I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette

nedelja, maj 29, 2016

It's no secret I coveted this palette for ages. I've heard many positive reviews and I absolutely loved the shade selection in it, but despite the reassurances that this palette is better, I'll admit that due to my previous experience with Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup/Freedom Makeup eyeshadow palettes, all of which left me wanting more, I never came round to ordering it and also because I tend to wait so long before I clear something from my wishlist, since I'm a person that considers every purchase very carefully. Luckily, Ličila.si saw my wishlist and took pity on me by surprisingly me with this palette. I literally screamed from happiness when I opened the parcel and I will be eternally grateful for this, it's not often that a company takes your taste into account, but you have no idea how much easier it is to write about something that interests you. Much like their other palettes, the quality slightly varies between the shades, mostly as far as matte shades are concerned, but a majority of shades perform well for a budget palette.

Texture: I know everyone says this one is better than the rest of such palettes, but I'm going to be that one person that's going to say: it's the same. Again we have a selection of colours that vary in terms of quality. The shimmery shades are nice, creamy with a decent pay-off and they blend nicely. Matte eyeshadow are again the same as in other palettes - more on the dry side, though admittedly not chalky, but the pigmentation just isn't the same as in more high-end palettes. The colours do build up without a base, it just takes more layers and staying power isn't that good in that case, but with a primer or a creamy eyeshadow under it, these work a treat and last all day. I'm fully aware these palettes are well loved and if you're on a budget, it's certainly very lovely, but complete brutal honestly - try one of the Wet n Wild palettes and you'll see the massive difference in quality. You merely need to touch those and you have a ton of pay-off on your finger, while at these you need to try a bit more.

Colours: There are 16 colours in this palette, mostly chocolate inspired, but there are also two taupes and a more golden shade. This is definitely one of the prettiest neutral palettes I've seen in terms of colour selection and I like every single colour, since all are so easy to wear and all can be a "one wash wonder". However, though the colours may look different in the pans, a lot turn out to be very similar on my lids, mostly they look coppery. I've said in the New in post already that considering it's trying to be similar to Too Faced Chocolate palettes, there aren't really many similar shades, at least in the first one. Smoothly is, but that one doesn't really count and Choco-fest is similar to one shade, but that one in Too Faced vastly outperforms it. My point is that if you own the Too Faced version and still want to try this one, you won't end up with a ton of dupes.

Row 1
Smoothly - a classic, beige skin tone shade with a slightly satin finish. A simple base shade.

Divine - a coppery shade with a shimmery finish. It's much warmer on my lids than it appears in the palette. Feels creamy to the touch in the pan and has a decent colour pay-off, though it needs layering.

Mocha Lover - a bronze-looking shade with a shimmery finish. On my eyes it's very similar to Divine, as is the quality.

Dipped - Patina-ish (by MAC's) warm brown shade. My favourite lid shade in the palette and one of the most unique ones, though again very different on my eyes as it's quite a lot warmer and more brown looking.

Choc-fest - a matte burgundy shade. It's more on the dry side, so it need s sticky base and layering for an opaque colour pay-off, but it's a nice shade to deepen the outer corners. 

Row 2
Adorable - a light, beige-golden shimmery shade. A great inner corner highlight shade. It's soft and pigmented, but a touch chalky.

Buttons - taupe-bronze shimmery shade that again looks much warmer on my eyes, a bit more reddish. Quality is the same as Divine, so creamy, but it's more pigmented.

Frosted Choc - a copper shade that has less purple and more yellow tones than Divine, but looks very similar on my lids. The quality is the same as Divine, so creamy with an ok pigmentation.

Delight - a medium cool-taupe brown with red and red micro shimmer. One of the rare shades that doesn't look coppery on me. Nice pigmentation and it's creamy to the touch, but less that other such shades.

Sweet Choc - a medium, matte, warm brown. Best performing matte in the palette, but still dry to the touch.

Sugar - a warm, slightly reddish, but most classic brown. Pigmentation is a bit on the weak side as it's more of a dry eyeshadow rather than creamy like the rest shimmery shades.

Row 3
Double Dip - a shimmery, yellow gold shade. Too yellow for my taste, but I combined it with a taupe base once and it worked out nicely. Pigmented and creamy.

Tob-le-rone - a matte taupe and least pigmented shade in the palette. Very dry to the touch with not a lot of colour pay-off, despite that I use it in the crease. 

Wonka - a matte deep brown. My favourite shade for defining outer corners because it doesn't look reddish on me.

Milky - a matte rosy taupe and better quality than Tob-le-rone. I love this one on the lid and aside from Dipped, again a unique shade. A bit dry to the touch, but with an ok colour pay-off.

Way - a shimmery light yellow gold. I don't use this one to be honest. Too yellow for a highlight and lid. It looks like a duo chrome like eyeshadow because the shimmer changes colour from yellow to green.

Staying power: These last averagely on the lids. While there is plenty of colour at the end of the day, it's more about how they wear. They tend to wear off and crease on their own, but primer helps a lot, as does cream eyeshadow.

Dipped on the lids, Wonka in the corners, Adorable in inner corners.

Milky on the lids, Wonka in the corners, Adorable in inner corners.

Divine on the lid, Adorable in inner corners, Sugar in the crease. The brush is Makeup Revolution Ultra Metalic Crease brush.

Packaging: While I admit that the chocolate bar shaped packaging is cool and I like the big mirror, I just hate that it's yellow. It's silly I know, but I'm not a fan of yellow and I'd make it off-white. It's a well-made case made from sturdy plastic. There is an applicator added.

Scent: Just like Too Faced version, I've heard promises this has a faint scent of chocolate. It smells like regular MR/I <3 M /FM eyeshadows, so cheap, but with the tinniest hint of sweetness. It doesn't even begin to compare to the delightful scent of the Too Faced version.

Price and availability: Slovene readers can get it on Ličila.si for 10.95 €. For international readers it's sold on Makeup Revolution site.

 Have a great day!

*PR product, but no conditions were set.

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  1. I´ve just fell in love! This palette is gorgeous ♥

  2. The colors look so lovely! I could definitely see myself using this palette a lot.

    1. It's definitely a palette that can be used for any occasion :)

  3. Je pa fajn, da niso isti odtenki z Too Faced, vsaj zdaj zate ;D. Meni je še vedno ena boljših cenejših palet, čeprav ni to Zoeva ali theBalm. Zoeva bi se komot kosala z vsemi tebi cenejšimi paletami, če se ne bi konstantno dražili.

    Mi je smešno, da bi ti imela off white čokolado :D hehe.

    1. True :) Mi je pa hecno, da so naredili tako drugačen nabor odtenkov, ker marsikdo jo bi kupil ravno zato ker je alternativa veliko dražji Too Faced verziji. Me zanima kako se Zoeva primerja z Wet n Wild, ker meni so ta daleč najboljša cenejša senčila, mi ima pa Zoeva veliko lepše kombinacije odtenkov. Ampak to draženje je pa res blesavo. Kot si rekla v tvoji objavi - boljše da čim prej kupiš preden bodo 40 € :D

      Preveč rumena mi je, no :D Bela Milka ni tako rumena. Ta je čisto kanarčkasta :D

    2. To je res. Če se že grejo neko kopiranje, bi bilo fajn, če bi bili odtenki tudi enaki. But what do I know. Veš toliko dobrega sem že slišala o Wet n wild, ampak če me nekako ne pritegne ta njihova embalaža. Imam občutek, da kar koli bom kupila iz nabora odtenkov, že vse imam doma. Jaz sem prepričana, da bodo še kar naprej dvigovali. Sploh, če bodo še naprej popularne. Idiotizem in nelojalnost do strank.

      Se mi pa zdi, da se Makeup Revolution in Freedom še kar trudita. Ta nova paleta Today's Tonight od Freedom ima tako kremasta senčila, da so že boljše pigmentirana. Čeprav obstojnost pa še vedno ne zadanejo.

      Mogoče je za odtenek res malo preveč rumena :D haha. No milka bela, res ni tako rumena. Bi tudi bolj classy izgledala, če bi bila taka bež :).

    3. Saj ne rabiš nujno WnW :). Njihova senčila so odlična in vredna denarja, ampak tudi jaz bi si želela drugačne kombinacije odtenkov. Imajo precej nenavadne za moj okus in zato ne bom širila moje zbirke.

      Zoeva ima res nenavadno politiko. Zihr opravičujejo s tem da so "kao" višji stroški.

      Ah, jaz ne maram rumene, potem se pa nekaj repenčim v objavah :D Bi bila pa veliko lepša v bolj umirjeni barvi :)

  4. Nice review:)

  5. Love the colours, shame about the payoff from them though! I agree with you about the packaging - the yellow is just a bit odd to me!

    1. Before you misunderstand me, the pay-off is fine, just not exceptional like at high-end palettes :). Mattes are a bit dry, but dense brushes still pick them up.
      Yellow just doesn't suit this palette.

  6. I love how brutally honest your reviews are! I don't own any of the Chocolate Bar Palettes, but I do know this is a dupe of the Lorac Unzipped palette. I agree there was room for improvement on some of these older palettes, and MR has improved their formula so not every palette is the same. They do purples better than any budget brand, and even some high end ones. I hope you try their New-trals vs Neutrals palette (a dupe of the Limecrime Venus 2 and Naked 3 palettes) and the Ultra Eye Contour - Light and Shade palettes.

    1. Isn't Ultra Eye Contour the one that sparked the outrage and debate about how MR is constantly ripping off brands? I'm just not really drawn to this brand, nor Freedom Makeup and other spin-offs. Every palette I've tried is the same - a mix of quality, which is fine if you want to explore new shades or are just new to makeup, but I've been spoiled by high-end eyeshadows, so I never reach for these budget ones. Freedom's Pro Artist Vice palette is a bit better, but it's still missing something.