Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

nedelja, maj 15, 2011

I got BeneFit's Girl Meets Pearl highlighter in a swap from one of the girls from ARS Cosmetica forum. She bought it in London, but you can get it online (ASOS, feelunique, hqhair, lookfantastic, eBay,...). I already wrote a post on my other highlighters (click here) and I said there that I prefer liquid/creme highlighters. I've been using GMP for a couple of weeks now and I love how easy it is to apply. Unlike High Beam that comes in a nail polish like container, GMP has a lot more practical packaging. It is a nice sleek tube, you twist the bottom and the product comes through the holes. Also the packaging is sooo pretty. I apply it with fingers or a brush, either way it's ok. The glow it gives is very similar to High Beam's, one of the best in my opinion. Compared to High Beam it's a much more golden shade (HB is pink), but the shimmer is the same (multicolour particles). GMP is scented, it's some sort of a fruity scent, but it's not offensive or too strong. If I had to choose between HB and GMP, I'd choose Girl Meets Pearl, simply because of the packaging.

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  1. stvarno su veoma slicni, mada je meni za nijansu drazi high beam. doduse oba ih imam u mini pakovanju i istina je da je gmp laksi za upotrebu (u tubici je), ali mi high beam nekako duze stoji na licu i malo vise se sija (mozda i zato sto imam zuckasti ten,pa se taj zlatasti odsjaj gmp ne vidi kolikom bih ja zelela).

  2. Jaz imam nevtralen podton, pa še zelo svetla sem. Meni sta oba zelo všeč, oba mi dasta zelo lep sijaj. Mi je pa gmp lažji za uporabo. Še vedno pa mi je najljubši Jemma Kidd Ice Gold.