Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation SPF50 095 Fair Porcelain

četrtek, december 05, 2019

I'm a big fan of Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless and I like Luminious + Smooth too, not just because of the formula, but also because the shades suit my pale skin tone. I think a lot of us were intrigued by the new Dream Urban Cover foundation due to the added sunscreen, plus it comes in so many shades. While I wouldn't rely solely on it for protection, I do like the idea of layering spf. I don't know who said this is a dupe for It Cosmetics first or why it keeps being repeated when they are completely different formulas, but I have both and It Cosmetic's CC is much thicker, creamy and it has a higher coverage, on top of that it has better ingredients, though Maybelline's foundation has niacinamide high on the list, which is one of my favourite ingredients, but CC has mineral filters, snail mucin and a ton of extracts, plus no alcohol unlike Maybelline. However, I prefer the formula of Maybelline for two reasons: 1. it's much lighter and 2. the shade wins by a mile, as It Cosmetics' Fair is not very pale.

Texture: Formula is very liquid and runny. It could almost pass as one of those serum foundations, but it is a bit thicker than that. It blends easily with any tool and you have plenty of time to do it. It just melts into the skin and doesn't feel heavy despite the sunscreen filters, but this has alcohol quite high on the list, which I know is a bit no-no for some. 

Coverage and finish: It's got about light-medium coverage, maybe medium and it can be built up with no problems because it's such a light formula, but it's definitely not a full coverage foundation like Maybelline states on the tube. I don't mind that, in fact I prefer lighter, more natural-looking coverage, but some will be disappointed. Finish is natural with some radiance when freshly applied and it sets to an almost dry-to-the-touch finish with some moisturising factor to it. It doesn't emphasise pores and it doesn't slip into lines immediately, tough it creases just under my eyes. 

Staying power and wear: It wears for hours on my skin and fades evenly. I checked after 3 hours and 6 hours and it was still mostly there, but a bit faded. Sadly in a few of hours on its own it get that "sunscreen shine", where it almost looks oily, so a powder is needed with this foundation and oily skin types might struggle keeping it matte. But in other aspects it wears beautiful - despite the extra dewyness it doesn't emphasise or slip into pores, it doesn't even look terrible on my as time passes smile lines, which is a big plus when it comes to what I'm looking for at foundations. I get no extra dry patches and though I hear they can appear at some - when it comes to dry patches I've worn this foundation when my skin was in good condition and when it was dry and patchy, obviously on normal skin it looked great and when skin had some dry patches, while it didn't emphasise them, it also didn't hide them. But neither did It Cosmetics or any other foundation in my collection. If your skin care isn't sorted, don't expect miracles from a foundation. I have to use a mattifying powder with this one due to it becoming shiny during the day.

Shade: I have shade 095 Fair Porcelain which judging from my shade 100 Warm Ivory in the Fit Me range is just a pinker version, so same depth, but different undertone. It matches me great - it's very pale, close to the lightest shade in my collection Essence's #insta perfect 10, and the undertone is not strong just like at Fit Me's shade. This will fit NW10 skin tones. 

Scent: It's got a strange scent that reminds me of an ancient and discontinued Nivea self tanning lotion. It's kind of musty and strange. I'm not a fan of it, but it's only noticeable at application. 

Packaging: This comes in a tube, which is a great packaging, however, it's so liquid it keeps running out after you squeeze the foundation and it can mess your cap (my pet peeve). 

Price and availability: I haven't seen this yet in Slovenia, so I got it on Feel Unique for 10.56 €.

It's the type of foundation I like and it's not that much different for Fit Me Luminous + Smooth, so a natural looking light-medium coverage formula that looks nice over pores and it doesn't slip into lines much. But I have to use a mattifying powder with it despite having normal because it becomes so shiny after a few hours. This foundation doesn't have the best UVA protection (it's only against UVA short-waves), but hopefully none of you think you can just wear this and be protected, as for the protection on the label you can too apply a lot of it, but for layering it's a nice one because it's so light on the skin. 

Have a great day!

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