Beachy Waves with Garnier Fructis Surf Hair

petek, oktober 28, 2011

I have naturally thick and curly hair, but it lacks definition. Basically without any styling product it mostly looks like a big mess. I've been using Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier for years and it's a really good product for defining natural curls, but I wanted something cheaper. Completely by accident, I've stumbled on some great reviews on MUA for the Garnier Fructis Surf Hair and I was immediately drawn to it. I purchased my pot in Müller where it cost around 4,5 €, which is a really good deal for the amount you get. The scent is a variant of the typical Fructis fruity scent. Personally I really like Fructis scents and this one is no exception.

The product itself is very similar to Tigi's Curls Rock Amplifier. It has the same thick, sticky texture so moderation is the key when using this product. I'm still tinkering with the amount that works best for my hair. I have very long hair and using about two-blueberries-sized amount made my hair a bit sticky. On the other hand, using too little doesn't really define my curls that well. Make sure you use it on wet hair (the wetter, the better), rub the product between you palms and scrunch you hair while your applying it. I always let my hair air dry. If your hair is more straight, put it in a soft bun and just sleep with it (I don't have to, but it usually makes prettier waves). Here is the result (just air dried hair, I didn't put it in a bun here): 

The waves/curls last about two-three days, the same as with Tigi's Amplifier, then they just soften a lot, but my hair is still miles away from being straight. Surf Hair is a great product, very comparable to Tigi's Amplifier, just a lot cheaper.

Thanks for reading!

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