Sleek Pout Paint in Minx

sobota, november 05, 2011

When I was ordering Sleek Pout Paints the first time (review is here), I decided to skip Minx, because I had a feeling it might be too similar to Milkshake. Boy was I wrong. Seeing Minx for the first time in person, I thought ''Well, that can't be good''. It looks so brown in the packaging and I really hate brown(ish) shades. Boy was I wrong again. It turns out that Minx is by far the most wearable shade for me out of all Pout Paints I own. Milkshake is just a little bit too bright to be wearing it on its own (although that doesn't stop me sometimes, I do love bright shades). Minx, on the other hand, is a perfect mix of pink and beige. It's nude shade, but not too nude. It really is one of the best everyday shades for me (I'm super pale though, NC 15 and Healthy Mix 51). For a fast application I use fingers and for a more precise application I use a lip brush. It lasts reasonably long on the lips, though it's not a record breaker in terms of longevity. Fortunately, this one doesn't oxidise on my lips like Milkshake does (that one turns into a much darker pink in a couple of hours). If you plan to get any shades from the Pout Paint range and you like more nude shades, pick this one over Milkshake. It's just more wearable.
You can get Pout Paints on the Sleek web page (that's where I purchased them the first time) and Slovene readers can get them on

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  1. I would have totally skipped this if I had seen it on Sleek's website! I haven't ordered anything from Sleek yet but I'll have this one in mind! xx