L.O.V. GLITTERunexpected Sparkling Eyeshadow Palette

četrtek, junij 13, 2019

Glitter unexpected is L.O.V.s palette for those who love metallic, glittery shades and it exists only in this combination. These colours are not my style, but I was impressed with the quality of the palette, despite the fact that when I just swatched it didn't inspire much confidence in me that it's any good, apart from shade Fame.

Texture: these are glittery creamy eyeshadows and it varies whether the glitter is more dominant or the base shade. Shade Fame is most smooth and swatches fully opaque, while the rest swatch more sheer, but perform much better on the eyes. Shade Bright, a white with gold shimmer, has a strange texture that I can only describe as chalky-creamy and when I tried it first I was sure it's d be a dud, however, it performs much better on the lids. Shade Sparkle is a classic powder eyeshadow with a satin base and sparse glitter. Using a brush with the five glitter shades is futile, so I pack these on with a finger and blend the edges with a brush. Since they are creamy and glitter they are not as easy to blend and it's best to use a powder eyeshadow to create a more seamless blend. These are actually more suited as toppers than individual eyeshadows. 


Fame - a copper gold with excellent pigmentation and a foiled/metallic finish. By far best performing shade in the palette.

Bright - a white with gold shimmer. On the skin the white base is barely noticeable and it's mostly just about the shimmer.

Bold - a mint green with silver shimmer. The mint green looks like a sheer wash on the eyes, but it is noticeable, while the main focus is on the shimmer.

Dazzle - a smoky grey with shimmer. Medium pigmentation of the grey base mixed with glitter. It can be built up.

Daring - a smoky purple with shimmer. It's opaque on the eyes, but unlike Fame has a glittery finish and not a metallic one.

Sparkle - a pale pink with a satin finish of the base and sparse glitter. I wish they made this one matte or just satin because it can't be used to blend out the other shades or as a base all over the lids due to glitter.

Staying power: I fully expected these to become a creased glittery mess, so I was very surprised at how well Bold looked after 10 h. It was still on my lids, barely faded despite being such a sheer shade and the glitter didn't gather in the crease or transfer. The others last similarly well, only Fame which I applied more on one lid and less on the other, creased on the side with less product.

Packaging: The comes in a cardboard packaging with a magnetic closing system and a glittery surface. The palette could be a lot smaller as there is plenty of unused space.

Price and availability: It costs 14.99 €. International customers can get it on Kozmetik4less.de 

This was a much more pleasant surprise than L.O.V. The Galaxy Eyeshadow and Liners, which are their other glittery formula. They are more pigmented, don't crease and last longer, so it's a superior formula and especially if you like coppery golds, Fame is a shade well worth having, but only if you like the rest of the shades in the palette. 

Have a great day!

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