Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Embrace

sobota, avgust 04, 2018

This is one of my most worn lip products and I just instinctively grab it on most mornings because I love everything about it, from the shade to the fantastic formula. This is my second one, while my first was Devotion, which was also one of my most worn shades up until I bought this one. Devotion is quite bright on my pale skin tone, but I just adored the formula of these so much that I picked Embrace which is a more neutral, nude shade. It's one of the shades that was added to the line later, while at first Devotion was the second lightest colour. I already have a full review of the formula in the Devotion post, so I'll just quickly go through it here and focus on the swatches.

Formula: It's a very creamy, cushion-y formula that's fully opaque and has a creamy shiny finish. It takes a long time for it to sort of set matte, actually it's more about it wearing off and losing almost all of its shine, meaning in time it ends up looking closer to a matte stain than the matte liquid lipstick look.

Shade: Embrace is a nude peachy pink and it's quite a bit lighter than Devotion. It's a lot easier to wear and it goes with almost everything. Most other shades are quite bright, which is a shame because a nude selection of these would be a great idea. 

Staying power: Devotion pleasantly surprised me with its staying power and this one is similarly long lasting, thought it's a lighter shade than Devotion, so you don't get exactly the same longevity on the lips. Shiny, freshly applied look lasts about an hour and then the stain or matte look lasts about 5-6h, it can longer, but it depends on how much you drink or eat.

Scent: I said it many times that it smells like Planica ice cream, so a mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. This one doesn't have the same intense scent as Devotion, maybe because it was added later, but it's still a noticeable scent.

Packaging: the tube is a flat tube with a matte effect, so something a bit different, but still simple. The applicator is so lovely on this, it's soft and nicely shaped for applying lip colour precisely enough.

Price and availability: I bought mine in Müller while it had a discount because this is a pretty expensive product, but regular price is 12.29 €.

This is definitely of the best purchases I made this year. I was familiar with the fantastic formula before and buying a shade that I can easily wear anywhere made me wear this formula even more than when I just had Devotion. Too bad they don't have more similar nude shades that don't look too brown on pale skin because I would love to have more. By the way I believe these come in metallic shades now, though I was never fan of the look.

Have a great day! 

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  1. Ta odtenek izgleda tako lepo na tvoji polti. <3 Na meni bi bil zagotovo spet preveč roza. Ravno zadnjič sem spet nanesla to formulo, ker sem imela zelo suhe ustnice in je ne morem prehvalit. Zagotovo moja najljubših tekočih mat šmink. Res, res škoda, da nimajo na voljo še več nude odtenkov. Vsaj tako selekcijo bi morali imeti kot NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams :).

    1. Verjetno bi bil res bolj roza na tebi, kot je običajno za take odtenke pri naju :) Formula mi je fantastična in res zelo rada nosim to šminko kljub temu, da ni mat. Mi je škoda, da so se raje odločili narediti metalic odtenke, ki bodo zagotovo kmalu izgubili popularnost, namesto, da bi dodali kakšno lepo nude linijo odtenkov.

  2. I've always loved matte lipsticks. They feel natural!

    PS. The color looks great on you.

  3. I love the shade Devotion. It looks gorgeous.

  4. Ooo that shade is so pretty on you!