October Favourites

nedelja, oktober 30, 2011

The end of the month is here and it's time for the monthly favourites post. 
I'm still loving Fantasy. Basically it's the only fragrance I wore the entire month. It's like the longer I have it, the more I love it. I don't even care if people around me don't like it (although no one said that yet, which is good). It just instantly puts me into a better mood. J'Adore. 
I've been loving super big, thick lashes (in combination with a black eyeliner very close to the lash line) and Volume Million Lashes waterproof version does just that to my lashes. You've probably noticed in previous posts that I have naturally quite long and thick lashes, so almost every mascara works for me. But Million Lashes keeps them nice and defined (I hate clumpy lashes) and since it's waterproof it keeps the curl, which for me is very important. The best eyelash curlers I've found is by Tana and I've already put them in loads of favourites, but they really are that good. To take off the waterproof mascara I use Maybelline's make up remover and it works great. It removes all the make up and it doesn't blur my vision, like some oil removers do. 
Another thing that I'm absolutely loving is the Healthy Mix foundation. It provides enough coverage for my needs, but looks incredibly natural on the skin. Seriously good stuff.

Healthy Mix is the first discovery of the month, the second one is the dry shampoo by Syoss. I'm really impressed by it. It gives lots of volume and leaves your hair feeling super fresh. 
I've hit pan on my Jemma Kidd's highlighter which tells you how much I love it. E.l.f.'s lipstick in Runway Pink is another one of my favourites this month.   

I just took the last picture for fun. These are the things I wore yesterday. First is Fantasy, then is Manhattan's Soft Mat Lipcream in 54L (a darker rose-pink shade, very pretty) and on the right is my newest addition the MeMeMe Poppy Tint (review will come soon). In front of Fantasy is my new ring and it's so cute. I just love the colour.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. :P luštne stvari:P ta parfum je pa <3 :) tudi jaz ga imam in ga pridno nosim skoraj vsak dan;)

  2. I love this Elf lipstick, too!!! And I don't mind wearing a celebrity perfume if it smells nice, my fave is the Jlo Glow fragrance. So gutted that we don't get to enjoy this Syoss dry shampoo :(

  3. Tudi jaz imam ta parfum in res ni slab :)
    Jemma Kid highligther je super in sem ga tudi porabila toliko kot ti. Strah me je edino da se mi bo prej izsušil kot ga bom porabila. Se ti izsuši kdaj zgornja plast? Mogoče je krivo to ker sem ga čez poletje pustila na vročini :(

  4. Meni se ni izsušil, sem bila pa isto zaskrbljena kot ti. Je pa res da se lepše nanaša, če ga segrejem za par sekund nad radiatorjem (verjetno ne bi smela tega delat).

  5. Super post, večina stvari tukaj tudi meni izjemno odgovarja :)