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nedelja, maj 15, 2016

ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2
I finally have these! My wallet is still crying, but I've reached a point when most of my trusted brushes are too scratchy, so I thought it's high time I invest into a good quality set of brushes. The fact that they are pretty and that everyone who got this set raves about it, contributed to my purchase of course. There are twelve brushes in the set, very few of these are actually brush shapes I own from before, but I found one dupe. I'll have all the comparison pictures with my other brushes in the review. I am completely, utterly besotted with two brushes - Luxe Petit Crease and Contour Shader (also available individually). Both made me realize that I've been using the wrong brushes since forever. All of the blending brushes are outstanding and I love there are so many, but on the other hand I'm slightly disappointed with the Classic Shader brush because it's much bigger and thinner than Mac's 239, which is perfect in my eyes. There are also a few brushes that I'm not sure I'll get to use a lot, but on a whole I'm very pleased with these and the bag is super pretty too.
Zoeva, 75 € + shipping.

MILANI Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick
I wanted this shade so much ever since new colours were released (I still want Love). I own Darling from before, it's the shade I got as a part of my blogging for an online shop and I fell in love with the formula, so I wanted to get my hands on more of these. Flirty looked most like my type of shade, which is anything that looks like Mac's D for Danger and Milani's Amore in Gorgeous. It is indeed such a shade, even though in the tube it looks very dark, pretty much vampy, but on the lips it's lighter. The formula is slightly different than at Darling. It's a bit more "moisturising creamy", instead of "silicone creamy" and it's less matte, but still very similar and it has the same vanilla scent. These are definitely my favourite classic lipsticks so far.
Beauty Joint, 5.99 $, also on Click2Chic.

MILANI Powder Blush
Blossomtime Rose
I probably sounded like a broken record when I talked about these in my wishlists. Shade Romantic Rose is my all-time favourite shade and I really wanted to get my hands on more of these, not just because of the gorgeous design, but also because I love the quality. Blossomtime Rose is a limited edition shade, I don't know how long it will be available, but I believe it's been almost a year and I hope they keep them because unlike the original ones, these have some shimmer in them. Blossomtime Rose is a peachy pink blush with a proper golden highlight glow and it's in the same colour family as the cult favourite Nars Orgasm. I swatched them side by side and Blossomtime is more coral-golden, but not as much as Coralista. I need Awakening Rose next.
Beauty Joint, 9.99 $, also on Click2Chic.

*I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate Palette
Again something to finally cross from my wishlist, this really was a month of getting products I actually really wanted for a while. Regular readers might remember I put this in a couple of wishlist posts and a lot of you encouraged me to get it because you love the quality. Lič saw that I really covet it and surprised me with it out of the blue. There was some happy jumping involved. Considering it's kind of trying to rip off Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes, the shade range is actually very different from the original one I own, in fact there are almost no dupe shades in it. There are 16 colours in this palette, mostly chocolate inspired and very warm, but there are also two taupes and a more golden shade. Some shades are very similar on the eyelids, but I'm not bothered by that much - having a double or triple amount of a shade I like, really isn't a bad thing. I like all the shades in the palette, all are very wearable, but when it comes to quality, there is a gap between high-end eyeshadows and this budget palette. The colours do build up without any sort of base, but staying power is not as good as other palettes, also the texture is drier, not as creamy. With a cream eyeshadow as a base, these work brilliantly and last all day. Pretty happy with it considering it's a budget palette.
Lič, 10.95 €
Za brezplačno poštnino pri nakupu nad 10 € do konca maja uporabi kodo POMLADNA-POSTNINA

*FREEDOM MAKEUP ProStudio Strobe Cream
This is a new product to me, as I sort of missed the new strobing products that have been launched recently. I'm a big fan of natural looking, cream highlighters and this one is definitely something special. It's weak compared to L'Oreal's Magic Lumi primer, but I mean that in a good way. It's a "healthy glow" faker. It behaves like a rich moisturiser at application, but then is set in record time, so you don't have a ton of time to work with it and the effect is a subtle, glowy healthy skin finish with no visible shimmer particles. Naturally, I love it. You can apply it before foundation, after or mix it with the foundation, I prefer to apply it after for best effect. 
However, I gave to my friend to try and she was really disappointed in it. Granted, I don't think she actually got the idea of the product and I personally wouldn't want a ton of shimmer in a product that is meant to be applied on larger areas of the face, but she say she noticed absolutely no difference when she used it. It's all a matter of preferences, so if you like more glow, they have another product called Ultra Strobe Cream.
Lič, 11.95 €

*MAKEUP REVOLUTION  Ultra Metals Pointed Crease Eyeshadow E301
I got this a couple of weeks before Zoeva brushes, so I had plenty of time to test it on its own before I became completely besotted with that set. I had my eye on these ever since they launched, as rose gold is a big trend at the moment, but as you may remember I got a cheaper set of such brushes. This is the type of brush I use the most for my eye makeup (or at least I did). It's a small domed shape brush, this one is synthetic and soft, but despite being slightly more smooth "plastic" feeling, it picks up the colour well. It blends great like most brushes from such material of bristles. The design is very high-end looking, but for that price I expect nothing less. I like it, but it is expensive, still pretty much all similar brushes I bought so far did not feel as comfortable as this one, Essence ones for example are much denser and harsh.

Makeup Revolution Crease brush compared to Nanshy Eye Crease Brush, Essence Smokey Eye and Coastal Scents Italian Round Crease Brush.

 Lič, 9.99 €

ESSIE Apricot Cuticle Oil
I had this on my wishlist for years, but since it's quite expensive I only got it recently, when I decided to finally clear out my wishlist. It's an apricot oil that comes in a regular nail polish bottle and it's very easy to apply on the cuticles with the brush. It does smell like apricots - well it's more of an apricot-peachy scent, but not in a candy way and not plastic, it's just a nice scent and it makes me want to use it more, even though there's the whole greasy fingers tips problem later. So far I can't say it's fixed my cuticles much. I still get some hangnails and they feel harsh, but maybe with longer use things will improve.
DM, 10.99 €

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II
Told you've been clearing my wishlist. I had this about four or five years ago and I adored it because it's a skin care product that you can rely on. It's super expensive, so I have been delaying repurchasing it for a really long time and stuck only to my other favourite Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, but recently was sent to test some skin care products and despite my general disagreement with testing skin care, I used those products. Guess what, it messed up my skin so bad that I immediately ordered what is now the most expensive product I own. Advance Night Repair is a cult favourite serum that manages to fix the skin quite fast. It helps the blemishes to heal faster, the skin becomes more hydrated and healthy looking - it's just a general all-rounder, an addition to the skin care routine that's reliable. The packaging comes with a pipette that dispenses the desired amount and the serum itself is light, like most such products and it sinks in fast. It has a pharmacy scent that some people don't like, but I've grown to love.
Look Fantastic, 60 € (price in Müller 83 €)

I recently raved about this mascara again, but it deserves all the praise, as this is my favourite budget mascara. Since mine dried up, I immediately went to repurchase it. It's super volumising, lengthening, doesn't smudge, flake, the brush isn't as clumsy, it's cheap and it keeps the eyelashes curled all day. Love this stuff.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Clear-up Strips
Originally I was going to repurchase the Balea Young version, which are so far the only ones I actually liked, but then I saw in Simona's haul that these are supposedly the best ones she found, so I'm giving these ones a try instead. Something is really perplexing at these patches. As you can see on the box, it's clearly pictured there are supposed to be three versions of patches: for the nose, forehead and chin, however, there is no description on the actual individual packs what's inside and both I opened had a nose strip. I'm miffed about that since I bought them precisely because I wanted all three types of patches and Balea Young has them individually. There are six patches inside, which if I remember correctly is twice as much as in Balea Young, but the price difference is only a euro. I do not find these are effective as Balea Young. They do pull out the blackheads, but not as many. So far I've only used them once (I cut one into two parts for the chin and forehead) and I didn't feel the strips properly dried (I was in a steamy bathroom), so that could be the reason why the didn't work as well.
DM, 2.99 €

*JORDANA Made to Last Liquid Eyeshadow
04 Uphold Gold
This is a very liquid eyeshadow that comes in a doe foot design tube. There is a lot of product on the applicator and I wish that the stopper would a be bit smaller because without wiping the product off, you can't apply this directly to the lids or use the applicator to semi-blend it. I tend to apply a dot of the product on the lids and spread it with fingers. First layer is a bit sheer, but very, very shimmery - these are by far the most shimmery eyeshadows I own. You should wait a bit before applying the second layer and then you get a properly metallic finish, but the shimmer is still the main focus and it looks very glamorous, so I wouldn't wear these for every day. Once it sets, it doesn't budge and it lasts pretty much all day on my normal lids, though the colour can start gathering around the big shimmer particles, but it's still very decent. My shade 04 Uphold Gold is a coppery gold brown, a very warm shade with a ton of gold shimmer and granted a shade I wouldn't pick myself, since these type of shades tend to look a bit orangey on me, but it'll be perfect on darker skin tones.
Review in Slovene with swatches and product shown on my face here.
Click2Chic, 5.81 €

*JORDANA Blush Powder
45 Apple Cheeks
I read about these when I was researching Jordana's products and these have a very high rating. I got one of the darkest shades and boy is it pigmented! I apply the tinniest amount on my cheek, taking a lot of the product off on the back of hand so I don't over apply and I get the cutest warm pink "Snow White" flush on the cheeks. It blends ok despite the strong pigmentation providing of course the base it's wet or tacky and it really gives me that very believable flush. Cute product.
Review in Slovene with swatches and product shown on my face here.
Click2Chic, 3.79 €

*JORDANA Sweet Matte Liquid Lip Colour
06 Cherry Cobbler
Yay, a new matte lip cream! This one is very deceiving because it looks a simple warm red in the tube, but on the lips it's a bright, hot red that demands attention. It's similar to Milani's in terms of finish and it takes mere second to set to a perfect matte look. After that is doesn't transfer one bit. It does feel like a layer, just like Milani's, so for some it will feel drying, but it's fine to me. It's slightly thicker than most lip creams I tried and it's also a touch sheer, which means that the first coat is an even pinker shade, while the second makes it redder and warmer. Staying power is amazing and you worry more about how you're going to take it off (though this happens at a lot of these types of pink).
Review in Slovene with swatches and product shown on my face here.
Click2Chic, 5.00 €

BALEA Rasier Gel
Coconut Kiss
I think this is quite new, at least I've seen it for the first time. Currently I have the grapefruit version, which has a nice, kind of bitter, refreshing scent. Coconut Kiss is slightly different than the rest. The gel is a clear "pee yellow" shade, but it transforms into the usual foam, yet I think it's slightly thinner than usually. The scent is a bit disappointing. It's a very fake coconut scent, a bit plastic and not sweet. Not my favourite edition to be honest.
DM, 1.99 €

AVON Bubble Bath
Juicy Mango
So many people rate Avon's bubble baths very highly and I always planned to getting one, but their ordering system irks me. I scored this bottle of Salma in a scent that I assumed will me most to my taste, since I love tropical fragrances. The scent is more on the boring side because it's a soapy mango instead of a juicy or candy mango, plus once it's in the bath, it's not really noticeable. Reviews promised mountains of bubbles, but I poured a quarter of a bottle and the effects were kind of underwhelming. There were bubbles, maybe about 10 cm thick cover of them, but that's not a mountain of bubbles. In fact, those Lidl/Hoffer baths produce more of them. I expected more considering the raves.
Salma, 2.90 €

SILISS Depilating wax with no strips
I kind of swore myself I'll won't buy these types of products because they aren't effective enough. I've only tried one so far from Nair that I also got in Leclerc and it's a complicated thing to use and as I said in that review it only removes half of the hair, but it's almost painless. It's a wax that doesn't require any strips, instead you warm it up in a microwave, apply it on the skin, it hardens in seconds and you pull it off, which is so satisfying because it's like those nose strips. Ridiculous I know. This one again only did half of the job and it had a really strong, plastic scent. I used up 3/4 of the pot for both shins and I still had to finish the job with the epilator. Too expensive considering the results. This is a brand I've only seen in Leclerc and for some reason the only useful instructions were in French. Luckily I understood enough, but still, this is EU, there should be ones in Slovene.

E.Leclerc, 6.70 €

*James Bond 007 for Women Body Lotion (Eon Productions)
A few weeks ago, I got one of the strangest parcels so far. It contained a proper cocktail shaker with the recipe for Bond's martini in the back of the box, but what important for this post is what was inside the shaker - a mini body lotion that was launched alongside the new James Bond fragrance. I tried the fragrance in the shop before I got this and it was the gorgeous bottle that got me. I liked it, but not enough to want to buy it, though that bottle could sway me to purchase if there was a nice discount. It's what I consider a sexy scent - fruity, sweet, but deeper, peppery, vanillary and more of a night time fragrance. The only similar scent I know of is Cacharel Amor Amor which is a similar mix of berries and vanilla. The body lotion is light and has a very intense scent, so can easily be a replacement for a fragrance and it will prolong the scent of the proper fragrance when layered over it.
Notes of the fragrance:
Top: pink pepper, pink freesia, raspberry and pink champagne.
Heart: blackberry, gardenia, pink oleander and black baccarat rose
Base: musk, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and leather.

*NAOMI CAMPBELL Bohemian Garden
Generic, fancy shampoo or shower gel scent, mostly due to the jasmine note, so best words to describe it are floral, creamy and woody. It smells old school and it's more of a scent you might encounter on someone older. Likeable in a very classic way, but nothing exciting or innovative.
Top: lemon, green pear and peach blossom
Heart: jasmine, lily of the valley, cotton flower, orange blossom and elegant rose
Base: musk, vanilla, green moss, sandalwood and cedar

This is the necklace in the picture with the Jordana liquid lipstick above. I usually don't accept PR products that aren't beauty related and I didn't agree to making a post about it, merely to very loose terms because I hate this kind of "advertisement" that I'm doing now, but when they first send the necklace it got lost and they really made sure I still got it by sending me another, so due to that great customer service, I felt it deserves a proper place here. I choose quite a simple, more dainty piece for a statement necklace, as I've been wanting an arrow necklace for quite some time, though two more pieces still haunt me why I didn't pick them, 1 & 2 because they look awesome. The arrow necklace is a bit long for my neck and it ends lower than on my picture, but I'm very petite.

Happiness Boutique, 14.90 €

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni so pa ti Balea obliži res najboljši (po zmerni ceni). Pa čist na trdo se mi posušijo na nosu. Sicer pa nisem preizkušala kje drugje na obrazu.

    1. Mislim, da sem naredila narobe, ker sem jih uporabila ta čas ko sem se kopala in se niso čisto posušili. Bom drugič preizkusila drugače :)

  2. Odgovori
    1. The have a new one that's completely rose gold, which I also find intriguing :)

  3. Hi Mateja!
    Wow the Zoeva set looks amazing (except for the price tag!). God, why they have to be so expensive?

    I too tried waxing with the Nair product, and it doesn't completely remove everything. What kind of epilator do use? Lately I've been thinking about buying one by Braun, but I'm afraid it's going to be more painful than waxing!

    Have a nice day!

    1. Yeah, the price tag is crazy. I know so many people say these are actually quite cheap if you look at the price per brush, but it's still a lot of money to pay at once. That's why I delayed purchasing these for so long.

      Both Nair and Siliss failed at their task :/ And the hair wasn't even short when I used it. I have Braun Silk Epil Xelle Epilator that I bought over 8 years ago, but it still works like new. I wrote about it here
      Well, it's definitely more painful than waxing. I have a high threshold hold for pain, so to me it feels like a lot of pins are prickling my skin and it's tolerable, but I gave it to other people to try and they couldn't take it for a second. It's all about how much you can handle pain.

    2. Same here! The only method that have worked for me until now it's waxing using one of those professional roll on kits (I bought one on ebay for 15 euros). But it's takes at least an hour for both legs, and everything is so sticky at the end of the session!

      Argh, being such a crybaby it doesn't look like a good idea, ahah! But if standing some pain it's going to give me a good epilation, well I'm ready! Furthermore some of this models seems that they can be used under the shower, and this should help!

    3. Waxing never worked for me, as it never removed all of the hair. Epilator does the best job, though I still have to pull a few stray hairs with tweezers. But epilator also takes 45 min.

      I'd give a try if I were you. Maybe you can get used to the pain :) I don't think it's that terrible. I kind of have my doubts about those that can be used under shower, since the hair needs to be dry that the pincers can really grab them.

  4. Pa je končno čokolada našla tvoj naslov :D. Jaz sem tudi dobila ta MR čopič in je res fajn mehak. Samo ni mi ravno crease brush, za to bi moral biti mehkejši kot Zoeva 231 (oziroma bolj fluffy). Dobri čopiči res lahko popolnoma spremenijo makeup in čeprav sovražim Zoevino cenovno politiko, je večina čopičev res odličnih.

    Baje je Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule dupe za EL:

    Je pa seveda veliko cenejši :).

    Avon Bubble Bath pa res hitro izgine, ampak na začetku je meni kar veliko mehurčkov. No ali pa nisem nikoli nič boljšega preizkusila in mi je že to veliko :D

    1. Jaa :D Jaz imam pa raje bolj goste crease čopiče, ker drugače se mi zdi, da nič barve ne nanesejo, ampak tale od Zoeve 231 je pa sveta popolnost <3 Res, to kar delajo s cenami je šokantno in ne fer :/

      Tale serum je pa zanimiv :) Čeprav sestavine se pa dosti razlikujejo.

      Pri meni se ni naredilo nekaj ekstra veliko mehurčkov. Mogoče sem razvajena, ker so sem bila otrok smo imeli tiste cheap no-name kopeli, ki so do roba napolnile banjo z mehurčki. S to Avonovo se ne da, razen, če bi mogoče zlila celo flašo not.

  5. The photography on your blog always makes me so happy omgosh

    The chocolate eyeshadow palette looks right up my street, but I have FAR too many eyeshadow palettes at the moment! I could really do with having a clear out and then invest in some new ones that I prefer!

    Hannah | Whoops It's Hannah

    1. Oh, thank you <3 <3

      If you're more used to high-end eyeshadows, you might feel a bit disappointed by this palette, though all the colours are so pretty and wearable :) I've recently done a clear out and kept only the things I like using :)

  6. Informative post.. thanks for sharing.