Vampire's Love edt: An (Almost) Dupe for Fantasy

nedelja, november 13, 2011

Fantasy meet your sibling. Vampire's Love edt is a part of the current TE by Essence and it's (almost) identical to Fantasy by Britney Spears. Why almost? Because from the start it's not as sweet as Fantasy, but then it develops into an identical scent. It also lasts the same as Fantasy (which on me is ages). I'll just say a superb quality fragrance for only 6-7€ (50 ml). Vampire's Love is currently available in Műller, I hope it'll be available in DM soon.

Another current LE is by Catrice called Welcome to Las Vegas. I bought the Shimmer Powder because the packaging is just adorable. It's a really small bottle, about a lipstick size tall. It sprays a fine mist of golden shimmer, which is really pretty, but unfortunately doesn't last long on the skin. The shimmer has a subtle nice fragrance.

Müller has a 30 per cent off all Miss Sporty products, so I got Fabulous Lash Waterproof for something under 2€. Unfortunately it's a pretty bad mascara. It smudges like crazy when you're applying it, nor is it good for layering. Second coat just looks odd. Maybe it's just because it's still to wet. However, it is a very good waterproof mascara. I tested it under shower and it didn't smudge or flake off, so it's not like really bad.

Viviana (from Viviana Does Makeup) has been raving about the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner so naturally I had to try it.  It's actually a really good drugstore conditioner. It's even more moisturising than my other favourite drugstore conditioner which is John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. It has quite a thick consistency (I like that a lot) and it comes out in two colours, like toothpaste. It's very moisturising and made my hair feel very silky. The scent is pleasant, I'd say typical Dove like scent. I think it was somewhere around 4-5€ for a tube, I'll definitely repurchase.  
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  1. haaaaaam maš ta parfum? ja hudoo, nč mi nisi povedala :) jst sm ga tut gledala, takoj jutr ga grem iskat :) **

  2. U mestu jih ni več, sm prov zate gledala. In u Lj so vsi pobrani. Sej bo menda u DM enkrat.

  3. Ta parfum je krasen! :) Sploh glede na to, da nisem pričakovala tako dobrega vonja, niti ga nisem nameravala kupiti. :)
    Maskare imam pa zaenkrat kar Essence, vem da sem dolgo časa nazaj imela eno od Miss Sporty, pa je bila kar ok ... Potem pa v mojem kraju Miss Sporty sploh ni bilo več mogoče dobiti. Najpogosteje uporabljam od Essence rjavo in je presenetljivo vodoodporna na meni, čeprav naj sploh ne bi bila. :D

  4. ja, vem, dans sm bla v milerju in ni nč.. v dm-u pa še niso dobil telele kolekcije :(.. moram skoz spremlat :)

  5. zdravo,gdje si kupila dove regenerator.ja sam iz bosne i kod nas u dm-u nema.i je li ima u sloveniji rimmel colour show off u boji 140 kiss me?nadam se da me razumijes.pozdrav

  6. Živjo :). Dove regenerator sem dobila v Millerju, v DM-u ga ne prodajajo. Rimmel kozmetike na žalost ni v Sloveniji.

  7. A majo tale balzam pri nas? :)