Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Ink

četrtek, december 23, 2021

Revlon's metallic eyeliners that are available in three shades, but in Slovenia we got these two, the deep silver Gunmetal and bronze Bronzage. The third is a metallic purple Ultraviolet Foil. Now these don’t' have the best feedback online and having tried these I get why. It's because this formula is tricky from the start and Revlon didn't state two important things on the eyeliners: shake well before (first) use and store downward. I had mine for 5-6 months now and they are still as intense as the first day. 

When I got these, Gunmetal was fine, but Bronzage was watery, separated and unpigmented. I got concerned I got a bad one, but I shook it well and stored it downwards for an hour. After that it swatched fully opaque in one swipe and this hasn't changed to this day. Both shades apply smoothly and without any gaps on the eyes, however, when I'm shaping the line after that first swipe, it's best to place the nib where needed and dab the product on, because going over it again can sometimes take a bit off. 

The tip is big and shaped somewhat like a spade. I had a L'Oreal eyeliner with such a shape and it's not one that allows you great precision, so the line you can get with this will end up thick and wings need some more expert hand, which mine isn't, but I've seen some people do an excellent job with it. It's not a type of applicator that's best suited for beginner or those unskilled in applying liner. Based on my experience with L'Oreal such tips tend to last longer than thin ones in terms of freshness of formula, but this is already a dip in eyeliner, so mine didn't dry out fast.

Bronzage is like the name suggests a bronze shade, but it looks quite deep on my eyes, closer to a warm brown.

The gunmetal shade is deep, so hard to see from far away it's actually a metal grey shade and it's a substitute for black. 

I've had different experiences with staying power. Sometimes it lasts all day, then on some it fades after some hours. It's best to apply this with either an eyeshadow base or some powder, to get rid of any oiliness, otherwise they don't transfer well on the skin. SPF appears to be its kryptonite at application.  

Mine are from Click2Chic, each coats 12.79 €. Revlon is sold in drugstores and some places online.   

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