Melem Lips & Cheeks 2in1 Tinted Lip Balm & Blush

petek, december 08, 2023

This is kind of new, but also not really - they are tinted lip balms with a pigmentation like those glossy lipsticks. Someone just had the brilliant idea to market them as blushes and they made shades that work for both lips and cheeks. I often use lipsticks as blushes, especially when I'm in a hurry and these are lovely especially to keep in the bag for on the go. I first bought the lighter Dreamy Rose and after being so impressed by it, I went to pick up the darker Fresh Magnolia too.  

Formula is like you'd expect as soft and creamy as a lip balm. They aren't waxy or at all dry, so they glide both on the lips and cheeks with ease. Regular lipstick don't blend on the cheeks easily, but these are like butter. Despite feeling moisturising on the lips, these don't feel greasy or heavy on the cheeks. Colour payoff is excellent at both. I get enough colour on the lips quickly and even faster on the cheeks. 

Shades look so similar in the tubes and swatches too, but Fresh Magnolia is more intense. Dreamy Rose is the lighter of the two, so I need about two-three swipes on the cheeks for a nice intensity, while at Fresh Magnolia a small swipe suffices (keep in mind I wear the lightest shades of foundations). Dreamy Coral ends up looking a bit different on the cheeks than on the lips. On the lips it's a pale warm pink, while on the cheeks it looks darker, more coral pink. Fresh Magnolia is a darker, more intense shade, so it looks about the same on the lips and cheeks, a medium warm pink. 

Dreamy Rose

Fresh Magnolia

Formula feels nicely moisturising on the lips, it's nourishing enough for dry lips and it doesn't disappear too fast. Colour on the cheeks survives longer, which is expected. It's not like powder blushes, but these hang on well for creamy formulas. 

Both of these have a creamy, clean scent, somewhat similar to Nivea. I think it's Melem's signature scent, as their regular clear lip balm has the same scent. 

These cost 4 € in a local drugstore, so not the cheapest lip balms, but some of the cheapest lipstick and blushes. 

 These are so great if you have a chance to pick them up. They fit into small pockets, so they are great on the go, they feel nourishing and add some colour to the face quickly. I suppose though, you can use some of the more pigmented Labello/Nivea tinted lip balms the same way, but Melem thought of it first. I've tried it with Labello's Blackberry (alleged dupe for Clinique's Black Honey), but it doesn't blend quite as smoothly as these. 

Have a great day!

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