L'Oreal Rouge Carresse 301 Dating Coral and Essence Miami Roller Girl Lip Balm

četrtek, julij 26, 2012

Rouge Carresse are the L'Oreal's answer to the whole lipstick/lip balm/lip gloss all in one trend. I don't own any of the famous Chanel's Coco Shine, Dior or Revlon lip butters equivalents, so I can't compare them. I tend to like more matte, full coverage finishes and I did discard this trend of lighter, shinier shades as just paying more for a bit better tinted lip balm. 

I finally caved, but only because of the shade. 301 Dating Coral is a light peach shade, a great everyday shade that goes with almost everything. The texture is very light and it feels nice and moisturising. Of course due to the lighter texture it doesn't last that long on the lips. I was quite surprised how pigmented it is, two swipes is enough for full coverage. It gives a slight sheen to the lips, nothing special, it's like at any tinted lip balm. Rouge Carress cost 11€ in our drugstores.

Colour changing lip balm in 01 Miami heat is a part of Miami Roller Girl TE by Essence. The tube and the balm are bright orange, but on the lips it translates into a nice light peachy pink shade. It's one of those lip balms that adjust the colour to your pH, like for example Maybelline's Pop Sticks (review of Tropical Pink is here), so it does stain your lips. The texture is very soft, buttery and very moisturising. A nice product for a low price. 

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  1. Obožujem Sheer Caresse šminke, so super nadomestek za Revlonove Lip Butterje (čeprav si te še vedno želim!) Krasen odtenek imaš, meni na žalost koralne barve ne pašejo :( xxx

    1. Jaz si tudi ogledujem par odtenkov Revlonovih lip butterjev (najbolj me zanima sweetheart in strawberry shortcake :) ). Res je lušn odtenek, drugi ki mi je všeč je 03, samo ta zgleda da pa meni ne paše.

  2. Uau, zdajle si me pa navdušila nad tole L'Oreal šminko, super izgleda! =)