Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2

sreda, maj 25, 2016

I wanted these for the longest time, not just because they are pretty, but because Zoeva brushes have such a high rating everywhere and are often cited as some of the best brushes around. They are very expensive, though. Some might disagree with me, but 75 € for a set of brushes is an unreasonable price as far as I'm concerned. However, since most of my brushes are budget versions and a lot are not the best shape for my eyes, not to mention very old, I decided to take the plunge and invest in these. I'm very happy I got these and some of the brushes became an instant favourite, however, there are a few that aren't as good or the best shape for me. They started selling these individually, so I could have got them cheaper if I just got the brushes I now know are indispensable to me. There are twelve brushes in the set, the blending ones are simply outstanding and you basically have every brush you could wish for an eye makeup application, but I would switch some with my old ones. Included is also a rose gold bag that's well-made and soft.

Rose Gold is the centre of attention here, or the coppery shade of gold that the ferules are made of. The base of the brushes is a pale peachy colour and all the brushes have these two minor details that make them even more special - an oriental pattern engraving on the metal part and the name of the collection on the end of the brush. Every brush has a name printed on them, unfortunately placed exactly where you hold them, so they are bound to wipe off, just like off Mac's brushes.

You'll find everything you need for simple as well as more intricate eye makeups, but a big emphasis was made in the blending department and that is something I really appreciate. These are a mix of natural and  synthetic taklon hair (142 Concealer Buffer, 235 Contour Shader, 310 Spot Liner and 322 Brow Line).

By the way, the makeup bellow was created using I <3 Makeup Naked Chocolate palette, shades Dipped and Wonka.

142 Concealer Buffer

A large, dense, rounded brush that works great for blending concealer both under the eyes and on spots. Though it's dense, it's still soft enough not to merely shift the product, but actually buffing it into the skin. It's not unique as I found a dupe among my cheap Jessup brushes. Individual price 10.50 €

Jessup brush from the 5pc set and 142 Concealer Buffer. In my eyes, these are dupes. The material feels the same, they are equally dense and same in size as well as shape. You can get almost 10 of Jessup brushes for the price of one this one.

221 Luxe Soft Crease

A fluffy, relatively narrow blending brush. The bristles are longer than at 227 and it's overall wider because it's not flattened like that one. It does an excellent job at blending, even on my small eyes. None of my brushes are dupes for it, some are similar, but bigger. I have a picture with a comparisons with my other blending brushes bellow. Individual price 9.50 €.

227 Luxe Soft Definer

A flat, fluffy blending brush. This is the one brush that is closest to Mac's 217. It's a bit less rounded at the top, but the size and fluffiness is about the same, though since my 217 is over six years old, it's hard to compare. Really love this one. Individual price 9.50 €.

228 Luxe Crease

A large, fluffy tapped blush. This is basically just a bigger version of the 231 Luxe Petite Crease brush, but it's a lot fluffier than that one. I really love this one for of this one for blending and softening colour. I have nothing similar among my other brushes. Individual price 9.50 €.

221 Luxe Soft Crease, 227 Luxe Soft Definer, 228 Luxe Crease and 231 Luxe Petite Crease.

230 Luxe Pencil

A simple pencil brush, so a stiff, small brush meant for applying and blending colour under the lower lash line and in the inner corner. Mac 219 is a perfect dupe for it and I see zero differences between the two. Individual price 9.50 €.

Essence Precision Brush (TE), Zoeva 230 Luxe Pencil and MAC 219. The last two are complete dupes.

231 Luxe Petite Crease

A medium, tapered, semi-fluffy brush. My word has changed with the discovery of this brush, it is outstanding. I've been using Coastal Scents Italian Round Crease brush for the job, but this is a gazillion times better. The tip picks up the colour, while the rest blends. It's available individually and I highly recommend you get one of these. I have nothing like it among my old brushes. Individual price 9.50 €.

Nanshy Tapered Crease, Nanshy Eye Crease, Zoeva 231 Luxe Petite Crease, Makeup Revolution Ultra Metallic Crease, Coastal Scents Italian blending brush, Ebeline Blender Pinsel, Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease, MAC 217, Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer, Nashy Blending eyeshadow, eBay metallic crease brush and 221 Luxe soft crease.

232 Luxe Classic Shader

A flat, stiff shader blush. While it does the job well of packing on the colour, I'm not completely pleased with this one. It's quite big for the job and I much prefer the good old classic Mac's 239 because my eyes are small. I think 234 Luxe Smoky Shader would have probably been a much better choice for the set. Individual price of both is 9.50 €.

MAC 239, Zoeva 23 Luxe Classic Shader brush and Essence eyeshadow brush.

235 Contour Shader

A diagonally cut flat, stiff brush. This is another brush that rocked my word - it is so perfect. It's excellent for applying a dark shade in the outer V and can also be used in the crease. For years I've been using Ecotools eyeliner brush, which is way too stiff for the job and I had no idea such a brush even existed. Another brush I highly recommend. Individual price 9.50 €.

238 Luxe Precise Shader

A precise, flat, stiff shader brush. Its only use that I can think of it for the inner corner. I wouldn't miss it, since I use 230 Luxe Pencil for that. Individual price 9.50 €.

310 Spot Liner

A tiny, stiff, square cute brush. Not a fan of this one because it made my gel eyeliner look patchy (not the one of the picture, that's Stila Stay all Day). It's just too small for the job in my opinion, but I'm sure I'll find use for it. Individual price 8.50 €.

322 Brow Line

A diagonally cut, flat, stiff brush. I don't do brows, so I use it instead for defining my lower lash line. It doesn't pick up much colour that's my main complaint and I prefer my other such brushes. I tried it on the brows once and again I felt like it isn't applying enough colour. Individual price 8.50 €.

325 Luxe Brow Light

A large, flat, stiff shader brush. I don't see much purpose in this one, since I don't have enough space under my brows, but it's meant to apply highlighter under the brows. The only similar brush I own is Nanshy Large Shader brush, which I also don't use, but Zoeva's is even wider, slightly shorter and thinner. Individual price 9.50 €.

325 Luxe Brow Light and Nanshy Large Shader Brush.

The bag is soft and well-made, a love that so much attention was given to the details - the satin-like lining with an inscription and the metal zipper with an oriental design. Such a lovely bag.

I got these for the eye-watering price 75 € + shipping which wasn't cheap either. I ordered from the official website and it arrived really fast, I believe it was three days, but it is from Germany, so not that far. These are also sold on Beauty Bay, but for some reason they don't ship these in Slovenia (because god forbid we'd get free shipping with these). They are also sold in Austrian Douglas shop, I'm just no sure it's sets as well because I hear they don't have palettes. I also hear that Zoeva keeps raising their prices which is very unjust to their customers and it almost made me not order from them.

Do I think this is the perfect set? No. But, it's close. The blending brushes are outstanding and that 235 Contour Shader  as well as 231 Luxe Petite Crease deserve all the praise, but I prefer Mac's 239 for a classic shader brush to Zoeva's 232 Luxe Classic Shader, my Alverde bent eyeliner brush to 310 Spot Eyeliner and my other cut eyeliner brushes to 322 Brow Line. I would build a different set from all the brushes they have available and though you could do that by buying brushes individually, it would exceed the price of the set by a large margin. I've found two dupes: Zoeva's 230 Luxe Pencil and MAC's 219 as well as Jessup's brush from the 5pc set and Zoeva's 142 Concealer Buffer. Some brushes I know I won't use much, but there are some that are absolutely fantastic and have already become my all-time favourites. If you plan to buy any of the individually, I highly recommend 231 Luxe Petite Crease brush, 228 Luxe Crease, 235 Contour Shader and 227 Luxe Soft Definer.

Have a great day!

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  1. Super so, enkrat bom tudi jaz investirala <3

    Je pa res da ful zvišujejo cene - kar res ni kul do nas :( Jaz imam 3 paletke in sem navdušena. <3

    1. Kvaliteta je res odlična, bi kar rekla, da so se zlahka kosajo z Macovimi :)

      Paletkam so zdaj kar precej zvišali ceno. Ko je bila ena 14-15 € sem jo še imela namen kupit, zdaj pa ne več.

  2. Odlična ocena, imam podobno mnenje kot ti. :)
    Tudi meni se zdi, da 221 Luxe Soft Crease, 227 Luxe Soft Definer, 228 Luxe Crease in 231 Luxe Petite Crease res izjemno izstopajo ter tudi občutneje olajšajo ličenje oči - blendanje mi je veliko lažje, kot z mojimi starimi, cheap čopiči. :) Pa tudi 235 Contour Shader zmaga. <3
    Sta pa mi nekako odveč 310 Spot Liner in 322 Brow Line.
    Funny, ampak meni je pa 325 Luxe Brow Light odličen za contouring nosne kosti, sem tudi prvo mislila, da ne bo za nobeno rabo, ker imam tudi sama majhne oči in mi ni všeč za osvetljevanje predela pod očmi. :D
    Sem pa zelo vesela, da sem si privoščila ta set, ker se mi zdi, da sedaj ustvarim veliko lepši smoky eye, kot prej s svojimi starimi, nekvalitetnimi čopiči. :)

    1. Hvala :) Blending čopiči so izjemni, je čisto drugače delat z njimi kot z mojimi starimi.
      Ah, saj pri meni bo tudi vsak čopič nekako za porabit, sploh ker ličim tudi ostale, ki imajo precej drugačno (khm... petstokrat lažjo) obliko oči za ličit :)

  3. Njihovi čopiči so res dobre kvalitete in po 3 letih uporabe so še vedno enako mehki. Samo malo se obarvajo in seveda razlezejo. 227 je pri meni absolutno najboljši čopič za blendiranje. Sem si pred kratkim kupila še enega. Nov je veliko bolj flat, med tem ko je stra že skoraj okrogel, kar mi je celo bolj všeč :D. Isto se mi je zgodilo z 231, ki je moj drugi najljubši čopič. Enostavno najboljši za crease. Zdaj vidim, da bom rabila še 228 :D Pa še 238 je meni všeč. Sploh za kakšne barvite looke, ko poskušam nanesti barvit odtenek samo na primer na notranjo stran veke. Ta gre tudi na wish listo!
    Drugače pa mislim, da rabiš še 234 kot čopič s katerim boš nanašala senčilo na veko. Ta je meni tudi med najljubšimi, ker dobiš bolj intenziven odtenek na vekah, pa velikost je ravno prava :). Rabila sem tudi nekaj za pod očmi in mi je všeč 226 Smudger. Jaz imam rada bolj intenzivno nanešena senčila in čopič je dovolj tanek, da prideš zraven trepalnic.

    Vsekakor čudovita embalaža. Bi pa verjetno tudi jaz nekatere čopiče zamenjala, ker enih zagotovo ne bi rabila. Ampak verjetno je ravno to smisel teh setov. Če bi si lahko izbirali sami set, potem nekaterih čopičev verjetno ne bi nikoli prodali :).

    1. Potem so isto trpežni kot Macovi :) Uh, ja 228 se splača vzet ker zelo lepo zmehča senčila v pregibu - res odličen čopič. Tega malega 238 pa imam že od prej enega podobnega, ampak ne vem kje je, ker ga itak ne uporabljam. Je pa praktičen za ta detajlna dela, ampak na mojih očeh je to brezveze delat.

      234 mi izgleda zelo podoben Macovemu 239 in mi res škoda, da ga ni v tem setu. Taki meni najbolj ustrezajo za nanos senčil. Čopiči v stilu 226 pa na mojo obliko oči nekako ne pašejo, ker prenizko zblendano senčilo naredi moje oči videti zelo utrujene, zato imam raje nanos čisto ob trepalnicah, samo za definicijo oz. da moje trepalnice izgledajo gostejše. Mi je pa Nanshyev Flat Definer najbolj všeč za to delo :)

      Je kar škoda ko plačaš veliko za set in ti par čopičev ne ustreza. Bi si želela nekaj čopičev zamenjat, ampak tale set je bil še najbližje mojemu izboru čopičev :)

  4. This is SO helpful! Thanks for giving us such a detailed breakdown of the whole set.

    1. Thank you <3 I was having trouble finding really detailed reviews of this set, so I put an effort to be as helpful as I can be :)

  5. This is really helpful. I only own three eyeshadow brushes from zoeva and now I want two more :)

    1. I love their blending brushes, they just changed my routine :)

  6. thanks for giving us a breakdown on the brushes, might invest in some zoeva myself. do you mind looking at my blog?♡ www.glamnoire.blogspot.co.uk

  7. this is awesome! I'm thinking about getting a zoeva brush set, but I just can't decide of that exactly i need! your post was so helpful :)
    You have such an awesome and cool blog! I'm following! And I would LOVE if you could visit my blog and follow me too :)
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook