My Current Hair Care - Part 1

sreda, november 14, 2012

My hair is not the easiest to deal with. I have naturally very dry, curly, frizzy, coarse hair that needs a lot of heavy-duty conditioners and oils. Also I have very thick and long hair with lots of volume. It's in my genes, in fact everyone in my family has hair like that. When I was in my early teens my hair dried up like a sponge and got really hard to work with. So I do use a lot of products on my hair and most drugstore products just don't work well for me, I learned that the hard way. I used to be just-Fructis/Dove/L'Oreal/Gliss-girl, but my hair and scalp was in horrible condition. I tried a lot of different products in the past decade and in the last two years I finally found what works best for me. For my hair more is better. Most of the products mentioned I've repurchased numerous times and are some of my favourites so far. This will be in two parts. I'll talk about serums, styling products and tools in the second part.

I use a lot of oils on my hair. A few times a month use oil as a pre-wash treatment. I use anything I have at hand, regular olive oil will do, I even use whatever body oil is lying around (such as Weleda lavender one), but the best oils for dry hair are macadamia and coconut oil. I get them at the supermarket. I apply it all over the hair, including the scalp, focusing on the ends and leave it on for at least an hour (the more the better). So far I've never been left with greasy, limp hair no matter how much I used, but keep in mind that my hair is very dry and it just soaks up everything. If your hair is not as dry, use just a few drops mainly on the ends. Alverde mandel and argan oil as a pre-wash treatment is light enough for someone with hair like that. I then proceed with shampoo and conditioner.

Another oil I use is Phyto Phytopolléine universal elixir. I've already raved about it in one of my monthly favourites post, so I'll just copy my review. It is my mini super expensive miracle worker. I've been suffering from dandruff for more than 10 years, used almost every shampoo on the planet and nothing really worked (dry hair and scalp, fantastic combination). This completely purifies my scalp, no other product I've tried was that effective. It's a heavily scented oil (it smells of rosemary and lavender, beware that the entire room you're in will smell like it) that you massage on your scalp before washing your hair. The instructions say to keep it on for 20 minutes, but I leave it on for a lot longer. It costs an arm an a leg - over 20€ for a small 25ml bottle, but one did last me about 8 treatments. I've repurchased it already and I got mine from eBay, because it's a lot cheaper than in our pharmacies.

The shampoo I've been using for a year now is La Roche Posay Kerium for dry hair. It's one of the rare dandruff shampoos that does not dry out my hair. I can even comb through it with ease. It's very creamy and thick and has a pleasant medicinal scent. I've used a least a half of dozen bottles so far. I buy it in pharmacies for around 11€.

Alpecin Medicinal Forte is a clear liquid that smells very strongly of herbal schnapps, but it works. It's great for relieving an itchy scalp. I used to use it every day, but now I use it only when my scalp is acting up. I bought my seventh bottle in a row last week. They need to change the bottle though. The application system is really bad because there is no nozzle, just a hole. I buy it in Müller for 5-6€.

Currently I have four different conditioner/masks/treatments in rotation because I use gallons of this stuff and I don't want to buy new ones every 3-4 weeks. Most drugstore conditioners are not moisturising enough for my hair, so I do prefer saloon brands. The main difference between them is that if I use a drugstore conditioner, my hair gets really dry the second day, even though the conditioner might seem really moisturising. I then have to resort to Alverde Mandel and Argan oil to get some moisture back into my hair. I also always leave the conditioner on my hair for a lot longer than it says on the packaging. I honestly can't imagine the product working it's magic in just a few minutes and I notice a massive difference if I leave it on for longer. I leave it on for at least 10 minutes, often for more than an hour (I always wash my hair in the evening).

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for thick and coarse hair is some heavy-duty stuff. It's probably the most moisturising treatment I ever had. If my hair is feeling particularly dry, then I resort to it. Even I have to use a moderate amount and I'm always very generous when applying conditioner. It smells really nice, fresh but a bit sweet and it's super thick. This is my first tube. Another fantastic product from Joico is their K-Pack Intense Hydrator Treatment for dry, damaged hair, which I had before this one. The only gripe I have is the scent which is a bit odd. These two are the best treatments I ever had and trust me I tried a lot of them. I buy Joico from, it's also a sold in selected saloons.

Tigi S Factor ''Serious'' Conditioner is another seriously moisturising stuff. I've already reviewed it here and I remain impressed. I bought my 750ml pot last September and I still have some left. It's so thick you don't need much. Earlier this year I tried the vinegar treatment which is so highly recommended on MUA. It completely wrecked my hair. Nothing has ever dried up my hair like it. This mask worked like magic and completely transformed it into normality. It does contain a lot of silicone, hence the very silky feeling afterwards, but it's still one of my favourite treatments. Read my original review if you want to know more.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care also known under lots of other names, but the important thing is that it's a tube with gold writing. It's one of the two drugstore treatments I use and I've repurchased it a half of dozen times. This is the most moisturising drugstore product I've tried to date. It's very thick and smells very nice (''Dove like''). I buy it in Müller for 4-5€. I did a short review here.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration mask was an unexpected and pleasant surprise from the drugstore range. I honestly didn't expect much because it feels quite light, but it is moisturising enough even for my hair. However, the best feature is the heavenly scent. It's smells like tropical paradise, something like sweet tropical fruit with coconut. I adore it! I'm currently using my second pot. This is light enough for someone whose hair is not as dry as mine. I also really like the shampoo from this line.

Some other conditioners I liked are Redken All Soft, John Frieda Brilliant Brunette and Fructis masks. I repurchased the latter two numerous times.

This completes the first part of my hair care. I'll talk about other hair care products I use in the next post (it'll be up soon). Thanks for reading my long rambling! There is more to come.

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  1. Tole je pa res super post. Kokosovo olje tudi jaz uporabljam pred pranjem las, ampak sem se zadnje čase malo polenila. Zdaj, ko se bliža zima, moji lasje postajajo bolj suhi, zato rabim nek nov tretma. Ne vem, če je krivo vreme ali moj šampon, ampak ko si operem lase in se posušijo, so tako suhi, poleg tega si jih težko razčesem, potem drugi dan se mi začnejo mastiti pri lasišču, po 3 ali 4 dneh (kadar si jih perem bolj redko, včasih sem lena :S) pa se mi v celoti zmastijo. Tale Dove regenerator zveni zelo zanimivo. Mislim, da ga bom vzela in poskisila z njim.

    1. Ponavadi je problem centralno ogrevanje. Potegne vso vlago iz zraka in potem postane koža in lasje bolj suhi. Poskusi s kombinacijo hello hydration šamponom od Herbal Essences in s tem Dove balzamom. Je super kombinacija za bolj suhe lase, ampak dovolj lahka da pomoje ne bo zmastila. Jaz imam za vmes suhi šampon od Sysossa, čeprav se moji lasje skoraj nikoli ne zmastijo. Prepogosto pranje ima pa ponavadi nasproten efekt in se lasišče začne bolj mastiti, lasje pa postanejo suhi.

  2. Se en dober post, zakaj pa ne pokazes svojih lask?:) Kako pogosto pa si umivas lase in ali se barvas? Jaz imam mastno lasisce in izredno suhe konice, in imam vecen problem da to dvoje izbalansiram s pravo kombinacijo sampona/balzama. Sicer pa tudi uporabljam kokosovo ali olivno olje kot masko za suhe konice, ce se barvam doma pa par kapljic dam tudi v barvo.

    1. Hvala. Morda bom dala sliko v drugi del. Sicer nimam niti nobene primerne, svetloba danes je pa slaba. Lase si umivam nekje vsake 4-5 dni, ne preveč pogosto, drugače mi še bolj izsuši lase. Imam pa naravno barvo. To še vse sledi v drugem delu. Za moje konice ko postanejo suhe mi najbolj ustreza Alverdino olje.

    2. Ta objava je odličen vir informacij, ki so koristne za vse. Hvala za informativen post ...
      Coffee for your Skin

  3. A very interesting and comprehensive post. I'd never heard of many of the products you mentioned. I have curly hair too, but sensitive scalp (psoriasis). I've noticed dyes have made my hair less curly and it's been 2 years or more since I stopped colouring my hair. I guess I'll wait until I have no other choice, lol.
    I'm a big fan of a paraben-free range of the Spanish brand Naturaleza y Vida, that has aloe vera and rosemary oil. The thing is really creamy and moisturising.

    Can't wait to read part two.

    1. Thank you :) I used to colour my hair too, but fortunately my hair stayed curly even after I stopped. But it did curl less nice when it was dyed, it was more frizzy and less defined. Second part will be up soon :)

  4. Its very interesting and informative post.Thanks for sharing this useful article with us. keep it up.

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  5. Pozdravljena! Zelo zanimiv in koristen post :) Bi mogoče še kakšne druge šampone poleg omenjenega svetovala za suhe lase?

    1. Živjo in hvala :). Meni so do zdaj za suhe lase bili najbolj všeč tile: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Keune Ultra Mild, Orofluido šampon in L'occitane Repairing Shampoo (rdeča nalepka, s 5 eteričnimi olji).