Misslyn Nail Polish 610 Night Club

sobota, marec 12, 2016

Years ago, I had this beautiful navy blue nail polish with blue frost from Essence called Deep Blue Sea, which was my favourite shade at the time. It was one of the rare nail polishes that I managed to almost use up, but of course it thickened and became pretty much useless before I had a chance to empty the bottle. Essence being, well Essence, discounted it before I could repurchase it, so I've been looking for a cheap, easily accessible dupe since and now I found it. 

Night Club is a navy blue with light blue frost. It's like an off-black, since the base itself is very dark, but the blue reflection makes it more interesting. I love this colour, I have for years and you would think it's not the most unique shade in the world, but every nail polish I got as a replacement for Deep Blue Sea was missing something, either it was too light or there wasn't enough frost.

Frosty nail polishes are pretty much the easiest to make, just think when was the last time you got a frosty nail polish with a rubbish formula and this one is ok. At first it seemed a bit on the dry site, but I've worn it a few times since and it performed like a regular, good nail polish. It lasts the same as every nail polish on me, which is a long time, so it's fine.

It was 4.99 € in Műller.

Have a great day!

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