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petek, april 26, 2019

These are my first blushes from L.O.V. and they were love at first try. These are some of the best blushes I've tried, among drugstore and high-end. Six shades are available and two (actually shades I have 50 and 60) are marked as online exclusive on L.O.V.'s website which sadly only ships to Germany, but I've seen them on Kosmetic4less where all shades are sold. Before I got these I was in a blush funk and kept using TheBalm Instain Houndstooth because it's a good neutral shade, but nothing special. However, since I got these, I haven't put them down.

Texture: These are baked blushes and they have the smoothest and most silky formula I've tried. This is the type of texture I expected from Max Factor Crème Puff blushes, which were heavily praised for having "the glow", but on me they have a saten finish (they are still great blushes and are worth trying). Shades 50 and 60 have tiny shimmer that looks like a healthy glow on the cheeks and it looks amazing. Pigmentation of all shades is great from the go, so no need to break through the top layer to get to the good stuff. They apply and blend evenly not matter which brush I'm using. Usually I need to adjust my brush choice to the blush formula, but here it's not the case.


30 beautiful minds empower other

Shade 30 is a warm taupe-ish mauve, a strange looking shade in the pan, but it ends up a mute almost peachy shade on me. It has a satin finish and no shimmer like the other two. My fellow blogger Petra has this shade and it looks pinker on her warm undertone (mine is neutral).

50 yes she can

50 is a very pale warm pink and even though it swatches very pale, it's quite pigmented and I can get enough colour fast even with a fluffy brush. The glow this shade creates is absolutely beautiful. 

60 be the next She.E.O

60 is a warm pink or a coral pink that’s quite vibrant and gives a baby doll flush to the cheeks, again with a nice glow, but less intense than at shade 50. Here I have a highlighter on as well, L.O.V. theGLOWrious Deep Metallic Highlighting Palette.

Staying power: These last very well on the cheeks and I can get the whole day with these, including the pretty glow, but it also depends on the base under it.

Packaging: These are stored in quite a bulky packaging with a handy mirror. They could be smaller, as there is 6 g of product in them, which is 0.5 g less than in much smaller TheBalm boxes. I don't mind that much, but I have no place to store them nicely.

Price and availability: These are hard to come by now which is an absolute shame. L.O.V. stands have been taken away in all countries and the products are only sold online. I know of only two places, their official site that ships only to Germany and Kosmetic4less that has quite high shipping. Ličila.si (Pink Panda) sells L.O.V. but the selection is very limited. Price is an acceptable 9.99 €.

These are well worth investing in if you come across them. They have the smoothest formula and excellent pigmentation, as well as the glow that I wanted from the Max Factor blushes. I'd love to have more shades of these and I know that it'll take some time before I pick up a blush from another brand.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Wow those look stunning! I love blushes at the moment so I might try those out!



    1. They are so worth it, but it's a shame they are only sold online.

  2. You have done a great job. Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from. Thank you for posting.
    smart women

  3. Na tebi je 30 kar precej bolj rjavkast kot na meni. Meni je ta odtenek tako zanimiv, ker je dokaj unikaten. Jaz ga zelo rada nosim. Formula je vsekakor odlična. Pa še dizajn in sama embalaža je lepa, čeprav resda malo predebela. Sploh za prenašanje s sabo. Res izredna škoda, da ne moremo teh blushev več dobiti pri nas.

    Meni je v oči padel še 60, čeprav sumim, da bi bil na meni bolj roza. :)

    In hvala za omembo <3

    1. Ja, kar na peachy potegne, čeprav je v embalaži mauve. Ga pa veliko nosim, ker paše na vse :) Embalaža je res prevelika, ampak ok, je vsaj lepa. Se strinjam - ravno ko so dodali izjemne blushe v izbor izdelkov, odstranijo stojala. Velika škoda :/

      Tudi jaz sumim, da bi bil 60 še bolj roza. Je že na meni precej :)

      Ni za kaj :)

  4. Jesi li ikad probala išta od Gosh?

    1. Jedan ruž za ustne prije oko 10 godina. Ovaj brend nije bio dostupan u Sloveniji skoro 10-15 godina. Ruž nije bio ništa poseban, ali dobar.