August Favourites 2012

petek, avgust 31, 2012

Time for a new favourites post, as usual the coloured text are links to swatches and original reviews. 
This August has been seriously hot and products like dusting powders from Lush come in really handy at such times. I have two: the lighter jasmine scented Silky Underwear and a more heavily scented Vanilla Puff Powder. I already raved about these powders last Summer as they are really multitasking. They are great at absorbing extra moisture, you can sprinkle it on the bedding so it smells nice and I even use it sometimes as a setting powder (it is very white though, so don't use it too much. Also wear lighter clothes if you use it on your body). I actually prefer the scent of Silky Underwear, it is truly one of the nicest scents out there. 

I took a trip to Refan again which sells imitation fragrances. This time I picked up Bruno Banani's Magic Woman and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. The first one is a very sweet scent, I get strawberries and other berries with some musk. The second is again a sweet but a very sophisticated scent. I get mostly patchouli with oranges and a touch of vanilla, simply a gorgeous scent! I find that Refan's fragrances last very long on me and are actually very good imitations of the originals. 

Balea released a LE deodorant called Hawaii and it's a very candy-tropical scent (papaya and frangipani). I love the scent, it's right up my alley and I will repurchase if I'm lucky enough to still find it in DM. 

I wanted a peach smelling fragrance and after consulting (being a bit obsessed with fragrances, I just love this site) I decided to try Victoria's Secret Love Spell. I bought a 250ml body spray on eBay for an exaggerated price (a result of high shipping costs). I looove the scent. It's very tropical, like a tropical fizzy drink, for Slovene readers I can compare it to the old Bibita smell (dark blue label) and very similar to Escada's Marine Groove, other reviewers described it as a Hawaiian Punch smell. Sadly it doesn't last long, about an hour, so I'm planning to get the body butter as well to intensify the scent.

Phyto Phytopolléine universal elixir is my mini super expensive miracle worker. I've been suffering from dandruff for more than 10 years, used almost every shampoo on the planet and nothing really worked. Now I use La Roche Posay Kerium for dry hair, just repurchased my third bottle in a row and I also use Alpencin Forte treatment which works fantastic for getting rid of the itching. But Phytopolléine is the product that really made a massive difference. It's a heavily scented oil (it smells of rosemary and lavender) that you massage on your scalp before washing your hair. It completely purifies my scalp, no other product I've tried was that effective. However, it costs an arm an a leg - over 20€ for a small 25ml bottle, but it did last me six treatments already and there is still about 1/5 left. I'll will repurchase it once it runs out, despite the insane price. I've been planning to write a post about my hair care for about a month (the pictures are already ready), but I'm simply too lazy. And I think I'll have to write it in three parts, because I use a lot of things on my hair.

My current favourite everyday eye look consist of a Max Factor eyeliner in Glaze (a nude shade) on the waterline and of a shade Brown blaze (dark brown) on the top lash line and a bit smudged under the lower lashes. It's simple and it just defines your eyes. For a darker look I use L'Oreal's Color Infaillible eyeshadow in Endless Chocolate all over the lid. 

Still in the spirit of Summer I've been wearing brighter coral and pink shades on my lips. My favourite this month have been Essence Miami Roller Girl TE Colour Changing lip balm in Miami Heat which is such a fantastic bright coral pink shade on me, Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiskus and Shiseido PK 224 (the most perfect peachy pink shade! The texture is a let down though).

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice catch, I just love Victoria's Secret products!

  2. Victoria's Secret Love Spell bi si pa res želela preizkusit, sliši se omamno :)

  3. Hi there! This is Mata from Greece. I just found your blog and I try to read as much as possible!!! I noticed that we use the exact same colors in several lipstics and this is mostly because Im N15 as well. But Bourgois is too yellow for me, whereas pink foundations are horrible too. Im more neutral! Anyways, in Greece we dont have Catrice but I'd love to try them out. Do you buy them online or you have it in Slovenia? Please tell me some online stores that you buy beauty products from! I mostly use feelunique or lookfantastic, elf, mua and ebay. But I'm looking for European stores, not only stores from the UK. Any ideas?

    1. Hello! Catrice is a brand sold in local department stores here in Slovenia (I don't know how familiar you are with a chain of shops called Müller. There are shops all over central Europe). I doubt it's available anywhere online, but it's a brand that is expanding fast, just recently it became available in DM (drugstore chain) in some countries.

      I don't know of any online store based anywhere else in Europe than in UK, but some of my favourites are HQhair, cheapsmells (great prices on fragrances), fragrancedirect and asos. I hope this helps :)

  4. I love all Victoria's Secret products especially the lipsticks..:)
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