October Favourites

sobota, oktober 31, 2015

This palette has been my life since I got it. I used Catrice's Chocolate palette a couple of times and FM's Jewels and Riches once or twice, but otherwise it's was all about this baby. The quality is so nice. The eyeshadows are so pigmented, soft and they blend beautifully, also the selection of shades is pretty much totally up my alley. It's so much better than the drugstore palettes I've been using recently, so this has become my standard "I need to look good and I don't have time for building up the colour for a million years" palette. It's like Bourjois' Nude-ist, so the thing I grab when we're getting serious with the makeup. I'm kind of eyeing the Nude'Dude palette as well.

These eyeshadow sticks are the best cream eyeshadows around. After the taupe shade 38, I got my hands on  the bronze 06 as well. It's actually very similar to On and on Bronze by Maybelline, only a bit darker and cooler, but I much more prefer the format of the eyeshadow as it's easier to use and apply. These are so smooth, pigmented and they blend well before the set, but after that they don't budge. I use them mostly as a base. 

I never thought I'd put a regular mascara in my favourites, but I've used this one pretty much every single day this month, You may know how I'm always grumpy about regular formulas not holding a curl and that's why I don't use them, but this one actually lifts the lashes a bit, like half way without using a curler. I'm trying to lay off the curler and waterproof mascaras for a while, so my lashes will have a break and this mascara is the best for my needs. It's like a better version of Essence's Princess Lash mascara. It gives the same amount of volume (so tons), it defines the lashes better because the brush is plastic and my lashes do not drop like a stone as at PL. You get huge lashes with this, despite the plastic comb. I gave it to my cousin to try and she hates plastic brushes with passion and she said she really love this and if it were sold in the drugstores, she'd get it in a heartbeat. It is drying quite fast, well at least for what I'm used to and the brush is very similar to MF's False Lash mascaras, which means it is again harsh on my eyes, but not nearly as much as MF's (tears are pouring out of my eyes after using that one). I think I'll try the black, cat eyes version next.

I can scarcely believe myself for including this here, but in all fairness I have been using it every day and it is my eyeliner of choice as of late. We had an incredibly rocky start, I despised this liner and rightly so. It actually made me angry, but from the start it just didn't work at all and I paid a lot for it. Then all of a sudden it started working absolutely perfectly. Weirdest. Thing. Ever. Anyway, it's a liquid eyeliner with a brush applicator that is very precise and allows the smallest strokes and corrections. The formula is super smooth and pigmented, plus it lasts long. I ended up really liking this, but will I forgive its initial misbehaviour only when hell freezes over.

Strawberry Pink and I have our ups and downs. On most days I find it a pretty bland, unflattering colour on me and there are also times when I adore it. It a warm medium natural pink-rose-brown shade - I know complicated, but it's one of those in-between shades. It's several shades darker than my lips as well as a bit warmer, but this would probably be a MLBB shade on medium skin tones. The finish isn't matte, rather it's creamy satin and it a very light, smooth formula to apply. The packaging is so cool to me, I like these kind of futuristic stuff. 

Looove <3 I already dedicated an epic to these lipsticks in my Romantic Rebel posts, but they really stand out among the crowd. The formula is amazing, they are so creamy and comfortable to wear, I'm not exaggerating when I say these are some of the best lipsticks I've tried. So it's not just the stunning very expensive looking rose gold packaging, the product inside is magnificent as well. The shade 01 Lusty Peony is my favourite because it's a dark nude type of shade that's easy to wear and looks very cool. 

This is my ultimate favourite everyday goes-with-every-thing and nice for every occasion lip colour. It's a beautiful muted rose-pink shade that is actually  exactly the natural tone of my lips, however, a shade or two darker, making it look quite natural on my lips, but just giving that definition to my pale face. The staying power and the matte formula are winners as well.

I got myself five MAC lipstick samples when I last ordered on The Body Needs and I found two new absolute favourites - All Fired up and D for Dangerous. Both are retro matte, which is my favourite formula and both are an interesting take on pink-red, which is my favourite type of colour for the lips. All Fired up is a warm fuchsia shade, while D for Danger is a gorgeous warm purple-pink-red. Seriously love these colours so much.

I waited almost a year to wear this. I love the shade, but it's a very autumnal colour and it feels odd to wear it in the summer.  It's a mix of taupe and a pastel lilac shade, so it looks very modern on the nails. If you're perceptive you may have noticed it on my nails in a few posts this month and that's because on was on my nails a majority of the month. Such a gorgeous shade. 

Balea released two new scents of their universal creams, one with an orange & grapefruit scent and this one. I like both scents, but this one is my favourite. It's closest to the Golden Twenties version, except that's warmer and it has a certain tonka bean/patchouli combination that is a bit similar to La Vie est Belle from Lancome. Balea always surprises with the beautiful packaging of these and I again adore this one, especially because it has polka dots.

I forgot to include this one in the pictures where all the product are together, but it's in a cabinet above my computer, where I keep it away from the light and I forgot to grab it. It's my scent of choice for the past couple of weeks and it's just so perfect for this time of year. I'm a sugary fragrance kinda girl, not even a little bit embarrassed about that, but I thrive on smelling like dessert. It's a sweet and cosy fragrance with the opening that features an excellent mix of berries with sugar and an occasional whiff of passion fruit that gives it a slight tropical twist, but the most dominant note throughout is warm vanilla that makes the fragrance feel like a snug jumper. I like it much more than the original Wonderstruck and the rest of Swift's fragrances, which are pretty boring if you ask me.

Have a great day!

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  1. The packaging of that Physician's Formula mascara is to die for pretty!

  2. Šminke <3 Vse so mi všeč. Tisto Baleino kremo pa sem tudi sama že gledala, kupila bi jo že samo zaradi embalaže.
    Xoxo, Nyx

  3. Such awesome products, really lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    I dare again

  4. Physician's Formula ima pa embalaže res na nekem čisto drugem nivoju <3 Si me pa spomnila, da morem Nude-ista spet malo nosit :)

    1. True story :) Kako lahko zanemarjaš Nude-ist :O

  5. I absolutely hated the physician formula mascara. There was no lift or curl and it smeared so much

    1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that :( I actually expected that I won't like it because it's not waterproof, but the brush reminds me of MF's, which I really don't get along with, but this mascara really surprised me :) Have you tried Essence mascaras? They are brilliant and so affordable :)

  6. Kiko sounds to be a great budget friendly brand and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it plus all the lipsticks you have included look awesome. Great picks!

    Chaste & Beautiful