Oriflame Giordani Gold Magnifying Metal Lash Volume Mascara

četrtek, oktober 17, 2019

This isn't the first time I'm seeing a very thin brush with no bristles, but it's the first such mascara and metal brush I've tried. Oriflame took an innovative approach to mascara wands, however, this isn't a brush for everyone, in fact, it's the exact opposite of what my lashes need, as the brush only has small grooves that are supposed to comb the lashes, however, in practice this proved to be far from ideal on my messy lashes, but that might not be the case for many of you.

Brush: A metal brush has only shallow grooves, but otherwise it's a thin stick and the most bare wand I've seen. Applying mascara with this feels like applying product with a stick, so you actually get a lot of product on fast, but there is no definition with this brush, so if you have messy lashes like me, you have to resort to a separate comb or and old mascara wand to comb out the excess and break apart lashes that stuck together. Those who have naturally nicely arranged lashes might find it performs better for them.

Formula: Freshly opened this is among more wet mascaras, of course that means it completely drops my lashes. It's a classic black formula that doesn't stand out from the rest and more of a volumising one rather than lengthening, though to be fair I can't assess that last bit best since my eyelashes drop with this one and I can't see much length. One minus that ruined my first experience with this mascara: since it deposits a lot of product at the base of the lashes, it can get into the eyes and it stings. My eyes were watering like crazy at my first try, but I was a lot more careful on later tries and it was completely fine. 

 Freshly curled bare lashes.

 Looking straight ahead and as you can see it drops the lashes.

It's fairly ok on my left eye, but it's not impressive on my right eye where I have naturally very messy lashes. 

I experienced no running, crumbling or smudging with this one, but I in general rarely have such issues with mascaras. Since it's a regular formula, it's fairly easy to remove.  

Price and availability: Regular price is 16.90 €.

I had my predictions about this mascara when I first saw it on Instagram and they turned out 100% true. Unfortunately I'm possibly the worst person they could have send this mascara too, as this type of a bare brush is meant for volume and doesn't do anything else, while my lashes definitely need a brush that's capable of definition and fanning out the lashes, plus this is a wet regular formula which is my lashes' kryptonite. If you much more nicely arranged lashes and lack volume, this might be worth a try, but I can't be certain how it would perform on such lashes. I much prefer their newest The One Tremendous Volume Mascara which quickly became one of my favourite regular mascaras. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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