Product of the Week #11

torek, maj 21, 2013

Coralista is my go-to blush and I tend to neglect the rest that I own at lot, but this week decided to dust off my (almost) forgotten Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace and start using it again. If you only knew how long this has been hiding in my make up storage. It was actually my second blush, the first one being Nars Orgasm and I bought it because I wanted a nice, very natural looking blush that would go with everything. It was blooming expensive as is everything by Lancome, I believe somewhere around 35-40€ in Müller a long time ago (btw, the same product costs almost half the price in the USA - so unfair!).

It came so highly recommended by the pale members of the beauty community, citing it as the perfect natural blush for those who wish to avoid their cheeks looking overly red. It's a very natural, warm, light beige-pink-peach shade with delicate shimmer, which gives a soft flush to the cheeks with a subtle glow. It's almost like a light mix of a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one, adding just the right amount of warmth to the cheeks. Despite it looking very beige in the pan, it actually looks more pink on the cheeks.

As far as the quality goes, you really get what you're paying for. The texture is just right, not too soft nor too hard and the pigmentation is also nice. One or two swipes are enough to get the colour going and you can slowly build it up to get the desired intensity. I am really pale and I can apply too much if I'm overzealous with the blush application. I actually like the brush that's included, it works just fine for me. The compact also has a nice size mirror that comes in really handy.

People with sensitive skin might find it a bit irritating because it has quite a perfumey scent (typical Lancome flowery scent) and even after years it hasn't faded away much.

I know it's not the best quality picture, but I hope you can see the delicate flush this blush gives.

I'd love to hear about your products of the week if you have one. Thank for reading!

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  1. I just pulled my Miel Glace out of my stash as well as I'm almost finished with my Coralista! Also wanted to say that thanks to you,my skin is looking the best it ever has! I started using the Nuxe dry oil as a night time moisturiser and my skin is glowing, clear and radiant! I couldn't be happier! Everything I try that you recommend I end up loving!

    1. Fantastic :) I'm glad Nuxe dry oil works for you, I've been using it for years and I'm still as in love with it as from the start.

  2. O moj bog, popoln je! Rdečila od Lancoma pa še nisem sprobala, ampak si me prepričala, da moram preizkusit Lancome rdečilo!

    1. Kvaliteta je res super, ampak ne vem če še prodajajo ta odtenek pri nas, ker sem ga res že leta nazaj kupila. Bi bilo treba preverit, v ameriški Sephori vem da je :)