My Top 6 Lipsticks

petek, julij 22, 2011

Lipsticks are my favourite make up items. They are the easiest way to change your look. Mostly I wear light neutral pinks (hence the amount of them in my top 6), but I also love wearing a bit brighter colours (paired with very neutral eyes). 

And here are all six of them. From left to right they are Oriflame Pure Color 00012, E.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Runway Pink, Mac's Hue and Creme Cup, Gosh Darling, Nyx and Manhattan Soft Matte/Mat lipcreams in Istanbul and 45H. (Colored text is a link.)

Oriflame Pure Color 00012 - I don't really know how it's called exactly, which is a shame because I would repurchase it when the time comes. It's the brightest pink in my top 6 bunch. It's a bright pink but slighly peachy with a cream finish. It's one of my four most-worn shades.

E.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Runway Pink - My absolutely most-worn lipstick. It's a light matte pink that goes with everything. Here is another swatch.

Mac Hue -  is my absolute favorite lipstick. It's a gorgeous light milky pink, slightly peachy with glossy finish  This lipstick is my ultimate to-go shade. Here is another swatch.

Mac Creme Cup - is a light blue pink and is a part of their cremesheen line. It's a very wearable, neutral everyday colour. This shade looks darker on me than on most, but here is a swatch from a lovely fellow Slovenian blogger from The Dollhouse Diary.

Gosh Darling - is my favourite nude lipstick. It's just one of the most flattering nude shades ever. To bad Gosh isn't sold in Slovenia anymore.

Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream in 45H - I love soft mat lipcreams, from both brands Nyx and Manhattan. First off they are mat (I love mat shades), secondly they are all really pigmented and after they dry they survive through everything (eating, drinking). 45H is a gorgeous red shade which after it drys doesn't budge so you don't leave lipstick stains on the glasses.
Nyx Soft Mat Lipcream in Istanbul - is another my to-go shade. It's a neutral, light to medium pink (on me at least) and the colour lasts for hours. And another thing about mat lipcreams, after they dry they tend to change colour a bit, Istanbul for example becomes a bit lighter.

So this is my top 6. Nothing terribly exciting. I'm sure I've already talked a lot about all or at least most of these shades.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hue and Runway pink by Elf are my favourites, too! I wish Mac made more fun and less sparkly glaze lipstick versions- with the exception of Hue, the rest of the shades are so 80's looking :(


  2. I really don't like sparkly/frosty lipstick. At least cremesheen's are similar to the formula of Hue. I just wish there were more lighter shades for us snow whites :).

    1. I agree. Is creme cup a lot darker then hue? Because I've got a super light lips and every lipstick that I try is usually a lot darker in my lips rather then in the tube... I would definitively give a chance on creme cup if it's similar to hue.:)

    2. It's is noticeably darker on my skin tone, but it's still a light shade. Hue is more of a milky pink that is closer to Creme d'Nude, while Creme Cup is a cooler pink that is closer to my natural lip colour (which is quite pale) :)

  3. Ooo, hvala za mention <3 Super šminke si zbrala, vse so mi všeč, prov zarad tvojga bloga si ful želim poskusit te matte lip creams od NYX-a, ker zgledajo ful fajn :)

  4. Ni za kaj :). Se mi zelo dopade tvoj swatch, se mi je zdel še najbolj realen za ostale (nimam pojma zakaj je na meni temnejša). Matte lipcreami so super, ti jih zelo priporočam (oboje od Manhattana in Nyx-a).

  5. love this post! I feel like shoping tomorrow!! :) I really like your blog, one of my favourites - I love lipsticks and lipglosses too! :)