Catrice Pure Nail Polish 02 Clarity

sreda, marec 25, 2020

These came out in the latest Catrice update and so far there are only 5 shades. I fell in love with this colour as soon as I saw in on the stand, as it looked just like my type of colour and I hoped it might be similar to Essence's discontinued nail polish in 56 You and Me. I was sorely disappointed.

On my nails this looks nothing like in the bottle. Where's the pink? It ends up looking so bland, a grey mauve with brown tones and there's none of that pretty powdery muted pink I see in the bottle. It sucks because for a drugstore nail polish it's not the cheapest (ok, it's also not expensive, but still).

The formula is not fussy. It's easy to apply, it's opaque in two coats and the formula isn't so thick that it would be streaky. It's not as good as gel nail polishes, but good enough. Staying power, however, is very disappointing. I'm used to nail polishes lasting for days, usually more than a week, but at this one chips started appearing after a few days (and with a top coat on) and within a week it was gone from several nails. I don't recall having any nail polish with such poor staying power. I can't imagine how well this would work on those who have problems with staying power in general.

I bought mine in Müller for 4.19 €.

This was a miss purchase for me. While the difference in the colour can be explain by the effect of my skin tone, staying power is just not good at this one on me. Shame because I like the concept. 

Have a great day!

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