L'Oreal Le Blush 120 Sandalwood Pink

ponedeljek, marec 16, 2020

Ever since I've tried L'Oreal's Infallible palettes, I wanted to try their single blushes as well, but for the longest time we didn't even have them here. I think these were placed on the stands sometime mid last year, though we only got two shades of this formula. The other shade we have is pinker, so naturally I was drawn to the more natural looking 120, though at first glance they are very similar.

Texture: I sort of forgot that not all blushes are as amazingly smooth as L.O.V.s, those truly spoiled me, thought this L'Oreal formula is still a great one, but kind of a standard good formula, similar to Catrice one. It's not as easy and fool proof to apply as L.O.V., but it behaves the same as the rest of my better blushes.  

Shade: 120 Sandalwood Pink is a muted rosy-slightly brownish/peachy shade that looks much like the rest of my blush drawer. It's nicely pigmented and it has a tiny bit of a glow, but it's not like a blush-highlighter hybrid. 

Staying power: It lasts well, though like at most blushes it also depends on the base under it. 

Packaging: I heard complains about the packaging and it's really not the best because the bottom compartment where the mini mirror and a brush are held flaps around as there's no separate system to keep it closed, but it's not a very problematic packaging. The brush isn't the best and I prefer to use other ones. 

Price and availability: It costs 11.99 € in the drugstores.

I expected the same quality as in the Infallible palettes or better said as good as one of the shades in the Amber Palette (4th), but this is not as creamy as that one, nor does it have the same glow to it, but it is similar to some of the rest of the shades in those palettes. Overall those were better, but I haven't seen them in a while on the stands, which is a shame. This is expensive for a drugstore blush and it has some strong competition, but the shade is a nice one and worth it if you like such colours.

Have a great day!

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  1. this was truly quite expensive for a drugstore blush wow!! :o i love those essence blushes. definitely my favourites and even use them over my mac ones

    stay safe!!
    Beijinhos Jessy

    1. They're no the cheapest, but L'Oreal here often has a discount. Their stuff is otherwise so expensive full price. I haven't tried the newest Essence ones, but I love my L.O.V. ones. I have one ancient Mac one, but I never found it's actually good.

  2. Jaz se raje držim cenejših rdečil od Catrice in Essence so res krasna, sem pa pred kratkim videla nekje tale rdečila (mogoče Tuš drogerija) in res 'ropotajo' ko jih streseš ;) Na koncu se nisem odločila za nakup, imam dovolj.
    P.S. Čudovite uhane s srčki imaš

    1. Jaz imam moj L.O.V. in sem happy :) Tega od L'Oreala sem dobila za darilo, sama res ne vem, če bi ga kdaj kupila, ker ni poceni, mi je pa odtenek lep :)

      Hvala, ti to pa res zelo stari, še iz osnovne šole :D