Some Fragrance Chat - Katy Perry Purr and Yves Rocher Noix de Coco

nedelja, februar 26, 2012

Around Valentine's day had a special offer on four chosen fragrances and Katy Perry's Purr was 50% off (just the 50ml version). Since it was on my wishlist for months, I couldn't not resist and I finally purchased it (it was 19.99 GBP that's about 23.6€). The bottle is just adorable, a purple cat-shaped bottle with a heart-shaped charm that says purr. I feel a bit odd when I take it's ''head'' off to spray the fragrance, like I'm decapitating the poor thing, but that's just me being weird. It really is a unique and pretty bottle and I love seeing it on my vanity.

Now for the actual fragrance. Top notes include peach, forbidden apple, gardenia and green bamboo; heart is composed of jasmine, pink freesia, and Bulgarian rose; and the base notes are vanilla, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut and musk. 

On me this is a very fresh but still a sweet fragrance, it's definitely a more spring/summer type of scent. Initially I get a lot of peach and apple notes, then is becomes less fruity and more fresh with bamboo and some flowery notes. I don't smell any vanilla or coconut as most other reviews say they do. Actually, this is one of the rare fragrances my mother likes and she usually doesn't care for my fruity, sweet perfumes. Lasting power is poor, I get a couple of hours of wear which is sad considering it was supposed to be a eau de Parfum.  

Yves Rocher recently launched a Slovene web site and they also have a shop somewhere in BTC in Ljubljana. I never owned anything from YR before, but I was on a search for a nice coconut fragrance, something that would smell like Rafaelo candy with some vanilla. According to reviews on Fragrantica, YR Noix de Coco was the closest to what I was looking for, plus it was super cheap. I ordered it online, the 100ml bottle was around 9€, so basically a bargain. However, it is not exactly what I was looking for. It just smells a bit plasticy in the first couple of minutes and I miss some more sweetness and warmth in the notes. I will probably purchase some vanilla fragrance (either from YR or The Body Shop) to mix it with the Noix de Coco. Staying power is excellent for a eau de toilette and for the price, it lasts for a least a half of day. Currently, I'm mixing it with BS Fantasy or Katy Perry Purr and both are a lovely combination, but I have my mind set on a particular scent I want and I think mixing it with some vanilla fragrance might just do it. 

To accompany the eau de toilette, I also purchased the Noix de Coco Malaysian Coconut silky cream. It's a good body cream in terms of consistency. It really feels silky, I'd say it's similar to the L'Occitane's Almond Milk Concentrate, but the scent is a disappointment for me. I don't smell anything coconuty. If you ever owned Sympathy for the skin by Lush, the scent is identical. It's very mild, sort of a milky vanilla scent, in my books a very boring scent. It's a light moisturiser, more appropriate for the warmer months. The packaging looks nice, but it's so impractical, especially when your hands are greasy. I got it for around 7€, but it had a discount so I'm not sure about the regular price. It's a nice product, I just expected it to smell more coconuty.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. tudi jaz sem dobila ta parfum od katy perry in mi diši zelo po melonah in vaniliji. res je da vonj hitro izgine vendar ga še včasih zavoham naslednji dan & ostali ga zaznajo še dolgo po nanosu tako da verjetno deluje! :D

  2. A celo Yves Rocher webshop mamo? :O Mogoče veš koliko je poštnina?

  3. Poštnina je draga, ker pošiljajo z odkupnino, tako da je 4,7€. Se bolj splača kar v it v trgovino v kristalni palači v BTC-ju. Link do spletne trgovine:

  4. To je pa kar dosti, ja. :( Žal mi je LJ malo predaleč, tako da bom verjetno še kakšno prijateljico nagovorila v nakup pa bo. Si me pa čisto premamila s tole kokosovo eau de toilette. :D

  5. Haha, great minds think alike! Tale parfumček in kremo si že ene dva meseca ogledujem v njihovi trgovini. Sicer so mi pa zadnjič povedali, da stran deluje neodvisno od dejanske trgovine in da gre večinoma za odprodajo stare zaloge, tko da je fajn bit previden pri roku uporabe. Drugač pa je super, ker vedno dajo darilo ob nakupu - trenutno 50 ml parfuma Comme une evidence, ki je tak ful lep cvetličen vonj, popoln za pomlad. Ko si že omenila, da si pričakovala, da bo kokosov parfum drugačen - probi ga nosit skupi z njihovim vanilijevim parfumom, sem zadnjič probala v njihovi trgovini pa noro dobro pride.
    Purr bi pa tut js mela, razen obglavljanja muce se sliši super! x

  6. Sem šla zdaj celo v trgovino YR v Kristalni palači in sm si kupila malo verzijo vanilije. B o ž a n s k a je. Mešam skupaj z kokosovo in je briljantna kombinacija.

    Pur mi je pa vedno bolj všeč.

  7. As much as I would like to think that that bottle of perfume looks incredibly tacky, I did smelled it once in the store and OMG, so lovely! I love the jar of the Yves Rochers Silky Cream, so vintage, I would definitely re-use it when it's empty x