Catrice Blush Box 020 Glistening Pink

sobota, september 08, 2018

Catrice discontinued Defining Blushes which for years were their "standard" range of powder blushes and I was a big fan of those because they were some of the best in drugstore. Their replacement Box Blushes were released this August and they come six shades.

Texture: Compared to their discontinued Defining Blushes, these aren't as buttery or quite as soft, but that doesn't make them any less pigmented. They are more similar to their old Illuminating Blushes that were a bit more tightly packed, but still much softer than for example Bourjois' Round Pots or even Max Factor's Creme Puffs. It's actually just a run-of-the-mill classic blush texture that doesn't feel powdery and it's smooth. It applies and blends with no problems and creates an even result. Catrice rarely disappoints with their blushes (notable exception is their California in a Box which feels chalky compared to these) and this is just another great formula.

Shade: Catrice released 6 shades, which are a collection of simple, wearable colours that tend to be most popular in blush ranges. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but I do miss some shades they had in their line of Defining blushes. 020 Glistening Pink is probably the most "basic" shade in this range, it's a classic peachy-pink with gold shimmer that is almost a dupe for the famous Nars' Orgasm, which is one of the most frequently duped shades anyway. The main difference between the two is that Glistening Pink is less glowy, meaning it has less of the fine gold shimmer and it's a bit more peachy. It's a great starting up colour if you're just getting into makeup because it suits most skin tones, but it also tends to looks a bit different on every one (the paler you are, the more peachy it'll look).  

Staying power: Catrice is one of the rare blush brands that I can rely on staying on my cheeks all day and this formula is no exception. Staying power is similar to Defining Blushes, so it lasts well on the cheeks and faded evenly, plus I also didn't notice the shimmer falling down the face.

Packaging: Clear rectangular boxes are now replaced by these black ones and honestly, I preferred the packaging of the Defining Blushes, I just thought they looked more cool. Otherwise the packaging is well made and it closes firmly. Each shade has embossed a different positive message, which as a grumpy, generally unlikeable person don't like one bit (you won't see any framed quotes on my walls), but I can see it'll appeal to the general public.

Price and availability: These cost 3.99 €

Catrice again launched a great quality blush line, I'd actually be more surprised if these were bad. They aren't as buttery as Defining Blushes were, but in terms of performance they are equally good. Shade range is a bit boring if you've been into makeup as long as me and already have a good collection going, but these are the shades a good core collection should have. If you're on the market for a quality drugstore blush, check these out. 

Have a great day!

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