Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter

ponedeljek, september 17, 2018

Catrice launched yet another line of comfortable lip glosses which are actually pretty much the same in terms of formula to their old Beautifying Lip Smoothers, only the packaging is different as is the shade range. I'm not big on glosses apart from a couple of exceptions and these are definitely one of the exceptions because the formula is so comfortable.

Texture: As I said before the formula is pretty much the same as Catrice's discontinued Beautifying Lip Smoothers, meaning it's a lip balm/lip gloss hybrid that's very comfortable, like a cushion on the lips, so I use it instead of a lip balm. It applies with not problems on the lips and I saw no bleeding around the edges. It's got one of those creamy looking shine finishes, similar to Max Factor's Honey Lacquers and Clarins' Instant Lip Perfectors

Shade: Mine is the lightest shade of (sadly) only four and it's called 010 Yes, I DEW. It's a pale peachy-pink that I find too light for me because it washes me out, but it's a good shade if you want to tone down a darker lipstick. Pigmentation is semi-opaque, so you get enough colour on the lips and considering it's such a light shade, while it's not perfect, it applies evenly enough. I've had my eye on shade 020, a wearable medium peachy-pink which Petra swatched and reviewed here, however, I still wish they'd offer an more extensive range of colours, maybe something between shade 010 and 020.

Staying power: This stays on surprisingly well, but not as a proper lip gloss layer, rather a thin clear balmy layer of this sticks on the lips for several hours, so if you have dry lips, this is definitely a product to check out. 

Scent: It's got a pleasant vanilla-caramel scent, which isn't strong and doesn't linger.

Packaging: I love what Catrice has done with the packaging of these. For one the packaging looks very pretty with the metallic cap, but also I much prefer this type of packaging with a doe foot applicator than the sponge tip that the Beautifying gloss had. The applicator is a standard one with a paddle design that works just fine for such a product.

Price and availability: These are 4.39€ in drugstore.

This is definitely a formula worth checking out in the drugstores. It's very comfortable, so a true pleasure to wear. My only complaint is the (hopefully just for now) poor shade range, which needs some more colours, especially wearable every day ones.

Have a great day!

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  1. Se strinjam. Ena najboljših formul za suhe ustnice. :) In se strinjam s tabo, da morajo res razširiti nabor odtenkov. Jaz bi še kakšnega vzela...mogoče kaj bolj mauve. Sem čisto pozabila kakšen aplikator je bil prej, ampak ta lip gloss aplikator je 100x boljši. Se lepše nanaša in ne zapravljam izdelka, ki bi ostal na gobici.

    1. Upam, da bodo spomladi razširili ponudbo odtenkov, čeprav pri njih nikoli ne veš - lahko, da jih bodo hitro ukinili, kar tako za brezveze.

      Meni tiste embalaže v stilu Clarins Lip Perfector in stari Beautifying Smoothers, ko imajo gobico za aplikator niso tako všeč. Imam raje te klasične lip glose :)

  2. I'm definitely going to look into this! I haven't tried any new Catrice products for awhile.

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