Manhattan Luxopolis LE Shampaigh 21L

torek, julij 12, 2011

Shampaigh 21L is one of the four shades from the Luxopolis LE by Manhattan. It's a light gold shade with a lot of shimmer. It's a nice eyeshadow and that's all that it is, just nice. It's not as soft as I'd like and I wish it was more pigmented. In DM it looked so promising, I really though I struck gold, but when I came home, I was a bit disappointed. It's doesn't even show up much on my lids. Here is a comparison of my other gold shades. L'Oreal Infaillible is more white and a lot more shimmery and 172 Beige Shimmer, which is one of my all-time favourite shades, is a a bit darker beige-gold color. All are super shimmery (Color Infaillible wins here hands down).

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Tale ocena je pa ob pravem času. Tole senčko in še tisto temno zeleno sem si ravno zadnjič ogledovala in malo preizkušala na roki.

  2. Jaz kar malo obžalujem nakup. Saj je lepa, samo obstajajo veliko boljše. V Dm-ih imajo tako čudno svetlobo.