Hair Oils Series: Orofluido Beauty Elixir

nedelja, januar 20, 2013

This is probably the most raved about product on my blog. It's been featured in numerous favourite posts and I purchased almost all the products from this line. What's so special about it is the absolutely gorgeous oriental vanilla-amber scent. I also love the Orofluido Sahara, which is a lighter version of elixir in spray form and the shampoo is nice as well. Two products that left me unimpressed are the conditioner (to light) and shine spray (too much alcohol, Sahara is better). My bottle lasted me two years and believe me, I used it a lot.
Packaging: A clear glass bottle with a gorgeous oriental design on the front. I think it looks most luxurious out of all, a real decoration on your vanity. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a pump. It's available in 50ml and 100ml version.

Ingredients (Updated ingredients here): Three cones followed by argan oil, cypress oil, fragrance, isopropyl palmitate (emollient and thickening agent, also anti-static), linseed oil, another fragrance and two dyes. It's most similar to Moroccanoil as it also contains argan and linseed oil.

Scent: One of my favourite scents ever. It's an oriental vanilla and amber scent, strong but not overpowering. Much to my displeasure, it doesn't last on my hair.
Top notes: bergamot, orange flower
Heart notes: amber, red pepper, lily-of-the-valley, cyclamen
Base: amber, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood

Performance and Results: It has a thick texture that is similar to Moroccanoil and Macadamia Natural oil. As with Moroccanoil, I can use quite a lot on wet hair and never have the feeling that it'll make my hair greasy and limp. During blow-drying it makes my hair incredibly sleek, combats frizz and gives a lot of shine. A few drops on dry hair after blow-drying just adds that finishing touch, again gives shine, smooths it down and helps the ends from feeling dry. I said before it's very similar to Moroccanoil, but it's not in any way far behind Macadamia Natural Oil as well. The only advantage that Macadamia has is that it keeps my ends moisturised longer. I do, however, find that this one leaves me with more volume, others sort of kill it a bit (with the exception of Kérastase, but that one is lighter). 

Where to buy: I bought mine through StudioMa (only for Slovene costumers). It's also sold in some hair salons (Simple) and several online shops including eBay (try this seller), Feel Unique, Cheap Smells, Beauty Bay. Slovenske strani: Mična gospodična, Lepo

This is a product that deserves to be praised. It doesn't get as much publicity as Moroccanoil, but it performs the same, is cheaper plus it smells so much nicer. I do find this one leaves me with more volume than Morocanoil and Macadamia. It's appropriate for all hair types, but if your hair is really dry perhaps try Macadamia Natural Oil instead and if it's oily go for something lighter like Kérastase. Even after trying so many other treatments from other brands in the 20€+ range, I will repurchase it.

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  1. Ja, mislim, da si me prepričala v nakup Orofluida. Sicer se vsa olja precej krasno berejo, ampak mislim, da bo kar Orofluido. Moroccanoil je na moji WL že cel vek, ampak se mi zdi res predrag. Mimogrede, krasna serija, sem zdajle prebrala kompletno in res napišeš ogromno koristnih informacij, hvala! :)

    1. Zdaj ko jih že res dolgo uporabljam, mi je Orofluido najbolj všeč za na mokre lase, ker najlepše diši in je najcenejši, razlike med njim, moroccanoil in macadamia pa praktično ni (macadamia je malenkost boljši za zelo suhe lase). Moroccan oil se mi pa sploh ne zdi nič posebnega in ni vreden visoke cene. Pa hvala :)