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sreda, september 23, 2015

ESSENCE I Love Extremes Volume Mascara Waterproof
I was very impressed by the Lash Mania waterproof mascara that I bought a couple of months ago, but just as I found my favourite drugstore mascara, Essence discontinued it. This one appears to be a sort of a replacement for that one and I just had to try it. I loved the volumising effect of the non-waterproof version, but my lashes do not hold a curl with a normal formula, so I'm delighted they came out with a waterproof version. I flipping love this mascara! It gives tons of volume, doesn't clump up the lashes even though it's new, it gives tons of length, holds the curl all day, doesn't flake or smudge - it's near perfect. 
DM, 2.99 €

CATRICE Nail Lacquer 
18 Bloody Mary To Go
I had an idea for a reds inspired post and I when I went through my stash for the products, I realised I don't even have the most classic, cool toned red nail polish. I never even had one. I have Essie's Really Red, but that one is already brighter and warmer. I compared a ton of nail polishes that looked almost the same, but I choose this one because that's what others picked from the ones I showed them and I'm quoting the reason :"Because that bottle looks the biggest". Classic. I had this nail polish on my wishlist eons ago, but for the longest time I was sure it was discontinued. I guess it's back on popular demand. It's a lovely classic red with a good formula. I'll can see myself wearing it loads. 
DM, 2.59 €

EBELINE Concealer Ei 
Concealer Eggs
These were so darn cute, so I really wanted to have them, but I did ask around before if they are any good. Even dry, these are very soft and bouncy, way more than any sponge I tried. I like the size of these because I just feel that all those big sponges are too much for my small face even if they have a pointy tip. They expand to about 30%, fit perfectly and blend well enough, but I've never been a huge fan of sponges anyway. They drink up some of the concealer and foundation, but it's not that bad. I like this for the finishing touches as it creates a much more natural look, which comes handy at high coverage stuff. They wash ok, I use regular bar soap as with everything, though it's hard to get them completely clean. 
DM, 2.95 €

MAC Lipstick Samples
Diva, Rebel, D is for Danger, All Fired Up and Patisserie
Boy have these become expensive! I have tons of them already, but I haven't ordered any new ones for a really long time. At first because they switched to pots instead of tubes and then because the prices grew. But they had 40 % off and the prices were finally a lot more reasonable. I got a deep vampy red Diva, the purple Rebel, the perfect red-purple D is for Danger, the warm pink All Fired Up and the classic "wedding" nude Patisserie. I really wanted Brave, but apparently they don't sell it. I was most looking forward to Rebel because I hoped it's the perfect warm purple, but as I suspected it's very violet purple on me, however D for Danger turned out to be all that I ever wanted. All Fired Up is amazing as well. I'll post a proper review post, but you can see swatches on my hand here with D for Danger on the lips and here are the two previous posts of these TBN samples: 1 & 2
The Body Needs, $4.99 in a tube

MAYBELLINE The Eraser Concealer
03 Fair
Thanks to Petra (Adjusting Beauty) I got a back-up of my favourite concealer. I just properly reviewed it a couple of weeks ago after nattering about it relentlessly for three or four years and this is actually my fourth or fifth tube. For those who haven't read any of my dozens of posts where I mentioned this - it's a medium coverage concealer that looks incredibly natural on the skin and has a sponge that does most of the blending for you already. 
DM Austria, 10.45 € (one of my readers tells me that it's a lot cheaper in Italy, where it's 8.5 €)

In the spirit of buying back-ups, I got another one of these, which I once described as my ultimate "über dry hair fixer". It's a very, very rich pre-wash treatment that transforms my dry mop into decent hair. Wonderful stuff. 
E.Leclerc, 6 €

AUSSIE 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor
I saw this on some German girl's Instagram and I never dreamed this will be sold here. But it is! I'm still astonished. I didn't hesitate before putting it in my basket, especially since we ran out of our "household serum/oil", but I of course checked the ingredients first. It's a classic silicone serum with oils, just like Moroccaoil, Orofluido and others. First two ingredients are silicones, which are then followed by fragrance (not the best thing), jojoba, avocado and macadamia oil. It doesn't smell typically Aussie, but it's a sweet fragrance that it reminds me of a mix of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with a bit of bubble gum. The formula is light, similar to Kerastase Elixir Ultime, so it should work for most hair types, but don't expect extra special nourishment. It's pretty basic as far as serums go, but nice. I've used it on both dry and wet hair, and so far I like it. It's not Orofluido, but decent, especially for the price and I like it way more than Garnier's. The packaging has a handy pump, however, the cap won't stay on for some reason.
Műller, 8.99 € (100 ml)

NIVEA  3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water
I heard tons of good things about this, but also some bad, anyway it had a nice discount, so I decided to try it. I've tried a lot of drugstore micellar waters and this one didn't blow me away. It doesn't stand out in any way. It again feels like water, doesn't have a scent and it removes non-waterproof makeup ok enough, but mascaras seem to be an issue with this. Some say this is the best drugstore version micellar water they tried, but to me it's just one more on the market. It takes three cotton pads for my face to be clean of makeup and that's average. I kind regret not buying the Green Line one or just finally getting Bioderma again.
DM, 3.99 €

*FREEDOM MAKEUP Pro 32 Jewels and Riches Collection Eyeshadow Palette
When it comes to Makeup Revolution and MUA, I don't really follow current events, even though I follow them on all social media, so I missed this launch as usual. Freedom Makeup is apparently a sister brand to both of these and I have to say that my eyes nearly rolled out of my scull because, I mean come on, it looks exactly the same as MR. The quality is the same as is the packaging, so what is the point of creating yet another brand, but just calling it professional. Rant over, I know I'm a super grumpy annoying person, but this palette is basically any MR palette, which means that the quality of eyeshadows varies, but they are mostly nicely pigmented and soft, the matte eyeshadows can be a bit chalky, but I've tried far worse. The range of eyeshadows is good, though that's not so hard to do when you have 32 places to fill. You get some nice neutrals and some bold shades. For the price this is a pretty decent palette and I've been using it quite a lot, which I didn't expect to.
Lič, 10.95 €

*FREEDOM MAKEUP Pro Blush Palette 
Pink and Baked
My first ever blush palette and the first time I've tried these "cheapy" blushes. Again the quality varies, but all in all, these are not bad at all. Some are very creamy and pigmented, like the bottom left (peachy-pink) and bottom two right ones (peach and plum-pink), but the second on the left (fuchsia) is the most disappointing as it's the lightest on the skin. The highlighter is waaaay too shiny and I think that even the most hard-core glow lovers will find this only appropriate for a sci-fi cosplay. I swatched all the shades here
Lič, 8.95 €

Pro Red 108 Expression
I'm still not impressed by these cheap lipsticks. This one swatches quite sheer and surprisingly pink, but on the lips is a cool toned red. It needs a few layers for full coverage, which is not a big deal and it's more on the glossy side. It's nice if you want to try a cheap red for the first time, but reds enthusiasts will find it's not the best. 
Lič, 1.95 €

 *BORN PRETTY Bottom Eyelash Mascara
I wasn't planning on getting anything from BP, but when I saw this, I just so wanted to try it. Clinique's version is so expensive and I always manage to mess up my lower lashes with all those clumsy huge wands (is it just me, or are they getting bigger with each new launch), so I'm glad a cheaper version exists, though this one isn't super cheap if we're honest. The brush is indeed super tiny and it catches every lash. It doesn't deposit a lot of product, but it's more of a mascara that adds colour, so the lashes stand out more. It claims it's waterproof, but my test revealed otherwise. It wasn't running, but it also wasn't completely clean under the eyes. I've been using it daily, since I got it, but I don't consider it as an essential item. I adore the polka dot packaging, it's so cute.
Born Pretty, $7.15 (currently 4.99 $)

*SAPPHIRE 8 in 1 Complete Curling Wand
I never except anything so expensive for a review, let alone a product from outside of EU due to insane custom changes (I had to pay 40 €!), I've actually written so many rejection e-mails that I have a pre-written form, but I was sooo excited about this curling wand. It has eight different barrels, so it's super versatile and it's a huge step up from my old Remington curler. I've been using it for the past 3-4 weeks and I reached a point where I'm basically completely in love with it. I hate to say that about a product that is so flipping expensive, but I do and I feel stupid for not having something similar before, but to be fair you can't get anything like in Slovenia (I think). It shows in real time the wand is heating up (it can be set to both °F and °C) and it's so much lighter than my Remington, plus there is no annoying clamp (such a useless thing). The temperatures can be set as well, from 180° to 210°, I use 200° as always and my curls last for days (proof here, last day of these same curls is here). Even though it's an US product, it has dual voltage, so you can use it in the EU, but you'll either need an adapter or like I did, change the plug.
I've made a big deal out of the review, even going as far to show you the results of five barrels, so if you're interested make sure you don't miss it. As another preview, here I used the pearl and the 3.8 cm one and here are third day curls with the spiral one on the first look, but it isn't my favourite and again the 3.8 cm on the last look: 

Life Update
From September you can read me on another blog because I became a blogger for a Slovene online shop Click2Chic. I write in Slovene there, but you can still check out the pictures. I'll get a lot a products to swatch plus do a short basic review of, and it's a completely separate thing from my blog, so I'm not paid for posting here, but I'm allowed to post about them here if I choose to. I've been holding back this past months and didn't include anything from my job here, which was so hard as I actually love a few products, but I don't want it to look like I'm being sponsored by them and I want you to understand that they have zero influence over what I post here. I was thinking of doing these kinds of New Ins and posting reviews of only the things that I loved or just feel that you'd be interested in. But if you don't want me talking about those products here, I won't do it and reviews in Slovene will be on that blog anyway. Just please let me know what you think about this in the comments. It's important to me that we keep our trust. You can check what brands they have here, but they sell stuff like Milani, Physicians Formula, Revlon, BH Cosmetics, Models Own,…  so that's what you can expect from future reviews. These next things are all from C2C, but next time I don't plan to talk about every single thing I get. 
By the way, I don't post just reviews there, but also "Pinterest inspired" tips, such as this post about concealers, which I just so enjoyed making. However, not all posts there are mine. 

I actually already have one of these that I bought myself a while ago and I post it quite regularly where I want the picture to look pretty. I wasn't happy with the pigmentation from the start, but once the top layer is gone, it gets a lot better (you'll see it on my cheeks, how pigmented it is now). The flush it gives is a classic warm pink, so that I-just-came-from-the-cold one and gives you those cute cheeks. Apparently it has a: "Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress." *rolls eyes*  I trust you're smart enough not to fall for this, though admittedly it does make me happy when I look at this gorgeous beauty. I remember it had a floral scent, but it's all gone now (I didn't open the new one). It has an added compartment under the blush that hides a handy mirror and a brush - You'll see this is a recurring thing in PH blushes and it's a brilliant idea, though the brushes aren't the best. My packaging is still broken and the blush part just flaps around, which is super annoying, but I saw on the Argan bronzer, which has the same type of packaging that there the closing mechanism works, so it must just be my Booster that’s broken. 
Click2Chic, 15.90 €

*PHYSICIANS FORMULA Super BB All-in-1 Cheek & Lip Beauty Balm
Berry Pink
They made an EOS inspired sphere blush in lip colour - not bad. Again this one promises all sorts of things apart from making you coffee in the morning, but all the exaggerating aside, it's medium neutral pink cream blush. I'm reluctant to call it a lipstick, not because it doesn't work, but as usually when they try to do both, as a lip colour it ends up a bit drying. The colour is pretty, girly and a light almost Barbie pink on the lips that is semi-transparent, but I'd use a chapstick under it. On the cheeks in performs better and creates those bubble gum pink cheeks. The sphere packaging is so cute and great for travelling. 
Click2Chic, 8.91 €

*PHYSICIANS FORMULA Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush
Sweet Jesus lawd, this is so gorgeous in person! I was actually going to order something from Nude Wear myself just because those things are so pretty and then I got the news, I'll be testing this out, but I had no idea it's actually so well made. The packaging is beige faux leather in inside it's a pink satin, while on the other side it's again a nicely sized mirror and a brush. And the final touch - a rose gold bow. The definition of perfect packaging people. The blush itself is made out of fours shades, two are warm and two are cool, there is a silver overspray on the letters, but it goes away with one as and the letters disappears soon as well. The texture of this blush is medium soft, but I'm still at the top layer. The colours are all light and mixed together create a cool toned, almost violet-pink shade that's more on the sheer side, but shows up well on my porcelain complexion. If you like blushes like Essence's Adorable, which is more for people who are scared of wearing too much or are very pale, this will work for you. 
Click2Chic, 15.90 €

*PHYSICIANS FORMULA Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil
This is 100 % argan oil and that's basically it. I've used argan oil before in my skincare and it saved my skin when I had the worst case of dryness in my life (my cheeks were rough like sandpaper). I also used it on my hair as a pre-wash treatment as it's great for really dry hair. Basically you can use it almost everywhere. The packaging has a dropper with which you can precisely administer the desired amount. I guess the selling point of this exact one would be that it's completely scent free, which is the first such oil I've tried, since argan oil does not have the most pleasant scent. 
Click2Chic, 19.90 €

*PHYSICIANS FORMULA Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer
Light Bronzer
A bronzer that's infused with argan oil and is just stunning to look at. It is a mix of three tan colours and the gold glitter bits are again just an overspray. It has a very strong oriental scent that I could smell even before I unwrapped it, but I really like it as I just love scented stuff, however, if you don't like scented makeup, this really isn't for you. It doesn't smell on the face, just in the packaging. The texture is a lot softer than at Happy Booster and Nude wear, I'd almost describe it as buttery, which also means that the pattern will be quickly worn off. I was really concerned about this one because it swatches golden yellow with a sheen and from the start with huge gold glitter particles due to the overspray. Yup, totally unexpected. But it actually works one me, well at least once the huge glitter chunks are gone. I don't know what kind of sorcery this is, but I think I really like it, not as much as my Estee Lauder one, but considering I hate most bronzers, liking this one is surprising. However, I have strong doubts this would work on many people because for one, it's very light for a bronzer, it's also shimmery-glowy and it's very yellow toned. Maybe people with darker skin tones could use it as a highlighter. 
Click2Chic, 17.90 €

 *PHYSICIANS FORMULA Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush
This looks a thousand times better in really life than in any picture I've seen. The packaging is on point - red satin covered with black fishnets, it's just perfect burlesque-inspired box. It never convinced me when I was looking online, but now that I've seen it in person, it'd be my first choice also because of the shade, not just the packaging as at Nude Wear. The blush is a mix of two shades - a shimmery pinky-peachy colour and a shimmery hot pink that is in the centre (it's not just an overspray). It's my favourite product in this Physicians bunch because it has the glow and I mean a proper one, not like Max Factor's Lavish Mauve, but the real deal, like Benefit's Coralista. It actually showed up on my pictures, which is unheard of. The fine shimmer in it is ice gold colour, so it doesn't end up looking too cool or too gold. It's lightly scented of vanilla and it again has a mirror plus a brush in the back. 
Click2Chic, 15.90 €

*PHYSICIANS FORMULA Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara
This is without a doubt the most gorgeous packaging of a mascara I've owned. It's similar to Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks as both have lace details, but not in other respects. It has one of those big plastic brushes, like Max Factor's False Lash Effect and Cover Girl Lash Blast and surprisingly I like it more that the Instant Lash Extension kit below. It's not waterproof, so it doesn't hold a curl on me, but that's not important to you, however, it creates a lot of volume for such a mascara, especially considering it's new. The first coat is a bit shy, but the second and third give you nice voluminous lashes. If you like mascaras such a MF False Lash Effect (original), you'll like this as well.
Click2Chic, 14,90 €

*PHYSICIANS FORMULA Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit
Hmm… this is a mascara that I feel needs a very long review with every aspect explained in detail because it's a bloody hard mascara to use. I've had fibre mascaras, but this is nothing like I've tried before. The fibres actually come separate and they are dry, so it is vital that you first apply a thick and wet coat of mascara, then quickly apply the fibres so they stick to the lashes and then seal them with another coat of mascara. Using this mascara has been a trial and error, I've got a horrendous result and I got a nice one, basically it's a mascara that you have to learn to use. I read reviews about it and they are very polarised, but it seems to me that mostly girls with short, stubbly lashes like this and I get why. To get the important question out of the way - does it work? Yes, it does, you get a lot of fibres on there, but if you're not very careful you'll get clumpy, spidery lashes. You are applying something a lot more substantial than just mascara, plus a very wet, thick mascara on which the fibres stick, so it can get messy. I’d also suggest you stick to just one coat of fibres, I did two once and it was just like spiders are crawling out of my eyes. So don't do that, I do stupid things like that, so you don't have to. The fibres go everywhere if they don't stick on a wet enough coat of mascara and they can get in the eye, which isn't terribly pleasant (contact wearers don't use this. I made this mistake just once in my life). But once you master the application, you get some nice results. The formula also promises to make your lashes longer and fuller in time. 
Click2Chic, 23.90 € 

 *ESSENCE Sheer & Shine Lipsticks
01 My First Love, 04 Hidden Secret and 07 Sparkling Miracle 
Essence discontinued their original line of lipsticks which have been around since the beginning and upgraded them to these. As the name suggests they are sheer and with a shiny finish, so they are those lip balm/lipstick-lip gloss hybrids and I think they are better than the one before, which didn't really set the bar that high. I got three shades: 01 is super nude when you build it up and I'm just not feeling it on me, concealer nude years are thankfully gone. 07 is the darkest and it's a cool toned fuchsia that I also don't dig on me, but 04 is such a flattering nude. It looks ugly brown in the tube and I'd never pick it up, but on the lips it looks pretty and a great office/school/everyday shade. They again don't last long on the lips. 
Click2Chic, 2.20 €

*ESSENCE Liquid Lipstick
04 Show Off!
Essence's version of those liquid lipstick-lipgloss hybrids. They are the thickest version I've tried, but luckily not sticky, they are very pigmented and have a high shine finish. The shade is a pretty bright coral-red. I don't like it as much as L'Oreal's because those are sooo comfortable to wear, but these definitely pack a punch and they are of course a third or fourth of the price, so go for it if you want.
Click2Chic, 2.79 €

*REVLON Matte Balm
255 Enchanting
I'm actually not supposed to talk about this yet, but it's coming soon on the virtual shelves of Click2Chic. I already have Unapologetic and I love the formula of these. This is one of the brand new shades for Fall 2015 and if you'd like I can post a review of it here once it's posted on the other blog. 
Click2Chic, 10.89 €

*REVLON Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine
You might have seen the adverts for this already, but it's a primer in form of a balm. They decided to put it in a compact, so it's easier to carry with you for any touch ups, which is not a bad idea, except that's you'll be applying it over existing makeup, but since it's clear it should be fine. It promises to reduce pores, combat shine and prolong makeup. It's very light and feels very silicone-y, so creates that velvety layer on the skin and it mattifies very well, that's a plus, but does only a half of the job of disguising pores (compared to Infallible foundation), though the foundation does look better over it. So far I like it, but I don't think it'll knock my trusted Max Factor off its throne, however, people with oily skin will probably prefer the Revlon one.
Click2Chic, 13.59 €

*REVLON Photoready Kajal
350 Matte Expresso
I'm really digging this pencil. It's soft, it transfers well on the waterline, it's not harsh at all when you're drawing with it on the eyes and can be easily smudged if you want to. The staying power is insane. I applied it at 11 am in the waterline and checked again at 11 pm and it was still there. You don't want to know when took my makeup off and I went to sleep, but it was still hanging in the waterline. I'd say less than a half was gone, but from far away the effect was still the same, so pretty damn good. The colour is a deep cool toned brown that is a great alternative to black. 
I think this is also new and not yet on the virtual shelves of Click2Chic.

*LIP SMACKER Disney Frozen
Elsa (Cool Vanilla Mint) and Sven (Berry Slush)
I actually had my eye on these for a while because they are so adorable and Elsa was the one I wanted most and the second was Olaf because it supposedly smells like Coconut Slushy, but I'm happy I got Sven nonetheless because Berry Slush sounded great as well. Elsa smells to me like coffee and there is not a trace of mint or vanilla (I really don't like coffee), while Sven smells fruity, like cherry-berry candy and it's mint green which makes me happy. The formula is classic for Lip Smackers, so soft and not as waxy as Labello/Nivea. I get why these are so popular in the USA.
Other scents/tastes: Elsa & Anna (Chilled Cranberry Grape), Anna (Strawberry Shake) and Kristoff (Ice Pop). You can get all in a box or individually.
Click2Chic, škatlica 9.99 €, posamezni (druge verzije) 2.49 €

*DEBORAH Smalto Gel Effect
49, 52, 54 and 58
These are new colours and you may remember how much I adore shade 01. It's the same gel formula that is just so nice to apply. I got four shades to swatch:
49 Peonia Pink is a pastel Barbie/bubble gum pink. Formula isn't as good as at the rest, but good enough considering it's a pastel.
52 Starlette Violet is a Milka chocolate violet. It's a one coater with a very smooth formula.
54 Amaranto is a muted red-vine colour with a retro feel. Needs two coats or even just one if you're lucky on some nails.
58 Delhi Curry is an olive green. Needs two coats. 
I don’t' have a single colour that would be similar to any of these. Essence's Forgive me comes kind of close to 49, but it's a warm pink.
Click2Chic, 5,75 €

Some of you might know of my love for L'Occitane Angelica face cream, but my skin has been enjoying this one just as well. It contains monoi oil, which is basically just coconut oil that had monoi flowers soaking in it for a month, so if you find that coconut oil is blocking your pores, this won't be for you. But my skin loves coconut oil, I use it as makeup remover and it makes my skin look so good. This cream does the same thing. It's quite thick or maybe I should say medium consistency, it takes longer to sink it that L'Occitane's and it also doesn't have silicones as that one, but it still works well under foundation. It has this lovely, indescribable scent that reminds me of Yves Rocher skincare. Does it make my skin smooth? Well, I don't have any dry patches and no spots, so yeah my skin is smooth. I've been using it for over a month now and my skin is in a really nice state, so I kind of really like this.
It's made by the same company as Yummy, so some German company and I don't know where else you can get this. 
Click2Chic, 12 € 
Review (includes ingredients)

*THE SCENT MANUFACTURE Extra Nourishing Body Lotions
Vampire Saga, Cashmere Sensation, Madagascar's Treasure and In Love
These look way more expensive that they are, but they are scented body lotions. They're not lotions in a true sense of the word because they are thankfully thicker and remind me of body creams. Each has a different scent ranging from teenage-y sweet to oriental, so it's a very diverse mix.
Vampire Saga looks like it'll smell the strongest and deep, but surprisingly it smells like candy. Blueberry candy that is, so it ends up smelling similar to Britney Spears's Midnight Fantasy and Escada's Moon Sparkle. If you like Tigi's scents, you'll like this.
Cashmere Sensation is the strongest and deepest scent out of these. It smells like a mix of Sariko shops (oriental spicy) and a nice fabric softener. It's a lot more spicy from the bottle, but on the skin it smells more powdery. It really reminds me of Avon's Herve Leger Femme once it settles. It's so strong I can easily wear it as a fragrance.
Madagascar's Treasure smells like vanilla dessert and caramel sweets. It's good enough to eat.
In Love is the most generic smelling out of these, but still pretty. It smells floral and fresh, there is a hint of fruitiness as well. 
It's another brand made by CPEurope, that German company and I have no idea who else sells these.
Click2Chic, 4.99 € 

This promises to reduce frizz, but it's too light for my hair. My hair was screaming for moisture on the second day, so it's far better suited for hair that is less dry than mine or even greasy hair. It smells divine, tropically sweet like pineapple and coconut, but not in a pina colada way. They do have an oil in this line, which I think would work way better for me because it has jojoba oil on the second place among ingredients, but the conditioner wasn't enough for me.
Click2Chic, 8.95 € 

*BEAUTY & CHIC Hair Line
Colour, Repair and Hydro Shampoos and Conditioners
Beauty & Chic is a new brand at Click2Chic, again created by CPE. There are three lines: for Coloured hair (pink), Repair (orange) and Hydro (blue). I was trying the Repair version and I really like the shampoo because I doesn't leave my hair dry, but it actually already nourishes the hair a bit. The conditioner wasn't for me though, because it's too light, but it should work for those who want some nourishment, but without heavy care.
Click2Chic, 5.90 €

Have a great day!

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    1. Imam ja :) Všeč mi je da so odločili zraven imet še blog kjer izdelek dejansko vidiš kako izgleda na nekomu :)

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    1. Skoraj tretjino stvari sem že imela pri zadnjem New In-u :D Ebeline gobice so bile na manjših stojalih tam kjer so razne kolekcije. Ne vem če so še, ampak v kakšen manj obiskanem DM-u jih boš zagotovo še našla :)

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  4. These MAC lipstick samples are great :) I have full size Diva in my stash and I'm planning on getting D for Danger :)

    1. I just wore Diva today :) Such a gorgeous autumnal shade. D for Danger is so worth it :)

  5. Mene ne moti, če boš tukaj objavljala ocene Click2Chic izdelkov, v bistvu to še pozdravljam, ker vem, da bodo tvoje ocene iskrene in zakaj ne bi delila navdušenja tudi s tujimi bralci. :D
    Za Freedom Makeup se pa popolnoma strinjam, moja prva misel, ko sem videla izdelke, je bila, da izgledajo isto kot MR. Res ne vem, zakaj še ena nova znamka s praktično istimi izdelki.
    Ebelinove mini gobice pa ste očitno vse kupile. :) Sama sem se odločila, da preskočim, ker bi zagotovo eno od teh nekje založila že prvi teden, kmalu pa ne bi več našla niti ene. :P
    Veselim se swatchev Deborah Milano lakov, izgledajo prečudovito. :)

    1. Super :) Tam itak delam krajše ocene, ker pač ne pašejo moji dolgi posti tam :D Vsaj meni se tako zdi. Te znamke, ki se dobijo tudi v tujini, bi res rada vključila tukaj, sploh za kakšne bolj priljubljene stvari :)

      Meni so MR, Freedom Makeup in MUA tako nekako znamke brez duše. Vse so enake (kot da so iz iste tovarne) in vse kar delajo je, da kopirajo druge bolj inovativne znamke. Catrice in Essence sta meni čisto drugo, imaš prav veselje vse raziskovat.

      Lej, jaz sem eno gobico danes že zgubila, tako da si verjetno naredila prav :D. Ampak so pa v redu za uporabljat.

      Swatche Deborah lakov imam pripravljene, sem včeraj že poslikala. Če te kateri zanima, ga dam lahko na Instagram, ker bom pravo objavo dala gor za Click2Chicom :)

    2. Nekako se mi zdi, da so te znamke nastale ravno z namenom, da bodo kopirale dražje znamke.

      Te redno spremljam tudi na Click2Chic blogu (valda moram prebrati tvoje mnenje), tako da če bo tam prej kot na tvojem blogu, bom tudi videla. :D

    3. Ja, meni tudi. Ampak a je res treba met sedemnajst enakih znamk, vsako s 522 enakih paletk?

      Yay :D Vse bo prej tam kot tukaj. Ne zato ker tako zahtevajo, ampak ker se mi zdi bolj fer. Izjeme so seveda New In-i :)

  6. jeaaa ebelin gobici sta meni tako fini, mehki, res sploh ne morem verjet, da so tako mehke, po mesecu dni uporabe še čisto super. Deborah lakci, same super barve, sploh rdeča:) Drgače pa same super stvari si nam predstavila:)

    1. Bolj mehkih gobic res še nisem preizkusila. Ampak sem pričakovala ravno obratno, tako da so me prijetno presenetili.
      Moram priznat, da mi odtenek 58 Cinnamon Suede ni niti malo všeč, ampak itak važno je da pokažem kako izgleda, imam pa trenutno gor tega rdečega in mi je krasen :)

  7. P.s čestitke za super službo:):) in saj veš, užiiiivajjjj v njej:)

  8. Ne bi bilo fer da še bralce bloga ne bi razvajala s svojimi ocenami izdelkov, ki jih prejmeš ;) Tako da kar!
    Upam, da boš še kakšen mat Revlon dobila, ker tvojim swatchem zaupam, drugače pa imam že eden ali dva odtenka ugledana :) Oh ja, potem bom kar pri Orofluidu ostala pa sem že mislila Aussie oljček preizkusit, ker imam Orofluida samo še za max. 5 uporab.. Nekje mora biti ugodna akcija, fast! :)

    1. Res je, sploh takih, ki so mi zelo všeč (Sexy Wear blush je too die for na ličkih) :)

      Ne vem če bom, ne izbiram jaz. A te kakšen zanima, lahko mogoče vprašam.

      Če imaš raje bolj gosta olja, potem Aussie ni zate. Je v redu za neko osnovno "nego" (za zgladit lase, no), ampak ni tako kot Orofluido, ki naredi malo več. Salmo kaj gledaš? Tam je ponavadi pogosto akcija, samo njihova poštnina me pa tako jezi.

    2. *si že delam seznamček za nakup!* ;)
      No, upam da dobijo še kakšen odtenek za nazaj, ki je v tujini pri nas pa kot ponavadi ne - slinim se nad Sultry odtenkom, od novih me pa Passionate in Fiery zanimata.
      Salmo neprestano čekiram, čakam na Kerastase akcijo, Orofluida pa priznam da nisem še gledala tam ampak bom. Vem, tudi mene pa bi verjetno pogosteje naročala tam če bi bila nižja :/ Tako pa 1x na vsake toliko za res velik nakup zberem in naročim.

    3. Sultry bi tudi jaz imela :) Vprašala sem vsaj za Unapologetic če bo pri nas, pa ne bo (še?). Ti so pa res tako krasni, da bi lahko imeli vse odtenke.

      Kérastase poglej na Look Fantastic, imajo še najbolj zmerne cene tudi brez popusta. Enkrat sem naročila na Salmi, pa ne vem če bom še dokler se ne umirijo s poštnino. Pa Paypal tud rabijo.

  9. Ufff sanjska služba :D
    Meni bi bilo samo too much toliko izdelkov ocenjevat :D Sploh če bi imela kaj datumsko omejeno.

    1. Si ne bi mislila, da lahko to delaš in to pri nas :D Res je fino.
      Je veliko dela, ker jaz hočem popolne slike in potem slikam ure (v soboto sem skoraj pet ur), kasneje pa še urejam, ampak meni je to všeč. Imam sistem, pa gre :)

  10. Waaaau, kak huda služba! :) Testiranje, pisanje o izdelkih. <3 Čestitke, si več kot zaslužiš! :)) In ja, tudi jaz bi z veseljem o teh izdelkih brala še tukaj. Sploh o Physicians formula izdelkih. *.*
    Drugače pa rabim tale odtenek Essence tekoče šminke, ful je lep. :) Imam že enega nude in sem kar zadovoljna - predvsem glede na ceno.

    1. Hvala <3 Bom Physicians dala tudi sem, ker je itak znamka, ki se dobi v tujini. Vidim, da je veliko zanimanja, pa embalaže so mi prelepe (sem si dala za ozadje na računalniku, lol).

      Show Off je res lep, je kot bolj živa verzija Diorjevega Magique. Bi pa imela še kakšen svetlejši odtenek :)

  11. Čestitke za službo :) Tvoje objave tam preberem prav tako rade kot te tukaj. Meni bi bilo super če bi njihove izdelke objavlala še tukaj.

    1. Hvala :) Super :) Raje vam vse razložim prej in vprašam, da ne bi prišlo kasneje do kakšnih problemov :)

  12. Tudi jaz se strinjam s tem, da bi bilo super, če bi še tukaj objavljala ocene C2C izdelkov. :D
    Za Essence maskaro in ebelinove gobice sem se odločala, če bi kupila in si me ti seveda spet prepričala, da kupim :P

    1. V redu, vidim da večine ne moti objavljanje teh stvari :) Maskara je super. Res. Sploh če imaš trmaste trepalnice. Nosim jo na sliki z gobicami in v objavi od Healthy Mix Serum ;) Gobice pa upam, da še kje najdeš. Sem jih kar malo pozno objavila.

  13. Dokler boš še pisala tako iskrene ocene kot do zdaj in omenila, ko kaj dobiš v oceno, ne vidim zakaj ne bi pisala o kateremkoli izdelku, ki ti pade v oko, posamezno ali med opravljanjem službe. :) Pa čestitam na službi. :)

    Drugače pa, kakšna se ti zdi Essence I Love Extremes v primerjavi s Essence Princess Lash? Trenutno sem pri koncu ene druge maskare in tuhtam, če bi po tej preizkusila še kakšno Essence, ker slišim same dobre stvari o novejših, pa tudi obe različici Princess Lash sta mi bili precej všeč, volumenska malo bolj kot podaljševalna, ampak to mogoče samo zato, ker imam itak že tako dolge trepalnice, da mi še malo dodane dolžine ne pomeni preveč.

    1. Ja, to itak da je treba povsod omenit kaj dobiš in kaj kupiš. Se mi zdi, da se je sploh v tujini razpaslo to da "pozabijo" napisat take stvari. Ampak zadnjič sem brala komentarje pri Beautysaur in je ena punca rekla, da eni blogerki ne more več zaupat, ker je rekla da tisti Me Now glossi/mat šminke nimajo vonja, njen pa smrdi po barvi in tista blogerka ga je dobila od Born Pretty. Mogoče preveč gledam v to zadevo, ampak jaz sem to napisala in dobila ta gloss, in me je takoj postalo strah, da misli mene. Sem šla še enkrat preverit ta gloss in moj nima vonja, pač zase vem, da sem iskrena pri objavah, pa naj bo stvar, ki sem jo kupila ali pa dobila.
      Pa hvala :)

      A navadna ali vodooporna I Love Extreme? Navadna roza je zelo podobna Princess Lash, se mi skoraj zdi kot da imata identično formulo notri, torej tisto gostejšo, ki jo je z enim nanosom takoj ogromno na trepalnicah. Razlika se mi zdi edino v krtačkah in mi je zato Lash Princess bolj všeč. Vodoodporna Extreme je pa bolj suha in ne nanese gore maskare takoj, pa zelo dobro jih drži zavihane. Meni je najljubša, jo imam na trepalnicah tam na sliki od gobic in pa v objavi o Healthy Mix Serum :)

  14. Iskrene čestitke! :) Mene tudi izjemno zanima Physicians Formula, komaj čakam na ocene <3

    1. Hvala :) Vsem je zanimiva tale Physician's Formula :D Za zdaj mi je Sexy Wear blush najbolj všeč :)

  15. Jaz se tudi strinjam s Tatjano, ti si pa res zadnja, ki te more skrbet, da boš izgubila kakršnokoli zaupanje. Jaz po eni strani še raje preberem angleške objave, čeprav bom zdaj začela spremljati tudi Click2Chic blog. Čestitke, si zaslužiš takšno super priložnost!

    Se mi pa zdi, da bom morala kupit ta Revlon Prime in Anti-shine. Sliši se zelo zanimivo :)

    1. Pa me vseeno skrbi. Samo fora je ker me ljudje ne poznajo in ne vejo, da ne znam lagat :D Jaz imam tudi raje besedila v angleščini, ker mi v slovenščini vse zveni čudno in prisiljeno. "Po domače" mi je v redu, ampak pravilna sloveščina mi je pa tako fejk, ker je nihče ne govori.
      Mi je škoda, da nimajo bloga na Bloglovin'u, bi ga bilo veliko lažje spremljat. Pa hvala :)

      Primer se mi je priljubil. Ko imam no-makeup day ga nosim kar samega, zato da se ne šajnam na čelu kot disko krogla na koncu dneva :)

  16. Jaz pa že čekiram C2C blog, haha ;) Ne, res čestitke again. Uživaj na polno, za nas ki sanjamo o takih službah ;) Saj služba je služba, ampak ta je pa vseeno bolj zanimiva. Jaz bom vsekakor vesela, če boš objavila kakšne izdelke, ki jih dobiš v test. Physician's Formula me zelo zanima. Ta arganov bronzer mi je tako lep. Pa še nekaj njihovih drugih pariz in nekih dizajnov - to die for!

    Ebelin gobice so fantastične. Jaz sem kupila kar dva kompleta, za ziher :). Imam pa eno večjo normalne velikosti od Ebelin, pa ni tako zelo mehka kot te majhne. Škoda. Essence maskaro sem tudi že kupila, pa me je kar strah, da jo bom težko odstranjevala, ker je vodoodporna. Btw s čim ti odstranjuješ maskaro?

    Če so ti všeč Deborah laki, jaz sem dva kupila in ju že naprej prodajam. Preslabo zdržijo na mojih nohtih. Odtenka sta 36 mint moder in 19 sivka vijoličen.

    Aja in hvala za link ;)

    1. Ti si imela inside information :D Hvala <3 Itak, da je fino delat nekaj kar te res zanima in ti je v veselje :) Joj, tisti Pariz pa New York bronzer - gorgeous. Samo na C2C jih nimajo. Praktično vse PF stvari so tako lepe, da bi jih samo gledal :D

      Maskaro dajem dol z L'Occitanovim oljem, pa včasih s TBS-jevim. Imam tudi L'Orealov dvofazni odstranjevalec, pa s kokosovim oljem gre tudi dol. Je pa tečno odstranjevat, ja. O vseh teh olj sem potem čisto slepa :D

      Preveč lakov imam že :) Zdaj pa sploh :D Ampak hvala vseeno.

      Ni za kaj :)

  17. Za MAYBELLINE The Eraser Concealer se splača pogledat v Italiji, je kar cenejši (8,50€) :-)

  18. Revlon Enchanting - lahko zaupaš kakšen odtenek je? Googlam, pa mi ne uspe najti nobenega swatcha...! A mogoče veš, če bo še kak drug nov odtenek, razen tega, iz mat linije. Revlonov balm primer me je pa v vročih poletnih mesecev dobesedno rešil, da je make up zdržal na 35 + vročine. Fantastična zadeva. Jaz ga sicer uporabljam preko pudra, ne spodaj.

    1. Vem, da ni swatchev, ker je čisto nov. Nude breskov odtenek je, čisto drugačen kot je embalaža :) Sem že poslala oceno, tako da upam da bo kmalu gor na C2C. Štirje novi so skupaj, menda bodo dodani za vedno, ampak ne vem če bodo pri nas prodajali vse. Kolekcija kot je v ZDA:

      Revlonov balm je super za matiranje, se strinjam. Jaz opazim razliko sploh na čelu. Nosim ga pa velikokrat kar samega :)

  19. Hvala. Sliši se obetavno. So mi tile Revlonovi mat balmi eni boljših mat šmink, kar jih je za dobiti pri nas. Upam, da bodo pri nas še drugi odtenki.
    Sem prej pozabila omeniti še glede Nivea micelarne. Meni je namreč ena najbojših drogerijskih micelarnih vodic.

    1. Revlonovi Mat Balmi so krasni. Jaz si zelo želim odtenek Sultry, samo ga ni pri nas. Sem že malo "nudgala" vsaj za Unapologetic, da si ga veliko punc želit videt v Sloveniji :D

      Srečnica :) Ne vem zakaj se meni ne zdi tako poseben. Mogoče uporabljam preveč maskare :D

    2. Sultry imam. Narocila na Boots. Odlicen je. Sicer pa zdaj, ko si v novi sluzbi, imas mogoce malo vpliva na to, da bi jim potezila, da nujno rabimo vec, tukaj v Slo ;-). Ceprav, kakor sem poduvena, nimajo uvozniki nobenega vpliva na to, kaj bo dolocen proizvajalec lansiral na nasem trgu. Sam. Proizvajalec doloci kzdelke za trg. Bedno, da ne more biti res.....

    3. Jaz sem ga pa dala iz košarice, ker sem cepec :/ Šla sem še enkrat swatche gledat in spet nisem bila zihr, če bi bil zame.

      Sem že spraševala vsaj za Unapologetic, ampak meni je tudi zvenelo, kot da nimajo kaj dosti vpliva :( Te Matte Balme bi jaz imela vse pri nas, ker so krasni.

  20. Čestitam za novo službo :D Res si zaslužiš :D Objave o izdelkih iz C2C pa bi z veseljem brala tudi tu, ker zgledajo zanimivo, pa še lažje te je spremljat :D Mimogrede, objava o uporabi korektorjev je fenomenalna!! :D

    S tem postom pa je moja wishlista spet daljša :P Essence maskaro bom zagotovo kupila, ker zgleda, da je hidden gem za 3e :D Vedno dražje maskare drugih znamk me resnično spravljajo v vedno slabšo voljo, da bi bile vsaj tako oh in ah, kot jih oglašujejo...preizkušam novo Miss Manga - obup -.-
    Pa zdaj bom zagotovo kupila še Revlonov primer - upam, da bo hitro v prodaji :) Sem bila že tik na tem, da kupim Max Factorjevega, zaradi tvojih priporočil...ampak praviš, da je Revlonov bolj primeren za mastno kožo? :)
    Essence tekoča šminka ti pa čudovito paše, sem videla že na C2C objavi :P...res je, da si kraljica mat izgleda, ampak malo sijaja te super poživi :D Zdaj bom še jo jaz kupila, imam že 02 odtenek in sem že cel mesec obsedena z njim :D

    1. Hvala <3 Sem naredila še objavo o makeup napakah, ki bo na isti način :)

      Za Miss Manga sem slišala, da je slaba od več ljudi. Tale Essence je meni :D

      Revlonov primer je v prodaji, ne vem če tudi na stojalih v Müllerjih, ampak na C2C je. Revlonov je boljši za mastno kožo, bolje matira, ker naredi tisti žametni silikonski sloj in dobro zdrži čez dan. Ampak, če ga naneseš na kožo, ki je suha/normalna, lahko poudari luske (Max Factorjev jih ne).

      Ne vem zakaj ne maram toliko glossov nosit. Nosim očala in se potem zdi, da imam double reflection in izgleda vse čudno :D Ampak L'Orealove pa rada nosim. Pa hvala :)

    2. Revlonov primer imaj na stojalih v drogerijah. Kupila v Muelerju NM in viden tudi v LJ.

    3. Hvala za info :) Nisem bila že miljon let v našem Müllerju. Ok, tri tedne, samo zame je to forever :D

  21. Those cute mini beautyblenderthingy's and that bronzer look awesome! I love that even your hauls are very in depth! :)

    1. Those sponges are really cute :)

      I don't plan to do a proper review for all of these products, so I cover all of my bases here :) But I'm glad you like it, I'm always concerned I make my posts too long.

  22. Mateja, zdaj sem zvedela, da od Matte Balmov poleg Enchanting odtenka pride še Fiery (ki na slikah zgleda krasna burgundy barva, yay). Kdaj, mi niso povedali - samo "v kratkem"

    1. O, Fiery je drugi, ki me je zanimal :). Mi izgleda nekako kot Sultry, ampak je verjetno bolj rdeč. Btw, danes bom objavila en review, kjer imam sneaky notri sliko od Enchanting *wink, wink, nudge nudge*

  23. Holy cow, that's a lot of new stuff! The Le Petite Marseillais Huile Elixir Karite & Argan sounds amaaaazing! And I'm glad to see more and more off those smaller-sized make-up sponges. As for Physician's Formula, even though I hear all these great things about the brand I've only had bad experiences with their products so far.

    1. Le Petite Marseillais Huile Elixir Karite & Argan is fantastic! Every time my hair is super dry, this fixes it.

      I've only had one PH's blush from before and I was disappointed at the begging, but it got better once the top layer was gone. Out the the new thing all perform fine, though I'll admit that Lash Extension maskara is something you have to learn to use and before you'll get some strange results. Have you tried Sexy Wear blush? It's simply stunning on the cheeks <3

  24. Congratulations on your new job! I'd love to do something similar... puuuh!
    By the way, I trust you, no matter where you work or if the item was sponsored or not. This is about your opinion, not the money you spent on something. Soooo.. go on :)

    1. Thank you :) You're still young, maybe one day such an opportunity will turn up for you once you finish school.
      I'm glad you're ok with it, I was concerned how people will react about this situation.

  25. This looks amazing! Loads of stuff :) I have to try that maybelline concealer! xo

  26. You got some amazing goodies. I always love your new ins post. You seems kinda obsessed with nail polishes, fragrances and hair products, no? I'm really curious about these new Essence lipsticks and liquid lipstick. I'm glad that Essence mascara worked for you big time and that Ebelin concealer applicator is so cute. Loved this post.

    Chaste & Beautiful

  27. Pozdravljena.
    Help! Iščem namreč vinsko temno rdečo/bordo šminko...iskala sem v DMju, sam je težko dobit tak odtenek...mogoče ti veš za kakšno?
    Hvala in lp,

    1. Živjo :) Če ti ni 14 € preveč potem ti toplo priporočam L'Orealovo Riche šminko v odtenku Laetitia (črna embalaža). Če bi rada samo preizkusila kako ti paše tak odtenek, si pa vzemi svinčnik od Catrice v odtenku 140 Sweet Auberginia (Berryson Ford je tudi kul, ampak že svetlejši).