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torek, oktober 08, 2019

CATRICE Pure Simplicity LE Baked Blush
C02 Naked Petals
I mostly neglect LE's, but this looked like L.O.V.'s Blurring blushes which are my favourites. There are four shades, I think I grabbed the lightest, though there were no testers I could try in Müller. The packaging is completely made of cardboard and I actually like this minimalism. Formula is sadly not as amazing as at L.O.V., it's not as fine, though it's similarly soft and has enough pigmentation, but there's also none of that lovely glow L.O.V. blushes have. C02 Naked Petals is a very light peachy-pinky blush, not exactly what I imagined when I saw it in the packaging. Honestly, if there were testers, I'd pick something darker, or maybe not even get one because there's no glow I like. 

 Müller, 5.29 €

ESSENCE I <3 Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof
A repurchase of my favourite mascara. By now quite while ago posted this story on Instagram overviewing all of the mascaras I got in 2019 - then that number was 10, of those 8 were PR products and a majority regular formulas that drop my lashes, so obviously I had to put this one on hold, since I was testing all of those mascaras. Since Lash Princess WP and Catrice Eyeconista WP did not impress me with their curl holding powers, I picked this one again to compare it with those two and let me tell you this one blows all of those 10 mascaras out of the water. This one has by far the nicest effect of all of those, it creates the biggest lashes, it has the best multiplying effect because it catches individual lashes and doesn't stick them together, and it holds the curl best of all. One minus that I can live with because this is regardless an absolutely outstanding mascara is the massive brush which almost always touches my lids during application, but otherwise I have no complaints. I hope Essence never discontinues this because the newest Lash Princess WP just isn't that good compared to this. 
Müller, 2.99 €

CATRICE Liquid Eyeliner Matt
010 Dating Joe Black
Just like the mascara this is a repurchase on my favourite. I use this every day because it's the best liquid eyeliner I've found. It's super black, matte, long-lasting and has never let me down.
Müller, 3.79 €

*MAX FACTOR Matte Lipstick
15 Flame
I had one of these on the wishlist (shade Nude) and a month ago these finally reached our drugstores too, which is great since Max Factor really had to update the lipstick selection here. I was sent shade 15 Flame, which is not my colour, but at least I got to see the texture of these. Unfortunately these aren't matte, at least this shade, instead it's a creamy-satin formula with some moderate shine and a very comfortable formula. They don't differ that much from their Colour Elixirs and it's still a nice formula, but I was expecting something matte like the amazing Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks or Colourpop Lippie Stix Matte X. Shade 15 Flame is a bright reddish coral. These have a black rubberised packaging in the style of Nars. While in Műller I swatched and took a photo with my phone of 5 out of 6 shades available in Slovenia (there was no tester for 10 Sunkiss, an orange coral), while only one more shade exists called 25 Blush. Added to my PR parcel was a lovely candle with the scent of orange blossom & mimosa which smells very much like a L'Occitane shop or at least like their fragrances. 

 9.99 €

*THE BODY SHOP Matte Lip Butter
031 Kobe Orchid
Another thing on my wishlist and those who know a bit more about me probably guessed why I wanted this shade, but even so this is the shade that appealed most to me on some swatches I saw. It's actually paler than I imagined it from the swatches and as is usual for my skin tone, it ends up looking very peachy. Formula is lighter than the liquid matte version, a bit less pigmented and it takes even longer to set matte. To me it's a comfortable enough formula, but this isn't nourishing at all, so those with dry lips might not be impressed by it. Though I like the formula well enough, staying power is not very impressive.
8.90 €

*THE BODY SHOP Lip Definer
Golden Syrup
This is a very pale shade, one of those concealer nudes that were all the rage about ten years ago. Formula is on the dry side and it needs some layering, but it could just be this shade, as I had a similar one from Barry M and it was even drier. I saw 11 shades on Slovene website. 
7.50 €

*ORIFLAME Tremendous Big Volume Mascara
I'm not a massive fan of Oriflame mascaras, actually I haven't really liked any I tried so far, until this one. Meet the 11th mascara I got this year and it was very surprisingly big like from the start. The brush reminds me of Essence <3 Extreme waterproof, as it's the same type of a regular wand with very densely packed bristles. This results in about the same effect, nicely separated, "multiplied" lashes with a fanned out effect. I've been using it almost every day since I got it and though there could be a bit more volume, I'm liking it a lot. Formula isn't gloopy or wet which is a big plus, as  because of this it's not a messy mascara and it doesn't drop the lashes. In terms of holding a curl is as good as a regular mascara can be, so it holds them up half way, which is good in my books for such a formula. I'm quite impressed by this one.
Oriflame, 15.90 €, currently 7.99 €

 HADALABO Gokujun Cleansing Oil
I think I found my favourite ever oil. This ticks all the boxes for me - it has a rich formula that emulsifies into a lovely thick emulsion, it doesn't make my vision foggy, nor irritate my eyes and it doesn't have much of a scent. Just like Biobaza it washes off completely and it's stronger, as it removes all makeup even waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but if the mascara coat is thick, it struggles to get it off and I need an extra cleansing if I don't want to use a separate remover. I need only one pump for my entire face, which is a lot less than Biobaza, so I hope this one will last longer - also there's 50 ml more of it in the bottle. The pump packaging works just like it should and it's not leaking. I see no minuses at this one apart from that I have to order it online, but actually I got this in a week from japan with no shipping charges, so the seller I got this from is great.
eBay, $12.78 (seller kyotoarashiyama)

*THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Peel-off Mask
This is something new from TBS. Their Tea Tree range has been expanded with this interesting mask. You get a powder which you mix with water and it's one of those peel-off masks, but unlike 99% of the ones I've seen, this doesn't have alcohol high one the list, in fact it doesn't even have it. Diatomaceous earth is the first ingredient, it also contains clay (kaolin), tea tree oil and salicylic acid. There is a line in the pot to where the water should reach (21 ml to 10g of powder), you mix it up, apply it on the face and peel it off on 5-10 minutes. I still need to try this and I'll report back when I do, but my skin is currently completely clear and normal, so I won't be able to tell you much how it works for unclear, very oily skin.
5.90 €

*THE BODY SHOP British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask
TBS has made me very happy because someone has been checking my wishlist, probably on Pinterest where I've had this for ages. A couple of years ago when TBS first came to Slovenia they sent me a sample of this mask and it left my skin soft and radiant like a good sheet mask would both time I used it, so I always wanted a pot of this. I already talked about this one is my monthly favourites and I'll just copy-paste the same thing here: It's a gel-jam type of mask with some crushed bits of petals (I think) that remains on the skin instead of sinking in and it needs to be washed off as it's quite sticky. It delivers a good boost of moisture and it's the type of formula I think would suit just about any skin type - dry, combination or even oily, I really can't see how this type of formula would feel heavy for anyone. I've used it a couple of times already since I got it and it left my skin in lovely condition. It also smells so good. I do not like rose scents, but this smells like proper fresh roses, the yellow climbing ones blooming every summer outside our house, plus I get some some sharp/fresh peppermint-like note. It's expensive, but you actually don't use a lot and a pot should last a while.
The Body Shop 26.50 €

*THE BODY SHOP Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil
I also already talked a lot about this one in my monthly favourites. It's another product that was high on my wishlist so again I'm so happy I finally have it. It's currently my thickest oil and most nourishing, so I skip moisturiser with this one. I can already see the results of using this one because my skin looks really good. It's clear, nourished/normalised and has healthy glow. The smell is not as nice as Nuxe's or Palmer's, but my skin loves this oil.
34.50 € for 30 ml, but a 50 ml exists too.

 HADA LABO TOKYO Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask
We got Hada Labo Tokyo in DM, it's by the same company Rohto as Melano and the "regular Hada Labo" they have in Japan, but this Tokyo version is sold in Europe. They have a regular hydrating line and the one with Retinol & Collagen I was more interested in. The products are expensive, especially compared to prices on eBay, but those products are not exactly the same. I grabbed the sheet mask with hyaluronic acid, retinol and collagen.
Sheet: This is the most "normal" sheet mask in our drugstores with the exception of My Hoin Ni (whic are pretty much dupes for My Scheming). It's not super thin like Etude House's, but sort of a standard sheet mask. Size was too large for me and I had to fold up lower parts. Adherence was great at first, but it dried up at about 40 minutes and basically fell off.
Essence: A toner-serum like essence, which is not as comfy feeling as their hyaluronic acid lotion, it's more regular I guess. It remains on the skin for hours and is a bit tacky. There is a generous amount of essence in this, the sheet is completely soaked and there's some left in the pack, which I used for my neck.
Scent: This has no scent 
Effect: My skin looked nice after this, properly hydrated, but for this price I maybe expected a bit more. I know there no mention of brightening, but maybe I'd like to see some more temporary plumping effect, as here it was minimal.
Worth it?: It's not amazing, but I like the ingredients a lot and it's miles better than any other mask we get here.
DM, 3.49 €

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula, Perfecting Facial Oil
I promised myself I won't open this since I already have Nuxe and The Body Shop, but I caved and I'm glad I did. It's a lot lighter than TBS and it absorbs quickly, so it's excellent for including in my morning routine, which I felt was lacking something. Since it's lighter it's also easier to use for my night facial massages, though I'm going to stick to TBS since it's more nourishing. I've used quite a lot of it for a massage and it was still completely absorbed after 2 hours on my cheek area, while it remained longer on my T-zone, but by the morning it was all absorbed like my other oils. A "regular" quantity of a few drops absorbs doesn't take long to absorb well enough and leaves a nice glow. It smells the same as Palmer's other Cocoa Butter Formula products, so like chocolate cake batter, which I immediately liked. This contains a ton of different oils (sweet almond, grapeseed, camelina, macadamia, sesame seed, coconut, argan and rosehip), plus some smaller amounts of retinol, a form of vitamin C and centella asiatica extract. 
iHerb, 10.22 €

 ARTNATURAL Retinol Serum 
10 ml
I got a few samples of products with retinol and this is the one I'm currently using. It contains 2.5% retinol. Formula is a very light milky serum that absorbs in less than a minute and it's a better option to layer over for when I'm doing my facial massages as it doesn't pill like the Instanatural does. Despite the high retinol content I got zero irritations or any type of tingling sensation some report, but my skin apparently can handle a lot and it's currently looking really well. It's got a faint sort of a spicy scent, maybe cardamon or ginger or allspice, or all together, but it's barely noticeable. I'm serioulsy considering buying full size, but I'll use it up first so I can properly decide. 
iHerb, 3.44 €

5 ml
 This serum was the first one I started using. It contains a form of vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and Q10, so it's like a great all in one. I like the texture of this, as it's a very light orange serum that absorbs fast (under a minute), so it's great for layering and it has a nice orange-ish scent. One sample lasted me a week and a half of maybe two, I wasn't paying attention to be honest. I'd definitely consider buying a full size, but for now I really couldn't decide between Instanatural and Artnatural, as both are wonderful. 
iHerb, 3.18 €

INSTANATURAL Retinol Moisturizer
5 ml
I liked this one too. It's a light moisturiser that I think would suit oily skin too, since it's more like a lotion-cream consistency. One sample didn't last me nearly as long as the serums did. It contains retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, safflower oil and green tea extract. 
iHerb, 2.30 €

*MELVITA Rose Extraordinary Water
This is a very popular product, I still remember the hype around it from a few years ago. For me though, the strong rose fragrance is just too much. I know most people love it, but I've never been a fan of these scents. It's a thicker toner product or a very light serum that feels nicely hydrating and despite having dry skin, I wasn't reaching for a moisturiser quickly after applying this. Though it has alcohol high on the list, which is not ideal, but the ingredients preceding it are rose water and glycerine, which might counteract the drying alcohol. This version has double the amount of hyaluronic acid compared to before. 
18 €

*MELVITA Washable Cleansing Pads
Melvita set up a number of eco challenges in September and one of those was to reduce the use of cotton pads. So they sent me these washable ones they sell. There are three is a pack that you can wash many times they claim. One side is like a regular towel and the other is a velvety one that I prefer to use because the towel side is a bit rough. I've been using these since I got them, not often because I actually very rarely use cotton pads (I apply toners and liquid products with my hands and I rarely use micellar waters or duo phase cleansers because my cleansing oil does the job), but they worked out nicely. I washed them and they survived it well. I'd say these are a nice investment, but for removing nail polish you'll still need a regular cotton pad.
2.90 €

NIVEA UV Face Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments SPF 50
My mattifying version unexpectedly ran out (you really have no idea when it will happen with this one because it always dispenses the product with ease) and I had no backup sunscreen in stock, apart from Olay's Regenerist SPF 30, but since there were still a few sunny days this year that I knew I'll spent all day in the sun, I wanted an SPF 50 and I couldn't order online any Asian sunscreens because I couldn't wait. I went to three shops (actually as of today five) and the mattifying version just vanished - I don't know if it's discontinued or they removed it from selection in Slovenia or it simply ran out (there are no places for mattifying versions, so I doubt that). So in the last shop I grabbed this one because I really didn't know what else to pick. I remember when I was asking about sunscreens in early summer, a lot of you strongly discouraged me from getting this version, so I had an inkling I screwed up badly buying this version. It's pretty bad. Not the worst thing I've tried, though honestly I can't remember any worse ones, but though the texture feels the same as at mattifying version, so a thick cream, this never dries. My face is still sunscreen greasy several hours later - my skin is normal-dry, so this really saying something. What's worse it's moving a lot during the day and is constantly slipping into my eyes, making my vision cloudy, my glasses dirty because it ends up on my eyelashes, I'm constantly blinking since I can feel something is in my eyes causing me discomfort and occasionally it gets so bad they start watering. Every minute with this sunscreen is an annoyance if I apply it anywhere near the eyes. I simply can't wear makeup with this, as my eye makeup just smudges off. It's impossible to apply this one in a recommended amount, it's just too much, but as a plus I can say it doesn't have a white cast. I don't understand how this is still sold, while the mattifying version is gone here.
Interspar, 11.69 €
By now I went to several shops and I even caved and went to the pharmacies to find the La Roche Posay face spray SPF 50+ even though it's expensive (I couldn't find the cheaper Garnier version, which I wanted as a top up over makeup). I got nothing. My local Müller has zero sunscreens as of last week (apart from what's in skin care stuff). DM also has barely anything left and Leclerc only had this Nivea one and foam version with an SPF 50. If I knew this was going to happen, I'd stock up earlier (maybe it's different in Ljubljana, idk). Apparently we don't need decent and still affordable sunscreens in Slovenia as soon as it's the end of summer. I ended up ordering A'PieuPure Block Natural Daily Sun Cream SPF45/PA+++ for 6 €.

L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
A repurchase. This is my favourite shampoo for my very dry, thick and bleached/coloured hair because it feels like a shampoo + conditioner in one, probably because of the silicone high on the list and it leaves my hair feeling silky when I'm rinsing it off, so it's not annoyingly tangled after I wash it. 
Interspar, 3.28 €

PANTENE PRO-V Hair Superfood Conditioner
My love for the Repair version is well established, but I was not quite as impressed with version Sleek, though it's still good compared to 90% of drugstore stuff. Superfood is even thicker than Repair, which is already thicker than a lot of hair masks, so a tube is not an ideal packaging, but I can live with it. In terms of effect this is just as good as Repair and both work wonderfully for my very dry, thick bleached/coloured hair. It leaves my hair nourished and softer than most conditioners (that tend to fail in this category). Another fantastic conditioner in the drugstores, I will surely be buying more of these and check out the rest of the line.
Leclerc, 3.5 €  

NIVEA Curl Styling Primer
I wasn't sure we'll get these primers, but I'm glad we did. I only saw the Curl and Volume version, however, not Sleek. I have the curl spray from before and it's pretty good. I got this primer because it has shea butter right after water on the ingredients list, so it should be great for dry hair. It also contains glycerine high on the list and it's a heat protectant. It's meant to be used on damp hair after washing. I expected a much thicker and heavier texture that would be more similar to Dove Super Quench, but though it's not super light, it's still closer to a lotion than a cream. It leaves the hands slightly sticky, but not the hair and from the start when the hair is wet, it's noticeable on the hair, but as soon as I start drying my hair, it's much less frizzy than without this and it's easier to get a a smoother result without having to really on increased heat + round brush. After the hair is dry it's like nothing is on the hair, but it feels noticeable smoother. I like this a lot and I always include it in my hair wash routine. 
Müller, 4.19 €

JOICO K-Pack Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil
I usually use Orofluido and I still do, but I love K-Pack line and this has the same Quadramine complex. I'm still waiting for Olaplex n.7 oil to become more easily accessible and I assume it's going to take a while, so while I wait and since my oil stash is low (at least the good one), I got this one instead. I checked the ingredient before and that complex is very, very low on the list, but so is at the other products I love, so maybe (and I'm really hoping this) it works low concentration (I know, wishful thinking probably). Formula is very similar to Orofluido, Moroccanoil and Macadamia Natural Oil, so the same thick texture that fits my hair best, so obvious I loved this from the moment I tried it. It tames the hair as it should and feels nourishing, so it deals with the dryness too, at least for a while. It's got a really nice salon scent - you'll recognise immediately when you smell it. Unlike Orofluido it's got a pump which is a bit plus (I actually added one from COSRX on my Orofluido). This is one of the best oils I've tried.
Notino, 21.5 €

BATH & BODY WORKS Fine Fragrance Mist 
In The Stars
Make every moment glow with an addictive fragrance that radiates from start to finish like the stars above. In The Stars is a warm, sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber.
This one seems to be beloved even on Fragrantica, where I get to read some descriptive reviews than on BBW's official site. I don't know how to describe this one, not that's it's unique, but I know of nothing similar. It reminds me of the 90's, some fragrance someone must have worn. I could have been mom, but she mostly wore Poeme. It's warm scent, but not sugary or overly vanilary, it's more  about amber, sandalwood and wood. I don't know how else to describe it, but when I smell it, this image of a warm sunny day comes to mind, it smells radiantly warm - yes, I know how stupid this sounds. I think tangelo gives it this unique citrus note that isn't zesty, but I wouldn't call this a fruity fragrance at all. For some reason I can't smell this a few minutes after I spray it and at first I was sure that this is low quality scent that disappears in minutes, but then I was standing 2 meters away from someone and they said I smell really nice and what I'm wearing. The thing is I sprayed this the night before after a shower, so it must just be my nose that is somehow immune to this scent.
eBay, $13.56

A Thousand Wishes
Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème.
I got this second after In the Stars and I liked it a bit more than that one. It reminds me of a younger, sparklier version of Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty. I get champagne, some lovely flowery notes that aren't peonies because I know real peonies don't smell very nice (to me) and I don't know if it's almond crème, but I'm not smelling the usual vanilla-amber combination. It's sweet and warm with that sparkly champagne character, like eating almond macarons while drinking champagne without the sour wine notes. I like this a lot. 
Notino, 15.60 €

 Effortless. Beautiful. You. Kaleidoscope mixes with your body chemistry for a fragrance that’s uniquely yours. With notes of iris, cedarwood & pink pepper. 
This was love at first spray. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrists, it's so good! BBW says that it smells different on every individual, which I supposed is somewhat true for most fragrances, though maybe at this one the differences are bigger, creating more unique scents. It's a type of fragrance I've never smelled before, this fantastic clean, yet not typically "laundry detergent" clean scent. It's like one of those smells when you enter some stranger's house and it smells uniquely theirs. It's not like Molecule 01 since it doesn't have the e iso super ingredient, but this combination of notes creates a smell where I can't pinpoint any of the notes mentioned in the description. I often get a strong scent of pears on me even though it's not mentioned among the notes. This is definitely one of the best scents BBW made.
eBay, $12.74

Almond Blossom
Warm. Rich. Smooth. With notes of sweet almond oil blended with vanilla orchid & cashmere musk.
This is very similar to The Library of Fragrance a.k.a Demeter Fragrances Baby Powder. It's a strong powdery almond scent, warm and cosy, but more sophisticated than regular baby powder. I can see why this one is so beloved by many, as such warm homey scents are always crowd pleasers. It's not my favourite, but I might change my mind about it.
eBay, $12.74

Autumn Nights 
A fresh-meets-cozy blend of toasted tonka bean, warm amber & vanilla orchid.
Spicy vanilla that's the gist of this scent. It's warm, yet sharp probably from the tonka bean and there's some masculine note of leather, which makes it a unisex scent from the start, but it mellows into a feminine vanilla. It reminds me of Wild Madagascar Vanilla also from BBW. I imagined it different and it's not my favourite.
eBay, $12.74

NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula Anti-Ageing Hand Cream SPF 25
This is one other Neutrogena cream are the only two I could find sold in our drugstores that has an SPF filter. It's a medium-thick cream, but it doesn't take too long to absorb, though it leaves a noticeable moisturising film on the skin which is not slippery. I've been using it for a while now and I like it. I wasn't expecting too because reviews are poor and I intended to use it just on the top of my hands in case I didn't like it, but it's pretty good. It's got a regular creamy scent.
Leclerc, 3 €

BALEA Schrunden Salbe
My soles are very hard and my skin gets thick soon after a pedicure, but luckily the skin is not cracked yet. Still I got this to nourish my feet, as it's got a very high percentage of urea (25%) which is one of the most effective moisturisers and barrier fixers. It's a very thick cream or maybe better said balm, since it has that more oily-vaseline texture when you start rubbing it in. The scent doesn't bother me, but it 100% will bother most, since it's a strong almost insecticide chemical scent. It nourishes my feet enough, but it hasn't done miracle where my skin is most rough.
DM, 1.99 €

NIVEA Care & Apricot Shower Gel
I don’t know why this has a label new because I remember having this scent some years before. It's one of the most authentic apricot scents, it a juicy rice apricot scent with a recognisable tart note that makes it smell like the real deal. The formula is nothing special, it creamy, but not super nourishing like Dove shower gel, but it does its job.

SUBRINA Shower Gel
Fresh Elder
Just another in a long line of XXL versions I get in Spar. This one has such an uplifting summery scent of elder, lime and mint.

AVEO MED 2 in 1 Crème Dusche 10% Urea
I got this because it has 5% more of urea than the DM version. It's nice, but not as luxurious feeling as Nivea so it feels pretty bland. The scent is nicely neutral, as you might expect. I started using this one as a face cleaser on some random mornings and it's lovely, as it doesn't leave that tight feeling at all.

Have a great day!

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  1. That blush is sooo pretty! I like the sound of that Body Shop peel off mask that they have just recently come out with, definitely update us as to how you get on with that when you do get to try it!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. I'll be posting an update on TBS when I finally try it :)

  2. In the Stars se bere kot moj vonj. Amber <3 :)
    Hadalabo olje se prav tako bere super, a mi je cena predraga. Imam cenejše alternative, ki so mi zaenkrat dovolj. Čeprav mi ni všeč naročanje na Avonu, ker olja ni vedno v ponudbi.
    Upam, da ti bo A'Pieu všeč. Jaz si jo moram spet naročit, ker je že na koncu. Potem pa je spet problem kako dolgo jo bom čakala :/.

    1. Ma kaj pa vem, nisem prepričana, da bi bil In The Stars zate. Je bolj v stilu tiste S&G meglice, ki sem ti jo poslala, tak bolj retro, netipičen jantarjev vonj. Zate bi bil bolj Almond Blossom se mi zdi :) Pa Autumn Nights tudi.

      Si mi enkrat dala tester A'Pieu in sem jo zato vzela :) No, pa zato ker je poceni Upam, da ne bo treba ravno cel mesec čakat :/ Sem vzela še Etude House Blur primer, ki ima SPF 33.