Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen 03

petek, julij 01, 2011

When I saw these on display, I thought what a cute idea, a marker for lips. However I thought the color selection was a bit boring, but nonetheless I choose 03 which is a pink berry sort of shade.

The pen is very easy to use, you just literally draw on your lips. 03 looks quite dark on my lips, despite the fact it looked quite sheer when I swatched it on my hand. The color doesn't transfer anywhere (like with soft mat lipcreams by Manhattan and NYX) and looks quite vibrant, but after about an hour or two it fades a lot. One issue that I have with all lip stains is that even though they fade, the lower part of my upper lip stays colored, so it looks like I'm bleeding (this happens to me despite the fact I use lip balms regularly). I think the staying power could be much better, for example soft mat lipcreams last for ages on me. Another thing that worries me is that I think these pens will dry out really quickly. Lip tints cost about 10 € and are available in 8 shades (swatches below). 06 and 09 are really pigmented, I had difficulties washing their swatches off, they stained the skin.

Another thing - I started to post a bit bigger pictures because I expanded the size of the blog. I hope you don't mind or find them to big. Comment if they don't fit on your screen :).
Hope this was helpful. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Super so velike slike!

    Imela bi kak rdeč lip stain - 08 in 09 mi izgledata zanimivo :)

  2. 08 in 09 sta res zelo pigmentirana. Pomoje sta mogoče zato tudi malo bolj obstojna kot 03.

  3. videla sam ovo kod nas, i na ruci su mi se ucinile malo prejake, i bila sam ubedjena da su bas dugotrajne, steta sto nije tako. mislim da bi ovakav lip tint trebalo da traje bar 5-6 sati, ako ne i vise... narocito za tu cenu. razmisljala sam da kupim neki, ali sad nisam sigurna... a slike su mnogo bolje ovako velike, meni ne smeta :D

  4. Se strinjam, morale bi biti bolj obstojne. Meni so najbolj obstojna stvar Manhattanove soft mat lipcream. Zdržijo čez vse :).