Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat UV Protective Primer

ponedeljek, december 22, 2014

I expected a lot from this. It's a high end product, which has gained some great reviews, though granted mostly from people who were sent the product, but I still trust most of them. However, I'm just not as impressed by it. My hair requires a great deal more care than an average individual's, so I'm sure this kind of product suits a lot of people, but still for the price I was expecting something exceptional, so in the rank of Kérastase products, but this isn't even close. 

First, I'd like to praise the ease of use. It's super simple to just spray this on the hair and have everything from heat and UV protection, an extra boost of moisture and pre-styling element of hair care sorted. Judging from the name as well as the claims, I expected something similar to Orofluido Sahara, but this is a completely different product. It's closer to a light milky lotion and it has none of the oil-like qualities. Due to that, you have to be mindful of how much you apply on dry hair as it does make the hair wet, so that means you shouldn't really go straight to curling or straightening your hair, but let it dry for a moment. Also on dry hair it has a tendency to get a bit heavy or maybe I should say that you notice a layer of product on the hair. But my real issue is not with its performance on dry hair, but on damp. It just doesn't deliver. Sure it provides heat protection, but that's it. There is no frizz control nor do I think that it's as effective as the much cheaper Sexy Healthy Hair leave-in when it comes to adding and sealing moisture into the hair. Even the scent is unremarkable and bland - as I've described it before, it's like a classic soap scent mixed with porcini mushrooms (SLO jurčki) and cream. Basically, it's the most simple heat protecting spray, but that's it. Though, the ingredients do look fantastic, since it contains grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, argan oil and safflower oil as well as some proteins. So I'm a bit surprised that it performs so averagely when it comes to seriously nourishing the hair.

I know I may seem harsh in my hair care reviews at times, but I seek only brilliance and I'm not satisfied with run of the mill products. And this is the latter, which is a bit sad considering the price. If your hair is super dry as mine, I'd again like to recommend Kérastase Nectar Thermique or if you prefer to use heat protection on dry hair, I really love Tigi's S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender for the job. But if your hair isn't as problematic as mine, you should still give this a go if it interests you, but Tigi's Catwalk Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm is lovely and in my opinion better, though admittedly more expensive if you look at the price per ml (but no per bottle). Of course, I will use this up and I do use it a lot because it's so easy to use, however, I doubt I will repurchase it. Still the bottle is big with 250 ml of product, so I may change my mind about it when it'll be on its last legs.

Have a great day!

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  1. I have got blonde hair -(dry naturally, used to be curly but not any more), and I do my root of hair every 20 days, and my hair started to brake even I use good products (Yves rocher shampoo or Afrodita, Insight mask, Sexy Healthy Hair leave-in, Kerastase thermique Leave in, Orofluido Beauty Elixir). I have to change something. I read all of your post, plase can you tell me what is better AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner or Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Conditioner ? You can suggest smthg else. (I think I am allergic on shea butter in products - Joico KPak hydrator). Since the ingredient of Kerastase leave in has been changed, is the new version better or worse? I have to use Heat protection, please give suggestion?

    1. Sounds like you need some protein to strengthen the hair. I would rather go for the Joico K-Pack Reconstructor if I were you. I find that Redken Anti-Snap is excellent when you want to gradually make your hair stronger and less brittle, actually the whole Redken Extreme line should be perfect :)

      The new Kérastase Nectar Thermique is almost identical to the previous, but a bit better. Maybe you should switch to Ciment Thermique which also has protein and keratin :) But I must warn you that these things don't work overnight, since it won't repair damage, just prevent it and I noticed a huge difference in the healthy of my hair after several months when I was using Anti-Snap.

    2. I know all about that, I have long hair and to have long healthy blond hair is very difficult.. So, what to buy Redken Anti snap or Ciment Thermique? Also I have been using for a month http://sjajnakosa.blogspot.com/2014/04/selective-aminokeratin-pakovanje-za-kosu.html, please can you see ingredient and compare with Joico http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/joico-k-pak-deep-penetrating-reconstructor-for-damaged-hair/ID=prod6229173-product ?I dont understand it at all. Thanks for answering :****

    3. I'd say go for Anti-snap if you don't use a lot heat styling and Ciment Thermique if you do, so you have the heat protection as well :).

      It looks to me like Selective Aminokeratin has more keratin in it, but I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing because keratin is an ingredient you don't want to overdo. It sounds like a great product, but it should probably be used with more caution than K-Pack.

    4. Probably by you recommendation I will buy Redken-because of protein and Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique for hair dryer. (I wash my hair once-twice a week. The problem is I go to the gim 3-4 times, and I have to use hair dryer for roots ans small part of hair which is slightly wet.). Can you suggest me how to use mentioned product? At this point i will use Selective Aminokeratin, because I have got it (300 ml of products/7 eur) in local store. I apologize for bothering you again with that

    5. I used Redken Anti-Snap after every wash on dry hair and then added a heat protectant (Nectar Thermique or Tigi Blow Out). I think it's better if you don't use these two at once, but rather interchangeably, so when you know you'll use heat then apply Ciment Thermique and when you won't Redken Anti-Snap. I think Ciment is heat activated if that helps you when you'll be making your choice :)

    6. I didn't understand you well. So can I use Redken Anti snap on dry hair? I always use hair dryer....I bought both.Than I made mistake

    7. Oh sorry, I don' know why I wrote dry hair. I meant damp. Silly me. Though it is like a light lotion and I think it could even be used on dry hair, but I didn't :)

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