Essence Colour Up! Shine On! Lipstick 10 Rosey Glitz

sreda, april 04, 2018

Unlike the lipliner I reviewed a couple of days ago, Essence did nothing to improve the formula of their shine lipsticks. These are still almost exactly the same as their first lipsticks they had from the beginning (the silver tube if you remember, then the colour ones and I think these were the previous ones unless I missed something in between), so this is nothing new.

Texture: These are soft, comfortable and sheer, so lipsticks for those who don't like lipsticks and are more of a lip gloss and lip balm fans. The colour can be build up to semi-sheer, but not opaque and the more you apply it, the less it's going to stay in one place. The finish is creamy glossy, but the shine starts disappearing fast, so you end up with a creamy stain. It feels like a lip balm on the lips and it's very comfortable, so great for dry lips.

Colour: My shade is 10 Rosey glitz which looks deep reddish brown in the tube and on the lips it's a very sheer version of the shade. It's an easy to wear colour and would fit so many.

Staying power: Like the previous versions this has quite a poor staying power. My mom calls them "15 minute lipsticks" and has asked me never to unload one of these on her again (she gets BeYu, Deborah and L.O.V. now). But essentially it's the same as a lip gloss and if you're used to reapplying those you won't mind reapplying this either.

Scent: It has a warm vanillary scent, which I think it's the same as in the previous version.

Packaging: The new tube now has a more rounded hourglass shape and it's still made from cheaper plastic than others, but it functions fine. The colour of the cap corresponds to the colour of the lipstick.

Price and availability: These cost 2.49 € in the drugstores. 

This is nothing more than the repackaged creamy/glossy lipstick that Essence always made, but if you liked the previous versions, you'll like these ones too. I'm not sure what the shades are like, but hopefully they at least eliminated the frosty/shimmery shades and stuck to an all-creamy line. They are basically like tinted lip balms or a bit better, meaning it's still a comfortable, shiny formula that lacks staying power.

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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  1. Kot začetnici so mi bile te kremne, bleščičaste, nič posebnega, Essence šminke super, zdaj me pa sploh ne ganejo več. Hvala za ta review, je to ena linija šmink manj, ki me zanima ;)

    1. Tudi jaz sem jih kupila nekaj precej let nazaj ko so bili še edini s poceni šminkami, ampak zdaj je pa premočna konkurenca in kot praviš me isto ne ganejo več.

  2. That colour looks great on you, though! I don't get why the whole changing the line thing when it's essentially the same lipstick, and it's not like the new packaging is much classier? lol

    1. Thank you :) I like the colour, it's very wearable, but it doesn't last long on the lips. This changing of packaging by Essence reminds me of that James Franco meme "same, but different, but still same" :)

  3. Oh I so prefer these ones to the other ones they had because the scent is quite more pleasing to me. And I found two colours that suit me which wasn't impossible for me to find in the old range, I also found that the older ones were more streaky and patchy within application. But yeah, you are absolutely right: only for lip gloss and lip balm fans :)

    1. I haven't noticed the scent much, but I believe you :) If only they improved the staying power this time. I didn't really check much the other shades, but Rosey Glitz is the shade I'd mostly likely pick myself :)