February Favourites

sreda, februar 27, 2013

My skin and hair have been super dry this month, because of the central heating and all. Orofluido Sahara is a miracle in a bottle. I didn't really appreciate is as much before this month, but now it became one of my HG's for treating dry hair. My hair was so dry, even my trusted Joico treatment failed to moisturise my dried up mop, but as soon as I spritzed some Sahara on my hair, it immediately restored it to a normal state. You know what, I dismissed their claim about the product being tested in Sahara as extravagant marketing, but there may actually be some truth to that. I think it is protecting from extreme dryness, as I find that since I applied it generously, my hair hasn't felt as dry as usual even on later days.

Nuxe Prodigieuse Or is another product I used on my hair to give it some shine, but lately I've been using it as an illuminating base under foundation and it works brilliantly. The shimmer is quite discreet, so it gives that Victoria Secret bronze glow to the skin almost every girl is after.

I featured Omnia Botanica Argan oil in my product of the week post and I've been using it every day. It has been saving my poor parched skin. It leaves it supple, moisturised and helps with dry patches. A great oil for dry skin.

I had my tin of The Body Shop's Coconut oil close to me all the time. Right now, it's next to my computer so that tells something. I put a small amount on my ends whenever they're feeling dry. I'm normally not a fan of it, but it is the greasiest thing I own for the ends, making it perfect for this time of the year.

I came across a small tin of the long discontinued L'occitane eau des Vanilliers in one of my drawers and it brought back a lot of memories. I loved that fragrance. Feeling all nostalgic, I went to L'Occitane and I purchased/added to my wishlist a few things, but more about that in some other post. 

I was very tan (fake of course) in the beginning of the month, so I sported some coral lips, most often L'Oreal's Rouge Carress in Dating Coral, which looks so much prettier on me when I tan.
Revlon's Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie is such an easy colour to wear, it just goes with everything (btw some info for Slovene readers: lip butters are sold in Müller on Čopova. Lollistick wrote about it here).
For darker lips I loved Essence Berry Me Home from Home, Sweet Home TE. Essence (or Cosnova) should really bring this formula into permanent range.

Holika Holika Peach Girl BB is my current choice of BB, because it is the only moisturising enough BB/foundation I have. It works so well on dry, flaky skin and creates a nice, dewy base that looks very natural. It was in my products of the week post.

Catrice Mr.Brightside from NeoNaturals LE is a very interesting shade. It looks bright, close to neon, pure pink in the bottle, however, on my nails it turns more coral pink. It's a brighter cousin of Barry M's Pink Flamingo and truly a wonderful shade. Too bad it's LE.

I'm ending this post with a short summary of this year's February: Snow. Snow everywhere. We have over 90 cm of snow here. Unfreakingbelievable. I don't like Winter. If anyone is interested how much snow we have, click here. Thanks for reading!

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  1. hvala za omembo (če je to beseda :)) + videla sem jih potem še v drugih mullerjih, se počasi razširjajo

    1. Ni za kaj :) Je dobra informacija, samo v NM jih pa še nisem videla. Upam, da jih dobimo :)