5 Fragrances to Try if you have a Sweet Tooth (and are also a bit Broke)

nedelja, junij 15, 2014

I'm the one who enjoys smelling like cupcakes, lollipops and sweets. How very mature of me, right? But hey, I wear fragrances for myself and not to please others. Celebrity scents are notorious for being gourmand fruity-florals and despite not being a fan of pop princesses behind the scent, many of their sweet smelling fragrances have a place in my collection. All of these can be found for less or around 30 € for 100 ml, so unlike designer fragrances they don't break the bank and yet, they still have plenty of sillage and staying power.

The first in line of fragrances to satisfy your sweet tooth, Can Can, opens with a sweet syrupy combination which is considerably toned down by amber, woods and musk making it a more sensual candy scent that I consider more grown up than the rest of my selection. The absence of vanilla is the reason that this isn't the typical cupcake scent, yet it still manages to evoke the warm, cosy feeling. It's a stronger scent that I love wearing during the colder months, though I still use it in the warmer part of the year.
Top notes: clementine blossom, black currant, nectarine
Heart notes: wild orchid, orange blossom
Base notes: soft musk, amber, precious woods
Currently cheapest 12.52 - 22.49 € on All Beauty, 16.30 - 24.60 € on Salma.si

I wouldn't be much of a blogger if I didn't include Fantasy in this post, wouldn't I? The silage of this is amazing. It's the most long lasting fragrance I own, I've been using it for years and I can still smell it on myself at the end of the day, even if I use just one spray. I call it the quintessential cupcake scent with strong puffs of vanilla and white chocolate tickling my nostrils throughout the day and cheering me up. The opening is fruity with tropically sweet kiwi and lichee notes, but the dry down reveals the warm white chocolate-vanilla-cupcake mix. I adore wearing this scent no matter the season and I would go as far as to call it my favourite scent ever.
Top notes: litchi, golden quince and kiwi. 
Heart notes: jasmine and white chocolate. 
The base notes: orris root, musk and woods.
Two flankers were released this year called The Naughty Remix and The Nice Remix. The Naughty has a stronger emphasis on orris root, which to me makes the scent too sharp, however, the Nice Remix is bloody fantastic, essentially a fruitier version of the original and is gracing the top of my wishlist.
Currently cheapest 16.22 € - 20.67 € on All Beauty, 18 - 29.70 € on Salma.si

The notes description sounds so forcibly exotic, but it's just a simple sweet orange candy scent that unlike the rest develops into a floral-powdery scent rather than into vanilla-amber snugness. Foreign reviewers describe the opening as orange creamsicle like, but for my more local readers I'll describe the scent as the childhood-memories-inducing scent of orange Fru Fru candy. I believe it's the scent of curacao liqueur that provides the candy sweetness, but throughout the day its intensity diminishes and you're left with a gentle, more grown up powdery scent.
Top notes: pear blossom, frozen bergamot, curacao liqueur.
Heart notes: Bluebird orchid (used for the first time in a fragrance), peony, jasmine.
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, musk, precious woods.
Currently cheapest 13.34 € - 16.47 € on All Beauty, 30 ml is 10.01 € on Fragrance Direct, 13.90 - 21 € on Salma.si

Scents don't get more vanilla-like than Yves Rocher's version. It's exactly like spraying yourself with vanilla extract, so you basically smell like a batch of freshly baked cookies or cake. Due to being a one note fragrance,  it's ideal for mixing with other scents when you want to add or emphasize vanilla note. Personally, I love mixing it with another fragrance by Yves Rocher Noix de Coco for a coconut crescents scent.
I actually have/had two, but either my mom or cousin nicked one since they both gushed over how much they love it (cheeky!). This is the LE packaging from Christmas (that the awesome and fellow fragrance lover Živa sent me for my birthday), though the juice inside is the same as the regular version which comes in 20 ml and 100 ml version both for a very, very affordable price (100 ml is about 10 €, 20 ml about 5 €). 
Notes: vanilla bourbon extract

A sweet and cosy fragrance with the opening that features an excellent mix of berries with sugar and an occasional whiff of passion fruit that gives it a slight tropical twist, but the most dominant note throughout is warm vanilla that makes the fragrance feel like a snug jumper. It's only bad side - poor staying power, though this fault can be attributed to my body chemistry, since I hear people rave about its superb sillage and staying power. I have to admit that this scent grew on me more than I ever expected it to when I first tried it.
Top notes: wild berries, pink poppy and passion fruit
Heart notes: peony blossoms, sugar-glazed champaca petals and white freesia
Base notes: White musk, vanilla and blonde woods
Currently cheapest for 15.85 €- 33.76€ on All Beauty, or 29.40€ (100 ml) on Salma.si.

And some homemade cupcakes for the end:

Have a great day!

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  1. Yves Rocher Vanilla has been my everyday scent for years, love that one!

  2. Can Can sem imela v osnovni šoli, haha...pomojem proti koncu osnovne, pred enimi 7 leti ;)
    BS ga imam pa še vedno, tega roza, mi ima ona najboljše parfume + noro hude stekleničke.

    1. A veš, da je zdaj nova verzija Can Can-a Burlesque?
      BS fantasy so lepe stekleničke, meni je od Midnight Fantasy najlepša in imam prazno na polici za okras :)

    2. Nisem vedla, sicer pa boljše da se jaz držim stran od parfumov, ker me prevečkrat potegne... Sem vidla tudi da maš Refan rada, ampak kaj k mene toliko pritegnejo stekleničke.

  3. Ja kok lušna objava. :D Jaz sem zadnje čase ful za sladke vonje ... Nujno poizkusi Fancy od Jessice Simpson (I know, I know), res zakon karamelno/sladkorno penast vonj. Jaz sem skoraj čisto porabila 100 ml flaško! x

    1. Sem že imela Fancy in ga porabila :) Mi je bil ok, ampak imam druge veliko rajši :) Sem pa shranila prazno flaško, ker mi je res lepa in jo imam na mizi.

  4. Od BS tale rozani parfum... že nekaj let sem nora nanj in ga ne menjam hehe. Tud zbiram za okras.

  5. Bloge o parfumih najraje berem in sem vesela, da si ga objavila. Obožujem sladke parfume, ki dišijo po torticah in piškotkih pa bonbončkih, kokosu... :D Jih pa uporabljam v hladnejših dneh, včasih tudi poleti, če je kakšen deževen, in ne prevroč dan :) Moj najljubši je bil Hard Candy pa ga nikjer več ne najdem. Si ga že preizkusila? BS ima pa super parfumčke.

    1. Super :) Hard Candy še nisem preizkusila, se ga pa spomnim da je bil včasih na voljo v Douglasu in sem brala o njem na Fragranatici. Ga pa imajo na All Beauty za 13 €, če imaš možnost naročat iz tujine :).

  6. Most times my go-to fragrances are cheaper dupes from off-brands like Refan or Saphir. Can you believe that I've never even given these celebrity-inspired parfumes a sniff??
    Thanks a lot for these ideas, I'll definitely keep them in mind the next time I walk into a drugstore.

  7. I forgot to ask whether these are similar to any existing fragrance on the market.

    1. They don't seem similar to anything. Some say that Fantasy is similar to Pink Sugar, but I disagree.

      I also love Refan fragrances :) I just bought La Vie Est Belle and it's wonderful :)

  8. Odlična objava:) Imam zdaj kar vse zapisane, da jih naslednjič povoham v trgovini:) Nisem vedela, da ima Yves Roches tako poceni parfume in kokos:)) Moram nujno preizkusiti in sploh nisem pomislila, da bi mešala različne vonje parfumov - tako preprosta ideja, pa je še nisem preizkusila:)

    1. Hvala :) Ja, Yves Roche je res poceni in dober, njihov kokos je izjemno dobro narejen.
      Jaz pa parfume veliko mešam, še posebej te z eno noto :)

  9. Glede na opis imam občutek, da bi mi bil lahko Can Can zelo všeč... :)

    1. Meni je super :) Je pa škoda da ga ni pri nas, no vsaj jaz ga še nisem videla v drogerijah.

  10. super post, sem nora na sladke vonje, mmm. :P
    Mam tale Beyonce Pulse in res zelo njami diši. :) mam pa še drugo verzijo Pulsa - Summer Edition in je tudi prijetna. :)

    Pa očitno sem edina, ki še ni imela kakšnega BS parfumčka..sumim, da bo tale roza moj prvi. :P
    Aaa, pa Yves Rocher ima kokosov parfum?? To pa definitivno moram kupit, ker sem obsedena s kokosom. <3

    1. Ja, Pulse Summer je tudi kul in NYC :)
      Kar pojdi jih prevohat v DM ali Müller, The Nice Remix in original Fantasy sta božanska :)
      Imajo celo kolekcijo s kokosom in to zelo dobro narejeno, parfum je pa creme de la creme :)