Victoria's Secret Love Spell

ponedeljek, september 24, 2012

I already talked about VS Love Spell body spray in my August favourites (post here) and how much I love the scent. I also mentioned how the scent doesn't last long and that I plan to get the body butter to layer the scent. I managed to find one reasonably priced (well, reasonable with shipping costs in mind) on ebay and I ordered it right away.

I know a lot reviewers from the US hate the scent because it's so common, but we don't have VS, so I'm one of the rare people who has it here (honestly I don't know anybody else). The scent is described as cherry blossom and peach. To me it smells very tropical, sweet but still fresh. I already compared it to the discontinued blue Bibita, but US based reviewers compare it to Hawaiian Punch. Also it's similar to Escada's Marine Groove.
The body spray doesn't last long, about an hour or so, but layered over the body butter it lasts longer, still not that long.

The body butter is excellent. The texture is one of the best I've tried, a proper body butter but without being so thick it'd be hard to apply. It's very moisturising and sinks in faster than for example Balea's BBs (I currently have the Mango one). The scent is the same as the body spray and quite strong - a feature I really like. The pot is quite big, it holds 185g of product (Balea's and TBS's hold 200 ml).

I really love both products, I would like to have more things from this line.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. looks so nice :) i'd love to try victoria secret something hahah


    1. It's a shame we don't have VS in Europe (apart from GB as of lately), I'd love to try out more products :)

  2. Oooh how I love Love Spell! Such fresh and lovely scent. I started using this waaay back in my highschool days, and I still use it to this day.

    1. It is worderful :), shame about the staying power, though.

  3. I love body butters!