Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain

nedelja, december 13, 2015

These have a crazy high feedback on Makeup Alley and I've heard that they are pretty good substitutes for the original such balms - Clinique Chubby Sticks. I don't have those, nor Revlon's which are also said to be similar, but based on my swatches made in the shop I can say that they are similar enough. When it comes to lip colours, I'm a matte girl through and through, so these don't appeal to me as much as Jordana's matte lipsticks, but as a good blogger (ok, semi-decent) I decided to take these two shades to swatch because I know how many people utterly adore such lip products.

These are that classic crayon design and are a mix of lip balm, lipstick plus gloss and at these there is an actually stain component as well. On the lips they feel like a waxy lip balm, so that type that tends to stick better on the lips, but you can feel that layer of product on the lips. They are moisturising enough and feel comfortable on the lips. The shine wears off, as does that waxy layer of product, but these leave an actual stain behind. Especially Fresh Fig will leave a pretty intense stain on the lips. 

09 Gorgeous Peony

 Gorgeous Peony is a natural, muted brownish light pink shade. 

 10 Fresh Fig

Fresh Fig is a lot more intense that Gorgeous Peony, it's a dark red that is semi-transparent, but you can build it up for more intensity. As I said before this one leaves a strong stain as its wearing off. It's a lovely choice for those who want to wear red, but in a more subtle way.

These have the same type of packaging than Clinique's and Revlon's version, so they don't require to be sharpened. I notice no particular scent.

They cost 4.20 € on Click2Chic, 3.56 € on Jordana's EU website and 3$ on Jordana's US website.

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni so pa takšni izdelki najljubši za vsak dan in za vrečt v torbico :D Gorgeous Peony je itak šla takoj na WL :)

    1. Jaz imam pa Macovo D for Danger v torbici, pa eno tisto mini Avonovo šminko v rdečem odtenku :) No, saj imam tudi eno svetlo, tisto od Max Factorja Redefined Rose, ampak večkrat vzamem Macovo. Gorgeous Peony je taka klasika. Spominja me na Revlonov Honey, samo ne vem če je res tako podoben odtenek.

  2. Both of them are so pretty especially Fresh Fig, it's a perfect color for this cold season.

    Chaste & Beautiful