Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick in F1

sobota, januar 12, 2019

I've had my eye on this foundation for a while, actually ever since I saw the praises on Instagram and I heard the lightest shade is suitable for pale skin tones, but it was only when I saw these in person in a local DM that I got one. It's a stick foundation that is available in an amazing 18 shades and promises a quick application along with a natural, dewy finish - but that is just promises.

Texture: This is a very buttery and smooth feeling formula, so it just glides on with ease when you're swiping it on the skin, similar to a high quality lipstick. However, though it promises a quick application, the blending process requires quite some time and effort. I find brushes don't do the best job as the foundation than just sits strangely on the skin, like a layer of a creamy product that refuses to melt in. A sponge is a better tool, but I like to warm it up first on the radiator for better results. Fingers work well, but it's a lot more time consuming than a sponge. In a thick or maybe for most a normal layer doesn't set well and I can always feel it on my skin. It's definitely one of the heaviest feeling foundations I've tried, both for the texture and the fact it can stay somewhat greasy-feeling on the skin (though it doesn't look greasy). In a thin coat this just doesn't look good on my skin as just sits weirdly, grabbing to uneven texture and in a thick coat it's not a very nice looking foundation from the start. In time, though, it warms up and melts into the skin better. To get over that "melting in" period faster I try to warm it up by placing my hands on the face, not blending just warming it up, so it look less obvious on the skin. Still this is miles away from that pretty, invisible look I get from Bourjois Healthy Mix foundations. One rather big minus is that you use a lot at once. In about three uses I was already down a half a centimetre, so if you plan to use it often it won't last long. 

Coverage and finish: Coverage is close to full, but even with a few layers a red spot was noticeable (you can see it on my cheek in the pictures). Most of my freckles are covered with this formula as are my dark circles. Finish is satin if you apply it in a regular coat (which I find heavy), but in a thin one, on my drier skin it's matte. The promised natural, dewy finish just doesn't happen with this foundation.

Staying power: It outlasts most of my foundations I own at the moment, which is something I expected given the high coverage. It looks fine on the tip of my nose and around the sides, which is where most foundations break down and vanish during the day, but the sides of the nose don't escape the cakey look. Like I mentioned before as this foundation warms up, it blends in better, so it's one of rare foundations that looks better at the end of the day, though the starting point wasn't that good to begin with.

Shade: Despite not being a massive fan of the formula, I will praise the shade. F1 is one of the lightest shades in our drugstores which is a big plus. It's a half a shade darker than Essence #insta perfect 10 #cool rose which is the lightest shade I know. It's leaning more towards cool tones, but it's very subtle, so it's not at all like very pink Rimmel foundations. If you have a very pale skin tone, this is a shade worth checking out.

Packaging: The tube feels surprisingly high quality for MR, though at 8 € per tube I expect good quality. The plastic parts are pale peach and the metal insert is copper. So far it's been working well and I've had no problems with foundation snapping off its base or not being able to wind it back in. 

Scent: It's unscented.

Price and availability: I got it in DM for 7.99 €.

I'm not sure about this one. I like the high coverage and the shade, but it's a heavy foundation that takes extra time to apply because it needs to warm it up on the skin to completely blend in and even then it's just not a natural looking base. The creamy buttery formula means a lot is used at once, but I don't see how you can avoid this issue when dealing with a soft foundation. I don't use it all over the face anymore because it's just too much, but I do on occasion like to use it as a concealer because it over quite a lot of coverage and quickly. I'm a fan of invisible finishes that Bourjois foundations offer, but this is just a bit too much for me. Maybe it would work better on oily skin and blend in better, but I find dealing with this formula too much of a chore for not the best result. It's available in our drugstores, so if you're looking something high coverage and in a good pale shade, try out the tester to see if you like the texture, but be warned it's not a lightweight product.

Have a great day!

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  1. I am not a fan of stick foundations at all. What lipstick are you wearing? It looks great.

    1. I'm wearing a lipliner by Bourjois :). It's Contour Edition Lip Liner in 02 Cotton Candy. I almost always wear it in these before/after comparisons.