Product of the Week #2

sobota, februar 09, 2013

My skin went bonkers this week. It just dried up like a Sahara. The tops of my cheekbones and the center of my forehead could be used as a sandpaper and the skin is ridiculously flaky there. The only moisturising enough foundation/BB I own is Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream and it works like a treat on such skin. As much as it was to heavy for usage in the Summer, it's great for Winter months. It doesn't emphasise any dryness, but it creates a smooth canvas to work on. I use a heavy moisturiser underneath, usually one of my oils that I use for my night routine. The coverage is pretty flawless, but it doesn't scream I'm wearing a heavy foundation. It does leave your skin tacky for quite a while, though. The lasting power is very good, it lasts all day on my skin. Original review here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The whole day for a BB cream is wow!!I have to check on this!

    1. Staying power is pretty impressive, but it's much thicker than others I tried.

  2. I love this one. It also smells nice and doesn't have that grey undertone typical for bb creams. I don't know why but whenever I use this BB cream I just feel unreasonably happy :D

  3. I think these are amazing products since they work perfectly on your skin. I am interested in trying out these products too to see if it will work well on my skin too.
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