Dermacol Make up Cover

ponedeljek, julij 11, 2022

This is hailed as one of the highest covering foundations and it's very affordable. I've been seeing these tubes in DM for at least a couple of years, always walking right pass them because I wasn't really sure what these were and why are they popular, but neither did I bother to find out (also the testers always looked so dirty). So I'm very late to the party, but having tried it, I can see why it's so special as it can cover so much. I actually don't need such coverage and my review will suck for those who want to know how well it covers strong redness or how it looks over textured skin, but I was curious what it's like (there are plenty of videos on YT where you can see how much it can do). I didn't check the ingredients for this one before buying, so I was shocked to see it's basically mineral oil with pigments because my skin tends to break out when I use mineral oil, but that hasn't happened with this foundation. It has an SPF 30.

Texture: This is a thick, paste-like foundation. I thought I'll be able to use a tiny bit of the product for my face to achieve a medium coverage and a natural look because there'd be so little product on the face, but I use the same amount as I normally do (I use 1 pump of foundations in general). I can only use a damp sponge to apply this because otherwise it just looks so heavy for my taste. Brushes especially leave it fake-looking and streaky. It needs a damp sponge, so it dilutes the product a bit and it's easier to spread - that's just my experience.

Coverage & finish: This is indeed full coverage with a small amount. It covers everything on my face apart from two of my darkest freckles. Finish is very shiny and on my dry skin that does not go away in time, which is a first. Though given the ingredients it's hardly surprising. So this needs to be powdered, otherwise it wipes off when I touch it and it's too shiny even for my liking. It's not a natural foundation in any way, but it also doesn't look as heavy as you might expect, it's like a regular medium-full coverage type of formula. I much prefer this with a silicone primer under it, so the base looks smoother. On me it emphasizes pores, so I prefer  using a pore filing primer + blurring powder with this.

Staying power: is good, this lasts all day on me, even on spots, but I've always wore it with powder (Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless).

Shade: Shade 208 (lightest in the bunch including 207) is a good fit for me. It matches my neck and it's very similar to Revlon Colorstay 110 Ivory - it's the same depth of shade, but a bit more beige, though still cool toned. Since this covers so much, it needs other makeup otherwise I've been told I look pale as a ghost. A lot of shades exist, but we have a more limited, though good, selection here in DM. You can also buy testers of these in some places.    

Packaging: foundation is in a quite small metal tube. This is apparently a very copied foundation and many fakes exist, so Dermacol has QR code on each box with which you can confirm it's the real deal. 

Price and availability: We have this foundation in DM for 10 €, but it's sold online in several shops and Amazon. This is from a Czech brand.

I'm not the best example for seeing how high the coverage can be, though I can assess it based on the freckles, but this is indeed very high coverage. I had similar foundation in the past, Estee Lauder Maximum Cover, which unlike this formula is very matte. Dermacol version is very shiny on me and I have dry skin - this and the fact it's so high coverage means it's not something you can wear on its own, but you'll need powder + other makeup to add some dimension to the face. We are lucky to have this in DM, since you know you're getting the real deal, but if you're buying online beware of fakes (Notino is Czech, so possibly the best bet for real deal in Europe). 

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