BeYu Pure Color & Stay Lipstick 167 Plum Secret

četrtek, februar 09, 2017

BeYu has quite a selection of shades in their lipstick ranges, but this one is classified as a matte finish and these lipstick don't have a separate place on the stand in my local DM, they are just mixed with the regular lipsticks. And honestly I wouldn't even notice a difference if it didn't state on the box it's a matte finish. I already reviewed two regular formula shades that were also in the Be Vintage Autumn collection and they look exactly the same on the lips.

Texture: It's the same thick, but easy to apply formula as at the regular lipsticks and it's one that is more noticeable on the lips than most of the new lipstick formulas which tend to be very lightweight. The finish isn't matte, especially compared to their Color Biggie Matte (I'll have a full review), instead it's a satin finish that has a slight sheen before it sets. It's completely opaque in one coat and feels comfortable on the lips despite the thickness. 

Colour: Plum Secret is surprisingly a plum shade. Yes, that was sarcasm. It's a deep warm violet shade that like Mac's Rebel will look more pink/fuchsia on darker skin tones. Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy, Rebel's dupe, is similar, but Plum Secret is a bit more violet and less bright. It's not a dupe, but if you wanted something that's more purple, this is a good choice.

Scent: it has a vanilla scent.

Staying power: All three shades I owned are able to cling a bit longer than regular creamier formulas. I'd say at least 5 hours, but it depends what you're doing as it does transfer like any normal lipstick. 

Packaging: The tube is a heavier metal one that will surely last forever. 

Price and availability: It costs 13.99 € in Slovene DMs.

Despite the label, this isn't a matte shade, but just another in their regular, satin-creamy line of lipsticks. You'll still get a nice staying power, the lipstick doesn't move a lot on the lips due to thickness and it's very pigmented. It's not the most lightweight lip colour and it reminds me more of the old formulas. The colour isn't me, but if you're looking for a more violet version of Mac's Rebel or WnW's Sugar Plum Fairy, give this one a swatch. If you want a proper matte finish pick one of BeYu Biggies in a matte formula.

*PR product.

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  1. Paše ti,lepa barva je. Ampak izgleda malo flekasta na swatchu. A je to zarad slike al je v resnici?

    1. Hvala :) Meni je kanček preveč vijola. Se ti zdi flekasta? Mogoče imaš kontrast preveč visok, ker pri meni izgleda normalna. Čisto v redu se nanaša :)

  2. Kako lepa šminka <3 Krasna barva, me ne moti, da ni mat ;)

    1. Formula je navadna, ampak je vseeno kvalitetna šminka, ko je za pričakovat za to ceno :)

  3. Odtenek mi je izredno všeč. Meni se zdi, da ti paše, ampak te naredi bolj hladno skupaj z barvo ok :).

    Mi je pa cena nekam visoka za drogerijsko znamko. Mogoče več sploh nisem navajena na te cene, ker skoraj nikoli ne kupim novih šmink.

    1. Meni se zdi, da s takimi barvami izgledam samo še bolj bleda. Imam raje take odtenke z več rdeče ali roza :)

      Ja, Beyu je tudi zame predrag. Čeprav matte biggie svinčniki, ki so 8 € mi še ni tako hudo