Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

sobota, marec 05, 2016

I've heard tons of raves about this eyeliner. There is this general consensus that Stila's and Kat von D's eyeliners are the best in the business, so naturally as an eyeliner fan, I was very tempted to try it, but the high price was always pulling me back. I did hear though that it lasts a year before it dries out, so it wouldn't be such a massive investment considering how many I buy due to them drying out in a few months (they don't dry completely, but the tip doesn't get any more colour and you can't do flicks). In a strange turn of events, when I got this one, I also got three others, all drugstore and I actually am not that convinced that this one is that much better than the rest. Ok, the formula is obviously more long lasting, but all others are reallyblack and also last well on my normal lids, so I think time will be its main test.

It has one of the smallest nibs, which is something I prefer when picking out eyeliner simply because they are much more precise and easy to work with, especially when it comes to making small corrections. It's a classic felt tip and I actually prefer those that are like a brush (Artdeco's for example), since they create a smoother line that doesn't need much fixing. It's otherwise a nice sturdy nib, except for the tip. The latter feels flimsy, like it's old. I don't know if that is just mine, or that's a general characteristics. It does make it feel less harsh, but it can escape control easier and it's very hard to almost impossible for me to do a sharp wing. I have to say the flimsy nib is bothering me more and more, but I'm uncertain whether only my liner is like that or all. Those who have tried it already, please let me know. 

The formula is very black (as at a majority of liners I tried to be fair) and, to me surprisingly, glossy even when it sets. I think all of my eyeliners had a matte or a slightly shiny finish, which I prefer, but glossy is fine too. The nib is always very saturated with product and you don't have to stop midway application to put the lid back on and shake it. Because of that, the application is very smooth and I don't need to go over the line again. Like most eyeliners it's rub-proof once it sets, though most do smudge a bit if you apply a lot of force, but this one doesn't with a dry tissue and even a wet wipe really struggles to remove it, so it's the type of liner that's better to be removed with a waterproof remover to avoid any unnecessary tugging. Because of that the wings remain untouched the whole day. 

 Too Faced Chocolate Bar on the eyes, Sleek Birthday Suit on the lips, Max Factor Lavish Mauve on the cheeks.

Yanquina Waterproof Eyeliner, Stila Eyeliner,  Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner and L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar.

 L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar, Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner, Stila Eyeliner and Yanquina Waterproof Eyeliner.

The cap has a spring inside, which hopefully will keep it fresh longer and it's holding pretty well.

I bought mine on Beauty Bay for 18.40 €. I actually tried ordering it a few months before on Look Fantastic and it wouldn't let me through checkout with the liner in the cart, which is just the weirdest thing ever.

I had a question from Ana (Beautysaur), a diehard fan of Artdeco's eyeliner, which is better and after weeks of using it, I still honestly don't have an answer. Both have their faults, Artdeco's isn't as resilient and there's the whole thing that is didn't even work for the first few months, but I love the nib a lot more because it's more easy to control and it's smoother. Stila's also has a glossy formula, which wouldn't be my favourite feature, but I can live with it. What's more important is that's it's very long-lasting, so a formula that you can truly rely on and the nib is very saturated. I used to think I found my perfect liner in that Kardashian Beauty one, which is fantastic, but it dries out fast and there is no way I'm giving that family any of my money. I love the Sweet Pink one with the Panda design most as a budget option, but for my all-time favourite I remain searching and anyway, a great majority of them performs very similar which is great. I love this one's formula, it's the best one I've tried so far, but the flimsy tip is annoying to me. Maybelline's comes next.

Have a great day!

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  1. To je točno to kar sm čakala, in-depth ocena linerja in ne samo flimsy izjave popularnih YT deklet ki ga hvalijo :)
    Po tem kar sem prebrala definitivno ostajam pri svojem ArtDeco linerju ampak sem res vesela da sem dobila odgovor in mi ne bo treba sprobavat še tega :D

    1. Kar ostani pri ArtDecu :). Meni je aplikator veliko boljši. Saj se vidi pri tem, da mi ni uspelo lepe špice naredit, potem moram pa zato enega drugega vzet. Ampak zdrži pa izjemno. Zdaj sem izpod tuša prišla, pa se mi je maskara razmazala, eyeliner pa nič.

  2. That tip thing is so annoying! It totally ruins an eyeliner for me since I love my wings to be sharp as they can be haha I've yet to find anything better than my favourite Catrice one :)

    1. So it's not just mine. What a strange design for a tip. I haven't tried Catrice's yet, maybe I should :)

    2. I don't like the pen one but the waterproof dip one in the thin tube works great on me!

  3. Po opisu sodeč bi raje izbrala kakpnega cenejšega, saj bi verjetno naredil isto "delo" :). Ti eni izdelki so tako hyped up pa kvaliteta ni tako izjemno boljša od drugih primerkov. Saj se zdaj že vsaka znamka trudi po svoje, samo cene so različne. Btw ta konica bi mene tudi ekstremno nervirala. :D
    Jaz sem zdaj parkrat sprobala pando in moram reči, da mi je Diamond Beauty boljši. Predvsem zato, ker ni tako tekoč in se ne razlije v špranje kot panda in ker se veliko hitreje suši. Pa obstojnost je tudi veliko veliko boljša kot pri pandi. Moti me samo to, da konica ni vedno pigmentirana. Še zdaj ne vem, če je z vsemi tako ali samo mojim. Bom zagotovo še enega kupila, ko tega porabim.

    Aja in zanimivo, da bi ti kar eno leto uporabljala liner. Jaz si tega ne upam. Imam občutljive oči in večkrat kakšne ječmenč je vedno znak, da zavržem staro maskaro in eyelinerje. Raje nove, ziher je ziher :D.

    1. Mislim, da je tale predvsem za tiste, ki imajo mogoče mastne veke ali jim na splošno mejkap ne obstane, ker dosti preživi. Na mojih normalnih se večina dobro obnese tako da mi je aplikator najbolj pomemben in pri tem me ta mehka konica red zelo moti.

      Diamond Beauty gre definitivno na seznam za sprobat :)

      Bi ja :D Jaz dosti maskar in eyelinerjev uporabljam več kot tri mesece pa ni bilo še nikoli nič narobe. Pač nimam niti malo občutljivo kožo in oči. Mislim, da nisem še nikoli imela kakšnega vnetja, oči zihr ne. Preveč mi je škoda metat dobro robo stran.