Mini Haul - ArtDeco and Manhattan

ponedeljek, julij 11, 2011

Just a mini haul I made this week. I bought ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator in shade 8 and Manhattan nail polish in 51T.

ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator is the ArtDeco version of the famous Touche Eclat by YSL, just half cheaper (it's around 9-10€). It comes in two shades, one is more pink and 8 is more yellow. 8 suits me perfectly, right now my circles aren't that bad (yay!) and this covers them completely. I also apply some on the top of my cheekbones, around the nose and on the bridge of the nose, just to highlight and brighten those features a bit. This is my second pen so far and I like it a lot.

51T is a part of the Naughty Nails collection by Manhattan and it's a milky pastel pink. It's really difficult to apply it evenly and it's quite thick. On this picture I'm wearing two coats.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. Tale illuminator zgleda super,jaz ga imam od YSL-ja in sploh nism zadovoljna z njim,meni čist nč ne pomaga pri podočnjakih :D

  2. Res? Jaz sicer YSL-jevega še nisem imela, imela sem pa od Bourjoisa in ArtDeca (korektor in illuminator) pa sta mi od Artdeca neprimerjivo boljša.

  3. Hi girl! I just stumblen on your blog after a search on this concealer from Art Deco and I love it! We share a similar taste in makeup brands ;)

    I'd love to read a review on this Art Deco concealer- the brand has another Touche Eclat dupe in a silver packaging and I'm torn between the two! By the way, the Korres equivalent sucks, so glad it's now running low...


  4. Hello :). I used to have the silver version and honesty there isn't much difference between the two. Both are excellent for under eye circles and for brightening features on your face. The illuminator comes in only 2 shades, one is more pink and the other yellow (both are very light), while the concealer comes in 4 shades (3 is more pink, 5 is more yellow - that is the one I had, 9 is the darkest). I took the one whose shade suited me best. Hope this helps :)