sobota, november 26, 2011

A bit of a package related rant. I recently ordered from two UK based websites. And they were both extremely professional and sent off the packages on the same or the next day. However, I didn't receive those packages for almost two weeks. And why is that? Because our ''extremely competent'' postman left them somewhere outside around our house (like literally just somewhere on the floor, he really deserves a postman of the year award). God knows how long they were there and it was well below zero here. Fortunately everything was ok, also thanks to very well protected packaging. But enough of that.  

I'll review some things in this post and some in the future.

I ordered a Britney Spears Radiance gift set and Seche Vite from Radiance set contains a 30 ml bottle, 5 ml bottle and a 50 ml shower gel for about 23 € which is a really good deal. I've been eyeing Radiance for a while now, despite the extremely tacky bottle. It's a very girly scent. Initially it's a very fruity-berry scent, but then flower notes (tuberose, jasmine) and musk prevail. For me it's a more spring/summer scent, however, it is quite strong. I'll keep the small bottle in my purse.

I got Mac Bronze eyeshadow on (they literally sent off the package on the same day I ordered, thumbs up). The closest shade from Mac I own is Mulch, but they are worlds apart. Mulch is much darker, cooler brown and Bronze is, well, bronze. A great shade for blue/grey eyes. 

That's it for today. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow what an amazing deal for a perfume set! As long as it smells nice, who cares if it's a celebrity perfume- that's my theory! I'd also love to read what you think of the two Nivea products and the Garnier roll-on! I imagine Mac Bronze eyeshadow to really make blue/grey eyes pop- sadly as I'm brown-eyed, I stay away from such shades but I do envy the girls that can pull off this gorgeous eyeshadow colour :(

  2. I'll try to post a review for Nivea and Garnier things as soon as I can. I think bronze would look nice even on brown eyes :).

  3. Super nakupi! :) Mene tudi tale parfum srbi :D