Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream SPF37 PA++

sreda, julij 04, 2012

After being super happy with my Skin79 Pink Label BB cream (which is still going strong, despite being a bit worried that it was running out) I purchased another one. This time I went with Holika Holika Peach Girl for very simple reasons: 1. higher SPF, 2. the cutest little cream blush in the lid, 3. mine was cheaper at the time for 50ml than Skin79 Gold Label (my second choice). 

Again I ordered from a Korean seller on eBay called sing-sing-girl and surprisingly it only took 2 weeks to arrive. I paid 10€ for it. Together with the BB cream I also received a couple of samples. I got the shade #2 which is almost identical to Skin79's Pink Label. #1 is lighter and according to other reviewers fits even the palest of the Snowhites (NC10). It has an SPF37 PA++.

The amount you get is a generous 50ml plus a very pigmented cream blush and a mini mirror in the lid. The packaging is a tube with a label sticker, nothing fancy but works just fine. If I compare it to Skin79 Pink Label, Peach Girl has a lot more coverage, I'd say medium and comparable to the original Healthy Mix. Second layer provides almost full coverage, so it covers dark circles and any darker red spots (I have a couple old blemishes on my chin and the second layer covers them just fine. For bigger spots some additional concealing is needed). As at Skin79 BB cream, Peach Girl is also a bit grey upon application. Now that I self tanning and I'm somewhere between Healthy Mix 52-53 (MAC N20-30), the grey cast is a lot more obvious, however, it adapts to your skin tone within a minute and isn't visible any more. Here are swatches on my untanned arm (so NC 15 or Healthy Mix 51) taken indoors. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundations run more yellow, while both BB creams have more pink undertones. Peachy Girl has a touch of peachy tones in it compared to Skin79's BB. I just happened to have a sample of Flower Perfection, so I added it to show the comparison of shades. But keep in mind that BB creams adapt to your skintone. In my experience Skin79 fits me if I'm NC15 (Bourjois 51) or if I'm self tanning. 

The finish is dewy and it makes your skin very healthy looking. However, if you have oilier skin you might find the dewyness a bit much, so I suggest using a powder over the top. Personally, I love the dewy finish of a foundation so I normally don't use powder (also my skin is a bit more on the drier side). As at Skin79's BB it looks very natural on the skin and you can't really tell you're wearing anything and this despite a higher coverage than Skin79's. It's definitely the most long-lasting BB/foundation I used, it stays put for the entire day and I tested it in the hottest weather of this year with temperatures reaching as high as 36°C. I even went swimming with it, but it didn't really survive that well (not that I was expecting that anyway). 

The blush in the lid is very pigmented and has a nice dewy finish, I don't require the use of highlighter with this one. The shade is a lovely peachy pink that gives a nice flush, probably my favourite colour from my selection of cream blushes. The fact it comes in a lid is even more appealing as it's very convenient and travel friendly. Here is a swatch of the blush and BB cream in direct sunlight. The blush is a touch more pink in RL, my camera just hates taking pictures of coral shades.

Get Peachy Girl if you want a BB that gives more coverage, also the blush is super cute. High SPF is another bonus and the price for the amount is quite reasonable. Overall a lovely product. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. uuu super si to napisala :) sem postala kar zainteresirana za to BB kremo čeprav me niso nikoli preveč zanimale.
    super post!

    1. Hvala :D ! Se že zaradi blusha splača kupit. Prav adorable je.

  2. Kok luškano! Js mam pa trenutno kar od Garniera BB Cream, tisto za mastno kožo (se mi ni dalo čakat, da mi pošljejo iz Ebaya) in sem ful zadovoljna :) Btw, ne moreš si mislit, kok sem bila vesela, ko sem po nekaj časa prišla na tvoj blog in vidla fuuul novih postov. Yay! xxx

    1. Jaz sem tudi resno razmišljala o nakupu te nove Garnierjeve, pa sem se potem odločila da bom počakala na paket iz Koreje. Sem pa slišala da je res kul.
      Ja konec faksa je, kar pomeni več časa in več postov :).

  3. Hi Mateja, where can I send you an e-mail with some info about a product? I don't see any contact form. Please inform me at carlissima_24@yahoo.it
    Thank you!

  4. I love BB Creams. I found you through Cloud Nine Kollektiv and followed. Feel free to visit my blog anytime and maybe follow back if you like what you see ;-)

    kisses Keke (Pakize)