Maybelline 910 Shocking Coral

petek, januar 04, 2013

Maybelline released some bright new shades in their Color Sensational line, except that these have a postmodifier Vivids. My nearest DM had 6 new shades, all very bright, ranging from bubble gum pink, coral - oranges, reds and I believe a plum shade. This is not a line for those who want a demure look. As the name itself suggests, they are very vivid and pigmented shades. I was immediately drawn to shades Shocking Coral and Neon Red (bright, orange based red), but I didn't buy them, well because my cousin talked me out of it.  Anyway, it turned out that she bought me Shocking Coral as a Christmas present (together with Refan's version of Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum. Best gift ever. Thank you :) ).

As I said it's very pigmented. It's also very creamy and has a slight glossy finish. As with most bright, darker shades it lasts very well on the lips, but longer than a similar shade from Catrice called Kiss Kiss Hibiskus. In my experience, it survives ok through eating and drinking, it just loses the shine and becomes more matte and stain like. The colour is gorgeous. It's a bright pink with a hint of coral, it's something like a muted neon pink. It's definitely a statement shade, but wearable nonetheless. These cost the same as the regular Color Sensationals, so about 10€. I recommend you check them out if you're not afraid wearing bright lips. Oh, and I noticed that some names and particularly the numbering of these is different in other countries.

Thanks for reading!

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