lighter shade.

035 Baby Star Coral 

Baby Star Coral is an coral-orange shade that gives a gentle orange tint to my lips. Pigmentation is sheer, so the natural colour of the lips will affect the colour a lot and the darker your skin tone is, it's likely the pinker it'll look.

030 Majesty Berry

Majesty Berry's tube looks very intimidatingly dark, but this is again quite sheer and gives a raspberry-rosy tint to the lips.  

Staying power: These are just like regular lip glosses at least in terms of how long the shine will last, while the last remnant of the lip balm layer can last for several hours provided you don't touch your lips.

Scent: These have a nice vanilla scent.

Packaging: The tubes are exactly the same as Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and the discontinued Catrice Beautifying versions, meaning they have a comfortable foam applicator.

Price and availability: There are 7 colours available in Slovenia and they costs 8.99 €.

These will appeal to all those who love Clarins' Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and comfy lip glosses with a sheer tint. If you miss Catrice's version, these are a great substitute, but they aren't as cheap (cheaper than Clarins, though). Compared to Honey Lacquers, these have a lighter pigmentation and I still enjoy those more because of the regular gloss packaging (just my preference when it comes to glosses). The comfy sponge makes these a pleasure to apply and the formula is a nice substitute for a lip gloss.

Have a great day!

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  1. Really Nice. Loved reading this blog. Keep blogging about beauty niche.

  2. Jezz Nicholus de Vera04. september 2018 10:38

    I just want to inquire what is the best lip tint that will satisfy my color.

    I want to have a pinkish lips and lady eyebrows.

    Please help me