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sobota, maj 17, 2014

I love trying new hair products, even if the product description doesn't completely fit my needs. Pret-a-powder really appealed to me from the moment I heard about it. It's an interesting concept of a dry shampoo, volumising powder and style extender in one that should extend the life of a blow out and give you one more day of presentable hair. 

Texture: It's a very powdery dry shampoo and since it also claims to be a volumising powder it has that more grip, but it's not sticky in any way like got2b Powder'ful. If you use too much it does leave the hair with too much residue and it can feel dirty, but in normal amounts it feels almost weightless. Though my hair doesn't really get oily, I can tell this absorbs oil well since it leaves my hair dry at the roots (but I can't say for sure that it's great on oily hair, of course). 
This is a nice product for those whose hair is really silky after being washed and their hair won't hold style. It's a great product to use all over the hair before doing a braid or an updo because it gives texture.

Volume: As it's described it's also a volumising powder and it works. I wouldn't say much better than a regular dry shampoo in a can or a volumising powder, but my hair has a lot of natural volume anyway so I can't really compare.

Is it white?: Oh, yes. My hair is dark brown and this leaves white/grey residue if I don't blend it in well or I use too much of it.

Scent: Beyond wonderful. This is by far my favourite scent of any dry shampoo. It's a light floral (cherry or peach blossoms) peachy scent. I know scents are subjective, but if a perfume with this scent existed, I'd be all over it.

Packaging: It definitely a different way of use and takes more time than dry shampoos/texturisers in a can, but I like the idea of a dry shampoo/texturiser in a shaker bottle. One bottle of Pret-a-powder, which holds 56 g of product, should last very, very long, especially compared to cans. It only has one small hole, but on my bottle it never clogged and the powder shakes out evenly. It's more time consuming to apply since you have to take care you don't apply too much in one spot, otherwise it looks white and it takes more time blend it in. It's a product for those with a bit more patience.

A voluminous fishtale braid made after using Pret-a-powder. My hair is a lot longer, but my (shaky) arms are too short and I couldn't capture it whole. You get a lot of texture to work with, so it ideal for making braids.

Price and availability: I paid 21.16 € with a code on Look Fantastic, while regular price is about 26 €. It's also available on All Beauty and Boots.

I think this is a product people with light, fine hair that has no natural texture would really love. I don't fit into this category and yet I still really like Pret-a-powder - mostly because of the gorgeous scent. I really love using this and I use it almost every day to freshen up my hair, even though I don't need texture or to use a dry shampoo. I go without washing for about 4-5 days then my hair start feeling too dry, but I don't have a feeling that my hair is terribly dirty on the first few days, but the product does build up after that. It's a cute product, however, expensive as a one time purchase (the quantity redeems it here, but I wouldn't buy it at full price) and it's not the easiest to work with. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz imam popolnoma take lase kot ji opisuješ, tanke, lahke, svilnate direkt po pranju in na meni nikoli ne zdrži noben stajling. Zdaj me popolnoma zanima ta izdelek. Škoda samo, da imam precej mastno lasišče :/ Tudi cena se mi zdi kar lepo zasoljena, čeprav sem ga že zasledila na večih blogih in ga vsi hvalijo. Meni se je zdel samo precenjen baby puder.

    1. Mislim, da bi tole bilo čisto zate potem. Je boljši kot baby puder, ker da več teksture, vsaj meni se tako zdi :)